Blizzard Wants to Sticky My Prot Pally PVP Guide

As you may know, five months ago I wrote the first draft of my Prot Pally PVP Guide with the 4.0 changes. Four months ago, I created a thread for my Guide on the new WoW Paladin forum right after it went live.

The thread generated a lot of rich dialogue, and players reported the thread for sticky and the 1st post in the thread was “Highly rated.” However, for many months my Guide thread was not stickied.

I speculated that the lack of sticky might be due to:

  1. Blizzard did not want to overtly support Prot Pally PVP and therefore not stickying the thread was aligned with that intent, and/or
  2. Blizzard did not like that I had links to my blog here for the Guide, even thought it’s pretty clear that the main intention behind the Guide is helping players not advertising – and I’ve learned from past experience that I can’t trust forum moderators to not delete my content so I post all my Guides here

Last night, I received the following email:

If I had received this email anytime from November until early February, I would have been thrilled.

However, given that I already de-subbed from WoW due to interest in Rift, the post from Blue about not being too concerned with Prot Pally PVP, and the fact that my free time is very limited, I haven’t decided what to do.

Don’t get me wrong – I recognize that very few threads get stickied on a WoW class forum.

I just find the timing of all this rather ironic :)

EDIT (2011/03/13): I went ahead and updated / scrubbed my Guide thread on the WoW Paladin forum, and it’s now stickied:

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23 comments on “Blizzard Wants to Sticky My Prot Pally PVP Guide
  1. Castorcato says:

    Not too sure what to really make of this.

    A bit too late Blizzard?

    • taugrim says:

      I’ve just come off the busiest two work weeks I’ve had in a year, which is why I haven’t been online as much, so I want to enjoy myself by playing Rift now that work has calmed down.

  2. Vxx says:

    I’d say forget Blizzard and take the time you would have to deligate toward updating an amazing Prot PvP guide you created for a spec they are throwing out to the wind and apply it to the great work you’ve been doing in the Rift community to make your site one of the definitive sources for Rift information. Its always been an interest of my own to get in on the ground floor of a great game and build out a site that become one of the go-to places for new and experienced players to become informed as well as discuss game information and mechanics.

    You sir, do that quite well and have that opportunity before you, so in my opinion you should take that and run with it. Possibly even growing what you have here to cover more classes and information as the need appears.

    If ever you need help feel free to send me an email or contact me in game (Vxx/Defiant/Cleric/Harrow) as I’m actually interested in being a contributor either with other classes or anything down to building out a new site with you down the road should something other than a wordpress design solution be needed to support what the site becomes, being that I am a professional web developer in my career.

    Either way, keep doing what you’re doing cause the number of us that come here appreciate it, and as the site grows so will the new subscribers.

  3. Komaf says:

    Don’t sell your soul bro! Keep working with the game that cares about bringing its players an old school meets new school mmorpg feel. Invest that time into Rift. My humble opinion of course.


  4. Morgan says:

    Rift aint going anywhere :)

    Get famous! A protPVP thread on those forums means the words PROTPVP will ALWAYS be there to remind folks they exist

  5. Vaun says:

    I agree with Morgan. Your brilliant work will remind everyone that Prot Pallies deserve to be viable in pvp and can be… So in the coming weeks when they tear the guts out of Prot and Ret your guide will serve as a reminder of what could and should be. Thanks Taugrim.

  6. Jason says:

    I dont see a purpose for them putting a thread for something that won’t be as viable in the future. I’d say that you should do what is goin to be more enjoyable for you especially if your time is limited.

    • Morgan says:

      At some point or another a WoW class gets a nerf, and even when they do people persist with the class that they like and enjoy the game. Taugrim’s guide showed me that the prot IS viable, and will still remain so if not during 4.1, then at some point. Finding it was a fluke, and if it had been a stick on the forums then blind chance would not have needed to be my friend.

      KNowledge that a tank class can work in arena is a great thing for WoW, and if more people try it the devs CANNOT ignore it. I myself am playing rift (on the Harrow server.. i play late at night so a US shard is a good choice for me, even though I am uk), but I feel that at THIS point it is far too early for a focussed guide as everyone is still finding their feet, and there will no doubt be masses of changes making guides obsolete almost daily.

      Whilst the WoW info is still fresh, and maybe with a couple of hours on a PTR, Taugrim could update the guide with thoughts on 4.1 and sticky it. This will be great for protpvp, will not be selling out, and will be a great asset to any forum.

  7. Doug says:

    Thanks for your help in Wow, Vaun(above) and I have hit arena 1830 with double prot pvp, thanks in part to your help. We are expecting to drop 200+ rating with the 4.1 changes. The blue posts specifically outlining the intentional nerf to prot pallies was discouraging enough for me to buy Rift. I am on the fence now between Rift and Wow so I selfishly hope you spend your time in Rift to get me off the fence.

    I have play wow since it started and have only had a viable 2v2 Arena PvP pally (other than healing) twice. Both for less than one season. I do not want to wait another couple of years for it to be viable again. So if you make headway in Rift maybe in can get Vaun to switch to Rift with me.

  8. Sáriel says:

    seems counterproductive and a bit ironic that they would even entertain the idea of stickying a prot-pvp/arena thread, when they’ve stated (and this is a direct quote) “We’re not too concerned with keeping Protection viable in PvP.”

    Just seems odd that on the one hand, they don’t give a damn about prot in pvp, and on the other hand they care about tips for enhanced prot pvp. Anyone other than me confused with this?

  9. taugrim says:

    I decided to go ahead and update/scrub my Guide thread on the WoW forum, and it’s stickied now.

    • Thalin says:

      Meaning you are going to continue play WoW or?

      • taugrim says:

        No, I’m really digging Rift.

        But I did decide that updating the Guide was worth the time to get it stickied.

      • Morgan says:

        GOod choice, thanks for putting in the work to do this will be apprciated by many! I am finding Rift just a so-so game. Looks gorgeous, but not gripping me anywhere close to games such as LOTRO or WAR did, and I ended up quitting those. I shall persevere through my first free month and try to experience all the PVP battlegrounds as my current PVP is based soley on the Black Garden which is a huge mess of a fight

      • taugrim says:

        Looks gorgeous, but not gripping me anywhere close to games such as LOTRO or WAR did

        What do you not like about Rift so far? Most of the people I’ve talked to are really impressed with it.

        as my current PVP is based soley on the Black Garden which is a huge mess of a fight

        Codex @ level 20 is just amazing. Much better than BG IMO.

      • Morgan says:

        I am withholding opinions until I get the next warfront. I have started to gather really good gear (pvp and pve). I am not sure what it is thats not gripping me. When I first started WAR and LOTRO, I just couldnt get enough.. till I suddenly did have enough after about a month. same with WOW now. Time just disappears. RIFT has not sucked me in the same way, but it is enjoyable. I think is is mainly that I am now a PvP junkie (your fault ;P) and Black garden is not particularly good PVP. I also am having issues with targetting, and my macros with keybindings. All control issues. I shall give a further opinion when my 30 days closes in and try to be more objective if I still am not enamoured.

      • Morgan says:

        One of the reasons I am trying rift though is simply because of the 4.1 change.. maybe I am just not ready for a new MMO.. and if the 4.1 change goes ahead and I stop playing WoW.. my opinion will change.

      • taugrim says:

        Black garden is not particularly good PVP

        IMO Codex should be made as part of the 10-19 bracket. That would help break up the monotony of running Black Garden while leveling through the teens.

        I also am having issues with targetting, and my macros with keybindings

        There is a (known) bug that causes a player to drop target occasionally. It’s annoying, and hopefully it will be fixed.

        Every game (and new class, even within an existing game) takes time to get a comfortable keybindings setup.

        The macro’ing is simply different from WoW’s in that you can stack as many abilities as you want, and the first one to cast ends the macro.

  10. Arkaeden says:

    Grats on the sticky Tau, I am interested in switching over to rift but things are clicking for me in wow atm, so perhaps after 4.1 ill try it out. thanks so much for all your effort with the guide.

    • taugrim says:

      I think if you’re still happy with WoW, you should stick with it. No reason to change unless you are not excited about upcoming changes or you are simply bored.

      Have fun in WoW, and let’s hope that Blizzard changes their mind re: the WoG nerf.

  11. Vaun says:

    Congrats Taugrim… I am glad you did the work so that it could be posted. It really is one of the most brilliant, most comprehensive, break downs for a class and spec in PVP that I have ever seen and it deserved to be viewed by the multitudes of WOW forum readers.

    Good hunting in Rift and hopefully Blizz doesn’t do the WofG nerf… or at least softens it up a bit.

    • taugrim says:

      I am glad you did the work so that it could be posted. It really is one of the most brilliant, most comprehensive, break downs for a class and spec in PVP that I have ever seen and it deserved to be viewed by the multitudes of WOW forum readers.

      Thanks, that’s very kind of you to say :)

      Given the amount of time I invested in writing the Guide in the first place – with the intention of helping as many people as possible who were looking for info on the spec – I figured it was worth just a bit more time to get the thread cleaned up for Blizzard to sticky it.

  12. Kemsa says:

    Encuentro un insulto por parte de Blizzard… a nosotros que nos divertimos ocupando el escudo en nuestras peleas.
    Porque todo tiene que ser con armas de 2 manos…… indignante. Continua tu trabajo compadre.
    Saludos desde Chile.

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