Turbine Prunes the LOTRO Forum Threads

Turbine periodically prunes the forum threads at forums.lotro.com, which means that they remove threads which have not been posted in for a few months. This is a lousy practice on the part of Turbine IMO. Every time they prune, valuable user-generated content gets deleted. Seems silly when data storage is so cheap these days.

I’m posting some of my LOTRO guides on this blog, to make sure that that content is not lost due to Turbine’s pruning.

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4 comments on “Turbine Prunes the LOTRO Forum Threads
  1. […] clear that the main intention behind the Guide is helping  players not advertising – and I’ve learned from past experience that I can’t trust forum moderators to not delete my c… so I post all my Guides […]

  2. Ivaed says:

    This info on the Captain class is fairly outdated. While some of the basic class ideas have retained value, class trait line changes and weapon normalization has changed Captain mechanics significantly. Just thought I would put an FYI out for those reading this…

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  4. Anonymous says:

    […] able to listen to the people that you are playing with. Other links: Guestbook – Strongbad717 Turbine Prunes the LOTRO Forum Threads | Taugrim's MMO Blog Танцевальные дискуссии | ProAmDance.net as an example __________________ […]

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