Stamina Warden PVP Build: Taugrim’s Brawler [Scribes of Fate]

Last updated: 2023-05-30, Scribes of Fate (Update 37 / Patch 8.3.8)

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Gear
  3. Skills
  4. Rotations
  5. Attributes, Mundus Stone, Passives, Food, and CP
  6. Narrated Videos
  7. Addons
  8. Change Log

1. Overview

This PVP build for Stamina Warden in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a beefy brawler that blends AoE damage, crowd control, debuffs, and mobility. Your role is to charge in, pull targets together, stun them, and apply damage and debuffs. This pressure puts opponents on their heels and allows your ranged DPS and healers to cast freely.

This build is optimized for Battlegrounds in Update 37 (Scribes of Fate) and performs well in Cyrodiil / Imperial City.

Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Superb AoE damage
+ Superb damage shielding and mitigation
+ Superb armor debuffs
+ Excellent crowd control
+ Excellent mobility
+ Excellent sustain
– Lacks meaningful ranged DPS capability
– Spammable has high resource cost
– Awkward timing on 2nd blast of Deep Fissure

When I first published this guide in Update 33 (Ascending Tide), Stamden had fallen out of favor so it’s been rewarding to figure out a build that works well. Since Update 35 (Lost Depths), Warden has been in a good spot.

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Guide to the Best OBS Settings for Recording Gameplay in 2021

In this guide I list the minimum settings in OBS needed to record high-quality gameplay 1080p60 videos for uploading to YouTube – it takes less than 5 minutes to setup and is super easy.

I had 4 requirements for OBS recordings:

  1. Recording should have no noticeable effect on a game’s performance, e.g. making a recording shouldn’t result in meaningful loss of framerate while playing
  2. The recorded video should be high quality: good graphics clarity, no stuttering / dropped frames
  3. The recorded video should maintain the same resolution as the game at a high framerate, preferably 1080p60
  4. The recorded video should be reasonably efficient in terms of file size

Based on online guides for recording with OBS, I experimented with various detailed settings and compared the recorded videos. Many of the detailed settings that were recommended by other gamers were unnecessary. I determined the fewest settings needed to achieve the 4 requirements above, and those settings are explained in the following 3 steps.

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With reluctance and naivety, I’m recommending Archeage Unchained

(this article is not sponsored or endorsed by any official person or company)

Ever an interesting time for the MMO-verse, I’ll be jumping out of the shadows for a quick heads up in regards to another new old release due in a few weeks time (October 15th).

Archeage, now nearly six years old in some parts of the world, was a huge success on release – in the West and East. It sported a massive open world, with trade and world PvP at its forefront.

Ultimately, it was unique in the fact that trade and PvP went hand in hand like the days of yore; if you crafted a trade pack (full of valuable materials, you’d be tasked to hand it in manually from A to Z on the map, sometimes traversing huge swathes of land and water via foot and boat) you’d likely be hunted by Pirates or PKers and the like. Your valuable goods could be stolen and thus, all your hard work could be for nought.

And so large social gatherings actually happened, the next ‘M’ in the MMORPG was relevant. Sure, you could go solo and go rogue and decide “A Pirate’s life for me!”, but you’d only get so far, and be limited in your experiences. Many guilds were formed to protect trade routes, and many counter guilds were formed, alliances came and went, and with it – the usual drama that followed.


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Summary for the WN8 Rating System for World of Tanks

2019/07/04: My (i.e. Taugrim’s) comments are in italics throughout this post.

I’m posting a copy of the “WN8 Summary” page that used to exist on It looks like that domain is no longer around. I take no credit for WN8 nor for the content below.

What is WN8? It’s the last version of the community-derived rating system for World of Tanks (WoT). WN stands for “Weighted / Normalized”.


WN8 is the latest iteration of the WN8* (WNx) project lead by Praetor77.

WN8 seeks to measure the observable contribution to matches, across an account, and hopefully infers some information about the latent variable “skill”. WN8 should not be considered the end-all-be-all of skill evaluation. It is intended to be looked at next to win-rate, battle count, average tier, and will never replace the inspection of the Service Record or platooning with someone or watching their replays. This is because WN8 cannot capture things like timing, target priority, teamwork or decision making abilities.

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Is It Worth Your Time to Alpha Test?

Let me start by sharing with you what I don’t do:

  1. I don’t buy every new MMO on the market
  2. I no longer feel a strong interest in playing on the first day of Alpha

Much of this has to do with acquired skepticism.

A decade ago, I used to get super excited about upcoming MMORPGs. And then I experienced those games losing their playerbase in droves while the developers/publishers failed to meaningfully address the concerns of the community.

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