Why Do YOU Read This Blog?

When I set this blog up last summer, I had two objectives in mind:

  • to provide my class guides in one place. I’ve lost several guides that I posted on forums for various reasons (my threads were deleted due to age, the forums they were hosted on shut down, etc) and I didn’t want to risk that happening any more
  • to share my narrated online videos, especially the PVP ones, with richer interaction with viewers than is possible on YouTube given its limited comment functionality

I didn’t want to create another blog that documented a player’s experiences with MMORPGs – there are dozens of good blogs that do that already. My goal, long before this blog existed, has been to share helpful content with other players so that we can learn from each other and elevate our gameplay, especially in PVP.

But I’m curious to hear from YOUR perspective…why do you read this blog?

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21 comments on “Why Do YOU Read This Blog?
  1. Asherony says:

    Well, reading some interesting insights about the game and PvP in particular is something I enjoy, but the main thing is that narrated PvP videos (with explanations and stuff) are pretty rare. Actually, nowadays finding a PvP vid which isn’t a crit montage scored to Linkin Park in next to impossible.

  2. Kragg says:

    Dear Taugrim, I started reading this blog started on last December when I kinda decided to play WAR being interested in the Swordmaster class ( I do play warhammer fantasy irl and my army is mainly composed by high elves), so I found your guides and pvp-video on the official WAR forums and got re-directed here on your blog, which I rly enjoyed reading.

    I’m rly fascinated by MMORPGs, excepially fantasy ones, I’ve been playing them since a long time, tho in these months I had to take a break due some university projects. Anyway in the free time I like to play D&D ( the original one with paper, pencil and dices) and to read articles/news about old and news MMORPGs.

    By reading your last articles I kinda decided to start playing on Allods (most prolly Paladin Elf), tho I won’t be that much active like I was before on games like WoW /L2 / Daoc ecc ecc…

    Hope this comment would be helpfully enough for you ;)

  3. Oath says:

    B/c along with Jostle i feel we should have man babies

  4. Kaldeem says:

    I read your blog for many reasons.
    1st- being that you back up everything you say in PVP or about your skills in PVP with videos.
    2nd- You have a well writing/laid out blog.
    3rdly- Your not a pomp-ass Jack Hole full of ‘lulz’ and ‘wtfs’

    I also like that you’re not really an MMO ‘tourist’ you pick a game play it till you decide your done, then move on. I like that. So over all you’re blog gets a 5/5 from me.

    Plus I like the narrations of how you wreck face in vids.

  5. Salty says:

    a) you’re in my guild
    b) you’re rolling the same class as I am so there should be some good discussion & testing that we can do.
    c) Kaldeem’s 3rdly is pretty good so I will borrow it.

  6. Zab says:

    Been a follower since your posts about the Bright Wizard on some WAR forum, always interested in improving, especially in PvP.
    Had a max-lvl SM too but it was unplayable thanks to the lag and the SM mechanic.
    Didn’t miss my lvl 46 sorc in Aion when I was without ‘net for 4 weeks over xmas so tinkering in Allods since then waiting for OB so it’s good to see familiar faces picking it up

  7. Nathan says:

    As you know, been a follower since God knows when.

    Its the, not easily done, amalgam of clear narration for class specific PVP videos, brilliant objective-set writing and general friendly advice.

    This is really hard to come by sometimes, as people have stated above. You don’t leave out the videos where you are kited to death, you highlight the problems and why you failed instead, which is admirable.

    It does help, personally, that 8 times out of 10 we unconciously seem to roll the same class, (I’ve made sure I stay away from MHealer in Allods!).

    Even so, the ‘initial spec guide for MHealer’ doesn’t apply to me, I still read it and glean the information from it. It too, is inspiring to try and put as much effort into my own class as you do.


    That. Joking.

  8. Skutrug says:

    Because… I still have hope that you’ll come back playing WAR with us – Plus the rest of the boys’n girls over at Agony enjoy reports of our former members struggle with grindy-MMO ;-)
    To be fair, a significant number of us did follow Keen like lemmings to AION, but now we can blame it all on his bad advices…
    Go kill some players in Allod and tell us about it :-)

  9. andkro says:

    When I was starting in WAR as a swordmaster, I looked around youtube for videos showing the class and what it could do. Yours were the most interesting,entertaining and helpful.
    I also made the switch from WAR to Aion(still playing) and now trying allods online, so that’s why.
    Also the content is interesting and well presented(you put effort into it and it shows), especially the narrated videos which I prefer to the “linkin park ones”.

  10. Komaf says:

    Hey Taugrim – silly question but since I’ve been posting a few hellos and even had a chance to talk to you in War before you left (you had come back one day to look around on your SM and I had a chance to say hello also!).

    So question was – is your guild recruiting – thinking of just going League on your server – I figured why not? hehe Secondly any classes needed or too early to predict? My main experience gaming is tanking and healing (no hybrids just pure tank or healer in dark age of camelot for bout 8 years of rvr fun).

    Thanks mate


    • taugrim says:

      Yes, the Keen & Graev Community guild is recruiting:

      We’re very open to good people trying us out. As the Charter states we have a “revolving door” policy which means it’s easy to try us out.

      We’re filling up fast though. As of yesterday I think we already had 40 members. No particular classes needed, we have a really healthy mix:

      Come check us out if you want to play League side. What I heard yesterday is that Empire is a lot more crowded, and if that’s true, I’m certainly looking forward to playing on the undermanned side in PVP. I love a challenge :D

      • Komaf says:

        THank you for the guild info Taugrim I will look into it tonight – leveling so slowly on my warrior but will give it a shot! Looks fun :) I saw the Keen part – guess he was a daoc player like myself! That will help inspire me! thanks again

  11. Namaste says:

    Love reading your blogs. I like your narrated videos. You aren’t afraid to point out your mistakes and others’. It has been awesome being a part of the guilds you have been in. I have been a fan ever since Tau the Reaver in LOTRO.

    I am going to spend some time this week in Allods Online for fun. May even make a Gibberling character, haha! This week works out perfectly for me as I have some big time consuming skills training in EVE Online right now ;)

  12. fezzick says:

    i started reading your blog after i had watched your vids mainly because warhammer was pretty much the first game i seriously played and when i watched your vids, i was like “i didnt know you could do that” and so that got me into looking through forums videos and all that so i can tweek my performance, and because your videos seemed to be giving the best advice i made sure to keep an eye on the stuff you write incase it can be of use to me.

  13. Komaf Apachee says:

    Good luck with the 20$ backbacks. Outrageous pricing is going to kill anyone off with common sense…sad to say :(

    • Oozo says:

      It would have been much better if we had to buy a 40$ box that came with a free backpack, right?

      How many backpacks can you have in this game? From what I’m seeing, just one?

      The backpack is obviously the main way they are trying to make some frontend money since they get no money from people having to buy a box.

      • Oozo says:

        The backpack is a minor issue, IMO. The more serious issue is the longterm cost. The perfume/fear of death thing is a game-killer at the current prices.

  14. Shiroi says:

    Hi Taugrim!
    I read this blog because the narrated videos caught my attention way back when you did the SM pvp ones for warhammer. Then I saw you had this blog with guides and that made it better =). Keep up the good work bud!

  15. Komaf Apachee says:

    I’d love to play the game. I started Percival and Orenishi in the Keen and Graves guild – thinking wow this could be fun. But any mmorpg that involves a purchase of anything for you to remain competitive (such as food for a mount to make him move at normal speeds) then you know greed will own the day and after all your hours Taugrim – you will be realizing at 40 that without spending MORE than a $14.99 a month sub you are getting nickled and dimed to death.

    I realize you are dedicated and using Allods as a “rebound” game from Aion. Personally…Warhammer is still better than this regardless of how much you may not want to transfer to one of the massively populated remaining servers. The very fact they allow us to xp in scenarios makes it fun. The changes to scenarios this patch and the simplification of T4 makes it still better than an Asian grinder like Allods in sheep’s clothing.

    I wish you the best mate – but you deserve better than this pos. /salute

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