Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 26-27

This is my second PVP video for Allods Online (AO). This video includes the following fights:

  • 26 Melee Healer vs 26 Warrior + 25 Healer
  • 26 Melee Healer vs 26 Caster Healer
  • 26 Melee Healer vs 26 Paladin
  • 27 Melee Healer vs 27 Warrior
  • 27 Melee Healer vs 27 Summoner

I’ve heard a lot of concern from players about fighting Paladins and Warriors, so I included several clips and talked about the matchup mechanics.

Level 26 Spec and Stats

My stats with green Asee-Teph rep gear

  • 8691 HP
  • Luck 89: 13.9% glancing
  • Intelligence 94: 15%
  • Perception 125: 16.5%
  • Faith 114: 22.9%
  • Wisdom 97

Level 27 Spec and Stats

My stats with blue Asee-Teph rep gear

  • 10380 HP
  • Luck 85: 17.8% glancing
  • Intelligence 101: 16.2%
  • Perception 153: 8.65%
  • Faith 136: 15.4%
  • Wisdom 122

Here are tips not mentioned in the video:

  • When fighting ranged DPS classes, you don’t have to conserve mana as there will be times when you are out of melee range and therefore regenerating mana

Based on my experience so far in Holy Land PVP, I am going to continue filling out the Verdict ruby tree. Getting  3/3 Holy Avenger should provide an excellent boost to survivability – not only will I get crit less, but when I do get crit, I’ll get 3 Fanaticism stacks which equals burst healing to offset the damage taken.

Life in Asee-Teph has gotten much better since I hit level 26. I still get run over by ?? (high-level) players, but overall my survivability has gone up a lot compared to 25.

If you have any comments / feedback / questions please post ’em.

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21 comments on “Melee Healer PVP Video @ Level 26-27
  1. fin says:

    Another great video, Taugrim. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Nathan says:

    You’re gunna’ be a machine at levelcap mate.

  3. Scott says:

    One thing I noticed vs War with 2H, big hits but they are spread out and the HoT can usually make up some health to finish off them off. However, vs a DW War, I’m constantly being knocked down and never have time to get any significant damage output. Any suggestions or videos vs a DW War?

    • taugrim says:

      To be honest I haven’t faced a lot of them yet…but what I recommend from a mechanics perspective is kite and use your DoT/HoT quite a bit, spam Blind Faith when you get knocked down so you cast it soon as you are up, and be prepared to use Holy Shield earlier to change who is dictating the fight.

  4. Shiroi says:

    On a light note, try watching the video with closed captioning on, youtube’s new feature.

    “instant burst heal” = instant burst hills
    “Divine prayer” = define find hairs


    But another awesome video, taugrim!!

  5. Reito says:

    Very nice! I love my healer more and more!

  6. robin says:

    I play a melee healer on Nezeb. I would like to know how do you take on even level scouts. I usually get perma knock downed within the first 2s of them appearing. The only counter i know of is… shield on sight and beat em within 12s. Fyi, i am elf race. So its ‘mana burn’ for my racial.

    • taugrim says:

      I would like to know how do you take on even level scouts. I usually get perma knock downed within the first 2s of them appearing

      Right now if the Scout gets the opener with Rapid Fire before I pop Holy Shield it’s game over.

      I am hoping at higher levels that I can at least survive the initial Rapid Fire burst / knockdown even if they get the jump.

  7. Relaxmon says:

    Very good videos Taugrim. I found your blog a few weeks ago and been following since.

    I started playing allods this week and I wanted to ask, is there a talent reset option in the game so you can try out different builds? Haven’t managed to find anything like it yet.

    • taugrim says:

      To reset your talents/rubies you need an item called Water of Death which is a very rare in-game drop or you can purchase it from the Item Shop. It hasn’t been implemented in the IS yet.

      Many players I’ve talked to of different classes have made “mistakes” in their spec and are chomping at the bit to have the ability to respec. Hopefully gPotato will implement this soon.

  8. hRoch says:

    Hi Taugrim, I’m using your melee build myself and I’m at 34lvl now. So far so good but… Maybe you haven’t met the 2h wars who can hit you for 5k and crit for 10k+… They always beat me :P I can heal myself, I’ve 30k hp now, balanced stats, 4k mana, but I can’t take them down and they can kill me with two or three hits if they’re lucky :( I’m using Blind Faith, Banished Words and Numbness combo all the time but againts three hits for 10k each, what I can do ;-) Hope It will be better at 40 when I get 50+dps 2h weapon, but for now, they’re truly killers. Perma stunlock rangers are really annoying too.

    • taugrim says:

      Maybe you haven’t met the 2h wars who can hit you for 5k and crit for 10k+…

      My Melee Healer is 30 and I haven’t yet run into Warriors who can consistently 2-shot me. I have 18k HP now so I could take 5k + 10k damage at least.

      I’ll post how I fare against Warriors, Paladins, and Scouts over time.

      The main thing I’ve learned when fighting Warriors is CC them early, use bubbles aggressively, and try to deny them Combat Advantage. Without CA their options are limited.

      • hRoch says:

        I thought so, but now I just have only 7s shield so I’m quite limited, I’ve to wait for 35 to boost it up to 12s, that’s could make a difference. But I really hate wars because of one other thing, you get them down to 20% and they ‘heal’ (use potions or whatever) to 50-60% :) It’s normal but I hate when they do that :)

      • taugrim says:

        Upgrading from Holy Shield 2 to 3 will make a difference. Not just because you have the extra 5 seconds of the bubble but because the cooldown of the ability drops from 5m to 3m.

  9. deadbyte says:

    Hey Tau! It’s been a while uh? :)

    I was searching for pvp videos on youtube and stumbled across yours.

    I hope all is well with you. I’m kind of looking for a new game to play, still stuck with WoW. But honestly, is just cause I didn’t find anything to replace it with.

    Tried WAR and LOTRO and they didn’t do a thing for me. Aion I didn’t even try, cause is just not my style.

    Never heard of Allods before, and after KO I’ve never played a F2P MMO again. I must say the game does look interesting, I’m tempted to give it a go.

    We’ll see. :)

    Anyway, glad to see you still around the mmo world.

    Rod – deadbyte

    • taugrim says:

      Hey man,!

      It has been…years at this point? How is life in Brazil?

      If you try Allods, please roll on Tensess and give me a shout.

      Tell your brother I said hello.

  10. sard says:

    You still playing allods, or did you follow the guild ? I’m still not sure why they ‘gave up’ playing such a great game, as the EU code base is obviously different… doesn’t mean US version will (or can by law) adopt the same CashShop. At lvl-17, I haven’t been pushed into the ‘contested’ (pvp) areas, so I don’t see all the issues with the warbanner / perfume problems, but I’d like to hear your take on allods these days.

    • taugrim says:

      Still playing Allods, level 36 now :)

      I don’t share the same viewpoint as some of the other folks who were in the guild and think the game has no future. I’ll wait to see what happens with future patches (1.0.07 and on) before I pass judgment on the gPotato version of Allods.

      This has been the best game I’ve played since WAR, and it’s far more stable and polished than WAR ever was.

  11. Yutsume says:

    Hey…i just wanna know when youre lvl 27 what are the names of ur gears so that… ill use it too

  12. […] to the original post with detailed comments and character stats and […]

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