Melee Healer PVE Video @ Level 18

This is my first Allods Online (AO) video. I dinged level 18 and wanted to show how effectively a Melee Healer (MH) can burn down mobs while maintaining high HP through HoTs and heal procs.

In the video my MH generated heals through 2 mechanisms:

  • Perpetual Healing HoT (95 on a non-crit)
  • AOE heal ticks (49 on a non-crit) generated by Brilliant Faith whenever the Fanaticism buff procs

Here are my thoughts on the mechanics of the spec:

  • 2h is the way to go. 2h weapons in AO inflict excellent crit damage, e.g. the Verdict crit for 938 on the 2nd gargoyle. As you can see from the footage, there isn’t much point in wielding 1h + shield given how I am able to keep my HP consistently high
  • Don’t over invest in Devoted Plea. So far I’ve been able to solo heal groups with just the 1st rank of Devoted Plea. Healing groups should be even easier now that I have Brilliant Faith and Perpetual Healing 1. At some point this spec may not be viable for solo healing groups but I haven’t run into that wall yet
  • When Fanaticism procs you get 1 or 2 stacks of the buff, and each stack generates an AOE heal with Brilliant Faith. It’s important to note that even at max Fanaticism (10 stacks), you can still proc Fanaticism, which in turn generates the AOE heal
  • As with all healing, the HoT ticks and AOE heal ticks are subject to the Faith and Luck mechanics: i.e. some of the healing can be resisted and they can crit or anti-crit (glancing blow)
  • The Dodge buff from Divine Instincts is under-rated and the points are not a waste of rubies. I dodged about 5 of the elite mob’s attacks

Update (26 February 2010):

People have been asking about my stats in the video, so here they are:

  • Luck 68: 22.7% crit, 7.99% glancing
  • Intelligence 56: 8.96%
  • Perception 73: 17.4% resist
  • Faith 78: 13.4%
  • Wisdom 54

In the video I have the Gibberling (level 16-17) blue rep gear pieces and the level 17 Darkwater blue quest staff (30-62 damage, Luck +10). This is a very different mix of stats compared to what I have been leveling with. Previously I had enough Perception to be well under 10% resist. With the gear in the video I had boosted my crit rate from 5% to over 22%, and it seemed worth the tradeoff of suffering an increased rate of resists to get ~4 times as many crits.

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19 comments on “Melee Healer PVE Video @ Level 18
  1. Bartlebe says:

    Concise and informative.

  2. taugrim says:

    Added my stats to the article at the request of other players.

  3. GMR says:

    Brief but nice look at what the class can do. Looking forward to some PVP videos!

  4. Reito says:

    Very nice~~ I changed factions since our league side is underpopulated and at holy lands you get R@ped, and Im still going healer :> just a sexier one~~

    U hit way harder than what I was doing at 18 :/ I had 75 luck 57 int 74 perc 67 f and Low 46 wis I think wis plays a very important role here.

    Anyways nice vid thumbs up :D

  5. Oozo says:

    I think they need to work on their melee animations a bit for certain race and weapon combinations. The toon looks a bit stiff/clunky to me. I noticed that for the “human” model dagger abilities look much better than one hand mace abilites, for example.

    Also, jumping is kind of goofy, all around. :P

    Great build to level with, though.

  6. Tarvitz says:

    Well, I miss you WAR vids. That is all. :P

  7. Tarvitz says:

    Sorry for the double post, but in all seriousness, they’ve just changed the Tier 4 scenario structure, implemented RVR weapons and removed the campaign lockdown during stage 2.

    The downside, now that rvr weapons are earned solely through a new currency earned only in scenarios, EVERY single sc that you get into, if you dare to solo queue, is loaded with full rr80 premades (did I mention everyone and their brother is rr80 with full sov now)and they’re probably bomb groups, or choppa/slayer trains. So the fun factor has plummeted for me.

    Consequently,I’m now pretty much a full time EVE online player. A stable game with enough things to do to last anyone 10+ years, not to mention new content. Steep learning cruve, VERY challenging pvp, and costly death consequences add to the fun factor. IMO you should try it, :P

    But it’s good to see your still active in the industry (albeit I have NO interest in Aion/F2P mmo’s) and making vids. So, Good luck with Allods Online bro, and I’ll check back every once and while to see what’s up. :)

  8. Heretsu says:

    What server do u play on in Allods?

  9. Great video, I absolutely love the cleric class and see an incredible amount of potential in it. I’m also on Tensess can’t wait to get some time to play this weekend! Thanks again for the video and the info on the MH.

  10. Fakeheal says:


    I saw this guide before ob starts and i really like this build.

    I have have 3 rubys on Condemantion but my cooldown stil 30s? U know what happen?

    Continue post your videos and how u are spending your rubies and talent points ;)

  11. Kael says:

    Hey, I’m lvl 17 currently doing the gib rep. You mentioned having the lvl 17 staff from Darkwater, what quest is that?

  12. Kael says:

    Nvm i found out its the Quest to kill Valuy =), but i do have another question, What rep gear did you mostly get the Leather or Cloth Gibberling rep. gear.

    • taugrim says:

      I tried to use Leather from 10-29 as much as possible, and 30+ Plate only. Of course, if there is a great piece of gear that has the stats you need for balance, you should use that.

  13. […] to the original post with detailed comments and character […]

  14. Wadde says:

    Does a melee healer use a melee weopn or do they use a wand of some sort??

  15. lepricorn says:

    Grate video man you have explained MH really well, just one Request though. Can you give me any advise on Talent trees or talent grids, where to spend points and rubies many thanks again for a grate vid

  16. tyler says:

    i have a lvl 18 arisen caster healer and i kill things two to three times as fast as you

  17. ashley says:

    what attributes would you recommend upgrading for a level 10 heretic plz? xD *newbie here*

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