Rebuilding My 2v2 and 3v3 Arena Teams – Stay Tuned

I just got back a 3-night trip down to Laguna Beach, so I haven’t had the time to blog recently.

The quick scoop:

  • Last Tuesday, Skipz and his 2 real-life friends faction-transferred to Alliance. As you may know, Skipz was the healer (Resto Druid) of our 3v3 team
  • Kashmír has cancelled his subscription to focus on his studies

In hindsight our 3v3 team situation wasn’t going to be tenable for Skipz. Two weeks ago, Skipz and his real-life friends (Gnarchops the Warrior and Sheslegalbro the Shadow Priest) joined our guild <Versus>, and they started a new 3v3 team together. Kashmír and I were also looking to start 3v3 so we approached Skipz and convinced him to try us out on his 3v3 team. Within a week we reached 2k rating, but our running together kind of left Skipz’s RL buddies in 3v3 limbo. The three of them ended up switching factions on our server last Tuesday.

I will definitely miss Kashmír as he and I have PVP’d a lot together and he’s an excellent player and good guy.

Thankfully both Skipz and Kashmír designated me as the leader of their respective teams, so I have the flexibility of continuing on with new team mates. I will be trying various players and comps in 2v2 and 3v3, so I’ll finally be able to talk about other comps with Prot Pally from first-hand experience. It does take time to find good partners so wish me luck :)

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12 comments on “Rebuilding My 2v2 and 3v3 Arena Teams – Stay Tuned
  1. Morgan says:

    Damn.. what a nightmare! Sorry your teams broke down. Transfer to the EU ;)

    Hope you get some good partners soon.

    Went to a 1k+ rating last night, my ret partner is improving in leaps and bounds we just dont play very often sadly, a handful of matches each week. Got loads of new videos to edit, and tomorrow is patch 4.0.6 where rets get relaunched and paladins get Rebuke so HAPPY DAYS!.

    • taugrim says:

      Sorry your teams broke down

      It happens. We had just met Skipz so he had no commitment to sticking with us over his friends.

      Kashmír had to cancel for several months last Fall for the same reason. RL > WoW

  2. th3m says:

    best of luck!!! don’t forget to try a prot warrior for 2s!! It is super fun :D

  3. Jason says:

    Kas, NOO!! You gave me hope for my shaman. I enjoyed watching you smash faces and dance around in wolf but, completely understand. Good luck with your studies. What comps are in mind for you taug?

    • taugrim says:

      What comps are in mind for you taug?

      I’m very open-minded in terms of comps – any class that is not a Pally I’ll try in 2v2. I don’t want to run with another Pally due to the DR (diminishing returns) for Pally CC.

      I have two straightforward requirements for running with a partner:
      1. they need to have a baseline set of PVP gear, enchants/gems, and spec
      2. they need to have some PVP experience and awareness

      I would also prefer to run with players who are not keyboard turners, because they tend to have a much slower reaction time compared to players who have a functional, smooth keybinding setup. Speaking of which, one of these days I’m going to make a video and possibly an accompanying guide to discuss keybinding mechanics and tips…

      • Vaun says:

        PLEASE do a post on the keybinding mechanics! I am still a point and click pvper and although I am good I have always felt the few miliseconds I am behind players that are not.

      • Arkaeden says:

        We are all eagerly awaiting this :)

  4. Kashmír says:

    Hey man. I’m sorry i had to bail my grades were plumeting because of wow XD. I havent played in about a week and a half and i already feel like my life has been better and i haven’t looked back. However i do still have to level whightlight for my friend because i promised him i would. so ill be on slowly over the next month so we can talk. =) Anyways i had soooo much fun pvping with you dude. Best time if had in wow.
    Also Jason just keep it up man get geared and keep wackin peaople around with your wolves! Good luck to you man.

  5. Saure001 says:

    Dangit.. That sucks to hear :S
    But you’re right, RL comes first! I hope u’ll find some other good guys quick so you can start posting videos too ;)


  6. Sassika says:

    Good luck with your future teams and thanks for the great prot pally material, it has helped me tremendously. Looking forward to more.

    I’m running a protadin with a demo warlock and it’s a blast so far, although warriors are giving me headaches.

    Can you do a piece on the different comps you end up trying, the advantages and disadvantages of each (especially if you end up trying a lock teammate!)?

    • taugrim says:

      Prot/Spriest: worked solidly. The Spriest got tunneled every match, so it’s not the most enjoyable from their perspective, I would think. Definitely viable to 1800+

      Prot/Rogue: I played with a skilled Rogue but I don’t think we sorted out the comp effectively. We were playing in the 1700-1800 MMR range.

      FYI: I decided several days ago to switch from WoW to Rift.

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