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Where the Heck I’ve Been

It occurred to me when looking at my recent (well, not really recent) blog posts that I pretty much disappeared from the face of the earth for the 2nd half of 2016 and didn’t address it here. We had some major

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Belated Happy 2014 to Y’all

Prior to today, I hadn’t posted an article in months, and I’ve been mulling over a change in blogging philosophy. My tendency with writing is to wait until I have specific insights and detailed thoughts that I want to share,

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Dinged 10k Subscribers, 4k on Twitter – TaugVlog Ep. 5

I wanted to share two “achievements” I’ve reached: 10,000 subscribers on YouTube 4,000 followers on Twitter Thanks for your advocacy, encouragement, and feedback :) To celebrate these milestones with you, I’m running giveaways on Twitter. If you are the first

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Transitioning Back to the Corporate World

Publishing content about games has been a passion of mine for seven years. I started creating guides and narrated videos, because I enjoy teaching and wanted to contribute to the community. It wasn’t until Q4 2011 that I gave any

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Taugrim’s Stream Reaches 100k Views / 1k Followers

I wanted to share with y’all an exciting milestone. During my 15th session of streaming, my TwitchTV channel cracked 100k views and 1k followers: With the NDA lift for SWTOR on November 18th, I’ve been streaming SWTOR PVP action every

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