Arena 2v2 PVP Video: Protection Paladin / Enhancement Shaman: Volume 2

This HD video is narrated footage of my 85 Prot Pally in Cataclysm Patch v4.0.3a in Arena 2v2 with an Enhancement Shaman, Kashmír. This is my second Arena video for Cataclysm.

We worked our way up from 1750 to 1850 rating in the 3rd week of Season 9. Our team moved up the ladder from the 600s to #213. Here’s the link to our team page, if you want to check out our gear/spec/enchants/gems/etc:

Opposing Comps 

  • Feral Druid / Holy Paladin
  • Feral Druid / Holy Paladin (same team)
  • Death Knight / Holy Paladin
  • Death Knight / Restoration Druid
  • Warrior / Discipline Priest
  • Warlock / Holy Paladin
  • Warrior / Mage


  • As I discussed in the video, bridging the gap between an Enhancement Shaman’s Feral Spirit ability (a.k.a. Wolves) is to key to winning an endurance match against a DPS + Healer comp. This tactic will not work against a Warrior + Healer comp due to the Warrior’s high DPS
  • To maximize the effect of Feral Spirit, Kashmír activates his PVP trinket (Badge of Conquest), casts FS, then casts Bloodlust
  • For endurance fights where we are focus firing the DPS, I should have used Hammer of Justice (HoJ) stun more frequently to reduce incoming damage. The cooldown on HoJ is so long that there is no issue with Diminishing Returns (DR). However, once we’re getting close to a CC-burst sequence it’s worth waiting until we both have HoJ and Hex off cooldown
  • As I mentioned in the video, if you need to heal your partner and they have a melee on them, sometimes you should create a gap before healing so that you can’t be interrupted by the melee, and if the melee decides to interrupt your cast (e.g. Warrior Intercept), they’re off your partner anyway. Force them to choose
  • Check out my Prot Pally PVP Guide for the full scoop on the Prot spec

If you have questions for either me or Kashmír, please post them.

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25 comments on “Arena 2v2 PVP Video: Protection Paladin / Enhancement Shaman: Volume 2
  1. Frank says:

    Hey Kashmír,

    I’ve recently made the switch from Elemental PVP to Enhancement PVP, and my friend has switched from Retri to Prot – Which pretty much explains how I’ve found this video.

    I mainly have some questions about survivability, when I (the enhancement shaman) go up against a Deathknight for example, then the chances of me dying are just too big. It’s mostly melee classes I’m having issues with right now. It may be because my resilience is rather low, (2k right now). Would you suggest getting more resilience or more AP instead ?

    Do you have any tips for a beginning Enhancement PVP shaman, or the Deathknight scenario in particular ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Kashmír says:

      Well a DK or warrior will easily give you the most trouble out of any class. First off, do you use the stoneclaw totem glyph, the one that gives you a shield? That for me is the biggest life saver in pvp especially against those classes. Also try and keep grounding totem down as much as possible against DKs also because half of their damage is spell damage. Try and purge any damage increasing abilities they have also, it helps a ton. Also when me and taug fight against unholy DKs we ususally try and kill the pet first because that pet can deal a rediculous amount of damage, that isnt the case for 1v1 though just try and bomb the dk.
      Resilience is also my new best friend i have 1 resilience gem right now but until you get fully geared id suggest doing half resil half agi and then when your geared fill your yellow slots with mastery.

  2. Chase says:

    Hey Tau,

    I use the mitigation macro you recommend, when, in your opinion, is the best time to start that use those CDs, with short cool downs on some of the abilities better sooner than later, or wait to a particular HP%?

    Thanks man.

    • taugrim says:

      Given that we are running a dual DPS comp, I use my mitigation abilities when I start taking single-target damage – better too soon than too late.

      By the time the 3rd mitigation (AD) has been used, you’ll be less than half a minute away from using DP again.

  3. santi says:

    hey guys exellent job,
    currently my shaman is level 82
    i feel that im getting facerolled by melee classes
    think resi will fix this ?
    Think i could beat 1v1 if i play nice on my shammy?

  4. santi says:

    Btw, kashmir do you use unleash elements on arena ?

    • Kashmír says:

      Yes resil with definately help with that. The only classes that give me problems are frost mages and ferals, but both are OP as hell atm XD.
      Yes i do use unleash elements in arena. I run frostbrand/flametongue in arena so i usually save it for when im getting kited because the new slow is awsome, its totally worth finding room on your keybindings for.

  5. Jason says:


    I recently switched from ele//resto to enh. Mainly wondering about gear. What stats should I mainly go for? As the ele//resto combo OOM was a HUGE issue. From checking you out on the arm and I’m sure ita a nub question but does that place a part especially in the drawn out matches? Are there any useful addons you use? Any macros? I currently am a orc sham and I have 2 fist weps main hand rocking frostband and off hand rocking flame tounge. Names Shamantic I haven’t glyphed yet an just dinged. Just getting my feet wet and would like a push in the right direction.

    • taugrim says:

      From checking you out on the arm and I’m sure ita a nub question but does that place a part especially in the drawn out matches

      If you mean does Enhancement have good mana longevity, the answer is yes. We can grind out other comps that have mana longevity issues, by carefully protecting ourselves (e.g. kiting when needed, blowing big cooldowns, etc).

      As long as Kash and I are proactive about using our mitigation abilities (e.g. his Shamanistic Rage, my Pally ones such as DPr/GoAK/AD) and opportunistically healing, our mana is fine.

      The main thing you want to avoid is having to spam cast-time heals, that leads to going OOM really fast, and neither of us can sustain any kind of burst healing anyway.

      • Jason says:

        Cool thats what my thinking was appreciate the clarification. If you guys use or find any helpful sham macros to share plz post away. Thanks again.

      • Kashmir says:

        im not currently online right now but I do know a few of my macros off the top of my head.
        /cast stormstrike
        /start attack
        /pet attack
        I also suggest making that for lava lash and your 3 shocks.
        This will start auto attack when you hit stormstrike(LL,shocks), because they won’t without the macro. This will also make your wolves attack whatever target you are on ao that you dont have to click the attack button every time you switch targets.
        The next one is just macroing your blood fury racial and any activation trinks to shaman rage that way you can hit that, summon your wolves then do bloodlust/heroism so they get the maximum benefit. Ill have to get back to you about the others.
        For addons, the only one I feel is nessecary for pvp is Power Auras Classic, it helps you keep track of litterally any CD, buff, debuff, combo point ect. I use it too keep track of my Maelstrom Weapon procs as well as the searing totem applications on my target. Redmist, my favorite enhancement shaman has a great guide on how to set it up for MW, heres the link.
        In order to keep track of searing totem select debuffs instead of buffs and select test on target.

  6. Jandlis says:


    Great helpful videos. I played some 3s last night and kept getting facerolled. My resilience is only at 1470 atm, which might be the reason. Also, i was the primary target for getting nuked each round too.

    My question is similar to above: is there a specific order to your damage mitigation cooldowns? Along with avenger’s wrath? If you are the primary target for nuking…how would you start/prepare for the oncoming damage?


    • taugrim says:

      Great helpful videos. I played some 3s last night and kept getting facerolled. My resilience is only at 1470 atm, which might be the reason. Also, i was the primary target for getting nuked each round too.

      You as Prot should generally be the last target. But if they’re feeling out your team and can tell you’re squishy (which any character is below 2.5k Resil), they may choose to focus fire you.

      My question is similar to above: is there a specific order to your damage mitigation cooldowns

      The macro in my Guide specifies this: DPr/GoAK/AD

      Don’t save AD, it’s better to use mitigations early to keep your health up high, so you don’t get burned down in a CC-burst sequence and so that your healer doesn’t have to blow their mana healing you.

  7. taugrim says:

    FYI: 4.0.6 Patch notes have been published:

    With respect to Prot / Enh comp, here are changes that impact us:

    * Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp and Ancient Hysteria can no longer be cast while in Arenas

    I’m not clear how much that will affect Shaman DPS. It doesn’t really affect Prot.

    * Crusader Strike weapon damage percent has been increased to 135%, up from 115%

    Modest buff to Prot :)

    • Martinbella says:

      *Rebuke can now be trained by all paladins at level 54. – nice addition to our CC.

      *The human racial trait Every Man for Himself has been reverted back to a 2-minute cooldown, down from 3 minutes.

      Good for the Humans out there :)

      • taugrim says:

        Yea I have to update the Guide with the revised 4.0.6 patch notes.

        Rebuke is huge.

        Inquisition will be dispellable but I still have concerns with using it – namely that even if you pop Inq you may get CC’d/kited, etc, and the buff is wasted. But it’s a good change.

  8. Dave says:

    Hi guys,

    Another great video which teaches mt a bit extra every time.
    I’m a prot pala with the same gear as you, Taugrim.
    We play 2s, combo with a feral druid with around 2k resi and it’s going pretty good. Bit diferent fights than what you guys seems to be having problems against.
    We played arena for 3 nights now and have 1.5k rating and stil alot of potential to get further.
    Our main tactic is pretty basic. Make sure we start the attack and try to do the most burst damage we can on a single target. Which target depends on the opponents.
    For us, warriors are easiest to kill which seems a bit strange since you guys have probs against them.
    We face the most probs VS ranged kiting teams.

    Imo our combo is strong, given we have insane survivibiity, high burst and good cc/slowing down. Bit same for the feral.

    • taugrim says:

      For us, warriors are easiest to kill which seems a bit strange since you guys have probs against them

      Kash’s Resil went up from 3.1k to 3.3k, and we found that he’s durable enough now that even if the Warrior is beating on him, we can kill the Warrior and CC the Healer. This is a better strat to follow as the Warrior can peel / slow.

      What we’ve been doing is kiting the Warrior around a pillar and beat on him while the Healer tries to keep up. It works LOL. The Healer can’t get a lot of cast-time heals so they have to blow mana using inefficient heals.

      We played arena for 3 nights now and have 1.5k rating and stil alot of potential to get further.


      We got to 1882 and it felt like several of the matches we lost we should have won. We are still in the learning process and our strats are changing as we get geared up.

  9. Dave says:

    Another small tip/link i’d like to show you guy, a reforge calculator:

    This way you can say that you need at least 601 hitrating & + 1k crit for example.

    Hope it can be of any use. I know i used it…

  10. taugrim says:

    Question for Kashmír from a YouTube comment:

    nice video, but why doesnt the shaman ever CC the mage water elemental?

    • Kashmir says:

      Well I always have the urge to but I am afraid of getting counterspelled then locked out for 8 secs over such a dumb spell

  11. dynasti says:

    dear taug im a prot pally and im wondering if theres and kind of dps macros or survivbillty macros im knew to prot and to the arena any help would be nice thanks

  12. Johnathan says:

    Like you videos, do you have any on talent builds and what not?

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