Kømuri’s Enhancement Shaman PVP Video: Basics, Chapter 1

My buddy Kømuri just uploaded another video to YouTube:

Excerpt from the YouTube video description:

Video explaining the basic enhancement shaman tips for getting the most out of it. This is the first one of several, so if you want me to make a video for a special issue you guys have with your shamans let me know and I might be able to help you

Feel free to post questions about the video here, and Kømuri or Kashmír will answer them.


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12 comments on “Kømuri’s Enhancement Shaman PVP Video: Basics, Chapter 1
  1. omega says:

    could you tell us which addons you use?

    • Kømuri says:

      Sure thing:

      X-perl unit frames.
      Icehub (arch looking health and mana display)
      Powerauras classic

      And I believe that would be it.

      • Gnomerodraen says:

        How it possible to show cast bar at enemy units under health bar? Is it an X-perl setting?

  2. sweep says:

    Could you tell us which song do you use it? first one very nice

  3. Kømuri says:

    Beautiful things-DJ Tiesto

  4. Jason says:

    Video isn’t working for me and unable to find it on you tube.

    • taugrim says:

      You should be able to click the video here and have it open a window on YT. There is copyrighted music on the video so the video only plays on YT :|

      • Kømuri says:

        You can look for my channel, TheKomuri. All my videos posted here are also there if you have problems with the copyrights

  5. Jason says:


    On one of your replies to a comments you gave some basic macros you use. I just started messing around with em (thanks taug)so for me it’s like trying to read Japanese. I dont quite understand these ones You mentioned one cast=focus for purge and wind shear and cast=name for heals. How would those paticular ones look if setting up a new macro?

  6. Ragukan - Spinebreaker says:


    I found some of these macros to do wonders for my shaman. I changed them to not use trinkets or cast any racials though as I made a seperate macro to cast my bloodlust and racials and another to pop trinkets and summon the hounds. The focus hex macro is very nice all around and the gtfo macro is helpful.

    It’s nice to have all your abilities made into macros so you can add /petattack and /startattack [harm] just so your always auto attacking and having your pets attack who your are burning down. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for keeping this site going it has been a wealth of knowledge for me as I have a enh shaman and prot pally as my 2 mains.

  7. Mateen says:

    Stellar work there evenryoe. I’ll keep on reading.

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