Protection Paladin PVP Video: Gilneas? Over My Dead Body!

Excerpt from the YouTube video description:

This HD video is narrated footage of my 85 Protection Paladin in Cataclysm Patch v4.0.3a in a Battle for Gilneas battleground (queued solo). I discuss the spec’s burst chain capability (assuming procs) and survivability with no healing support.

This is my 7th Prot PVP video since 4.0 launched and my 2nd at 85 in Cataclysm. As of this video I have assembled a “baseline” set of 85 PVP gear :)

For detailed information about Prot PVP, check out my PVP Guide:

Please post feedback / questions / comments. Thanks!

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5 comments on “Protection Paladin PVP Video: Gilneas? Over My Dead Body!
  1. Martinbella says:

    Great stuff. Really insightful. Prot PVP is challenging and hence more enjoyable than holy or ret! It’s nice to live outside the box… hope to post a video response someday. cheers.

    p.s. any validity in running 2 points in guardian’s favor?

    • taugrim says:

      GF isn’t a bad talent, but the question is what other talent would you drop to free up 2 points for it?

      So I’d pass on it.

      If you ever post a video, definitely let me know :)

  2. Arioth says:

    Do you still have your old druid information? I don’t know if you kept the macros that you came up with or not. if you do, think you could email me the text file? I’m talking about all the bear form info that you had on the forums before they went belly-up.

    • taugrim says:

      Hi Arioth!

      Yea, I keep everything like that around.

      Druid, esp Feral spec, is IMO one of the more complex specs due to the high number of abilities.

      Hope this helps.

      MACRO 16777226 “_Boomkin” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast !Moonkin Form
      #/cast [stance:5] Bear Form
      MACRO 16777245 “_SF/Hur” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [mod:ctrl] !Hurricane; Starfall
      MACRO 16777239 “_Treants” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast !Force of Nature
      MACRO 16777254 “Bear” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast !Bear Form
      MACRO 16777252 “BS” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [stealth] Ravage; Shred
      MACRO 16777253 “Cat” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      #showtooltip [stance:3, nocombat, nostealth] Prowl; Cat Form
      /cast [stance:3, nocombat, nostealth] Prowl
      /cast [nostance:3][combat][stance:3, stealth] !Cat Form
      MACRO 16777241 “Cy/Hib” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [mod:ctrl] Hibernate; Cyclone
      MACRO 16777219 “FF/Pou” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [stealth] Pounce; Faerie Fire (Feral)
      MACRO 16777236 “IS” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      #showtooltip Insect Swarm
      /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
      /use Talisman of Resurgence
      /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
      /console Sound_EnableSFX 1
      /cast Insect Swarm
      MACRO 16777227 “MF” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /castsequence Moonfire
      MACRO 16777255 “Ra/Ma” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /castsequence reset=15/target/ctrl Rake, Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form)
      MACRO 16777256 “Rip/AOE” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [mod:ctrl] Swipe(Cat Form); Rip
      MACRO 16777248 “Spam” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [mod:ctrl] starfire; wrath
      MACRO 16777218 “Survival” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /castsequence [stance:0/2/4/5] reset=50 Barkskin, Battlemaster’s Vivacity
      /castsequence [stance:1] reset=50 Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Frenzied Regeneration
      /castsequence [stance:3] reset=50 Barkskin, Survival Instincts
      MACRO 16777251 “Taunt” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [mod:ctrl] Challenging Roar; Growl
      MACRO 16777243 “Travel2-Anywhere” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      #showtooltip [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable, nocombat] Flight Form; Travel Form
      /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form
      /click [nocombat] MultiBarBottomRightButton5
      /cast [flyable] Flight Form; Travel Form
      MACRO 16777244 “Travel2-Mount” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      #showtooltip Frostwolf Howler
      /dismount [mounted]
      # mount if can’t fly
      /run if not IsFlyableArea() or (GetWintergraspWaitTime()==nil and GetZoneText()==”Wintergrasp”) then CallCompanion(“MOUNT”, 1) end
      MACRO 16777222 “zzzTravel” INV_Misc_QuestionMark
      /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable, nocombat] Flight Form; Travel Form

  3. Arioth says:

    You do beautiful work Tau. thanks for the help. :D

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