Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 31-33

This is my third PVP video for Allods Online (AO). This video includes the following fights:

  • 31 Melee Healer vs 33 Warrior
  • 31 Melee Healer vs 33 Healer
  • three 33 Healers vs 36 Mage and 31 Healer

I turned up the volume on this video compared to previous ones so please let me know if the volume in this video is about right, too high, or still too low.

Many people have asked me how to avoid getting 3- or 4-shot by Warriors and Paladins – kite-healing and CC are the keys. Aside from Holy Shield, you can use your CCs Blind Faith and Heavenly Smite to create a gap and buy time to heal up with Perpetual Healing and Divine Prayer.

Here are tips not mentioned in the video:

  • Cleansing Flame may not inflict periodic damage against Warriors with Stony Resilience (buff icon looks like crossed swords). Your best bet is using melee attacks and timing your use of Heavenly Smite
  • While leveling you should try to keep Faith <= 20%, and try to keep your Wisdom stat as close to your Faith stat as possible. At level 31 I had too low Wisdom and I went OOM too quickly in PVE and PVP

Level 31 Spec and Stats

My stats with green Coba Plateau Prospector rep gear:

  • 21003 HP
  • Agility 97: ~2% dodge
  • Luck 106: 19.5% glancing
  • Endurance 147: 7.25% to be crit
  • Intelligence 160: 25.6%
  • Perception 191: 10.9%
  • Faith 158: 23%
  • Wisdom 146

Endurance and Intelligence were high, whereas Faith, Luck, and Wisdom were low.

Level 33 Spec and Stats

My stats with green Coba Plateau Prospector rep gear:

  • 18581 HP
  • Agility 132: ~6.75% dodge
  • Luck 104: 27.5% glancing
  • Endurance 229: 5% to be crit, 22.7% to be glanced
  • Intelligence 168: 26.9%
  • Perception 221: 10%
  • Faith 187: 20.2%
  • Wisdom 177

These stats were much more balance compared to my level 31 stats, although Luck was still too low.

I also had the blue 2h mace quest reward from a Blackjack Bid chain. I highly recommend doing this quest at 33 or as soon as you can, but at 33 you’d need at least 1 more player to group with.

If you have any comments / feedback / questions please post ’em.

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20 comments on “Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 31-33
  1. kaldeem says:

    The volume on this vid was perfect. Great stuff!

  2. Arclighte says:

    Good stuff. lol @ the Mage going invis.

  3. unholyglory says:

    wow man keep the vids coming. any time i see anything posted by you i have to watch or read it. keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you do when you hit 40.

  4. Carrotcake says:

    Hi sir! :D uhmm..I was just this level, do you have the LV3 Holy Avenger ruby skill already? or proceeded to cleansing flame’s rubyskill tree?

    “3/3 Holy Avenger: a received crit applies 3 Fanaticism buffs. Also reduces chance to be crit by 15%. Please note that HA-generated Fanaticism does not generate heals with Brilliant Faith. It’s unclear if this is a bug or intended behavior.”

    • Carrotcake says:

      nvm. :) found the answer on main page. thanks again. this guide is awesome. keep it up!!:D cant wait to see you pvp at lv40.haha

  5. aaron says:

    your movement is incredibly smooth in these videos. how do you have your keys set up and what do you use to move around? i have a hard time using WASD to move because it forces me to stop moving to press other hotkeys.

    • taugrim says:

      W/R for strafe (not the default Q/E).

      Left hand activates abilities.

      Right hand on mouse or arrow keys for forward/backward/left/right.

      • aaron says:

        i never would have thought of that. thanks, ill give it a try.

      • Luis says:

        Im afraid i couldnt understand. w/r for strafe? and how come you can move forwards with the mouse?

      • Luis says:

        outch nevermind, im brazilian so my english is not so good, you mean you press “R” to start running and let your left hand free to use skills, and to change directions you use the mouse, thats it?

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  8. Xeal says:

    hey ,

    awesome video , i have a question… are the ruby’s on allodsbase the real on at fanatism ??

  9. TheMarkus182 says:

    I’ve got a question: hat did you put on ur stats luck on all or what and can you tell me a link for ur future melee healer when ur at max lvl?

  10. matias says:

    Hi can u pls, make a new build, bcose now the talent greed changes :S I don’t want to make a mistake, tvm, this is my mail :, really good guide bro

  11. agustin says:

    wht runes did u have? are u still playing? plz tell me ur build

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