Protection Paladin PVP Video: Victory by Landslide

Excerpt from the YouTube video description:

This HD video is narrated footage of my 85 Protection Paladin in Cataclysm Patch v4.0.3a in an Eye of the Storm battleground, queued with two guildees. This is my 5th PVP video for Cataclysm.

In this video I showcase the mechanics of the excellent Landslide weapon enchant.

For detailed information about Prot PVP, check out my PVP Guide.

Please post feedback / questions / comments. Thanks!

Here are the mechanics for Landslide (LS):

  • Procs for 1k AP buff for 12 seconds
  • No internal cooldown
  • Can re-proc while it is up. This does not stack the buff but rather refreshes it

Those are great mechanics and allow for extended LS uptime, which is awesome for burst.

Kashmír and I got LS on our weapons, and we went 5-1 to start the fifth week of Arena 2v2 and we’re up to 2042 Rating. Looks like we haven’t hit our Rating “ceiling” yet. Our 2002 Rating from last week raised our weekly Conqueror cap to 2378 points, so we were both able to pick up two upgrades tonight.

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12 comments on “Protection Paladin PVP Video: Victory by Landslide
  1. th3m says:

    Nice one :)

    But can you shortly explain which abilities benefit from AP and which from Spell Power? I am a little confused :s

  2. Solskjear says:

    excellent videos and info. Prot is my favorite pally spec, and it is cool to learn you have such great success pvping with it.

    Is there a way you can do a video on how to got started grinding honor/conquest points? Since i have no pvp gear should I purchase a full crafted set?

  3. royalsas-gurubashi-us says:

    dude, there is another way to test it: use all skill again a npc/mob/creature (try use on the same one to make the skill damage constant) with and without bless of the might or king. the skill which deal more damage then usual will be afected by AP and STR/SpellP.

    • taugrim says:

      Sure there are lots of ways to test AP and SP coefficients.

      I’m just not willing or interested in investing the time to figure the numbers out. My passion is PVP videos and Guide writing – that’s where I can provide distinctive value.

      Other people who love math theorycrafting will figure out the coeff’s.

  4. royalsas-gurubashi-us says:

    taum, which addons you re use in this video?

  5. th3m says:

    Taugrim i saw that you changed your medallion trinket to crit, for obvious reasons of course.

    What about the other trinket slot where we have 2 options: one trinket with “in use” str buff and one with “chance on melee” to procc str buff. which seems more viable?

    • Anymous says:

      The on-use gives more strength & gives you controlled burst. Go for that trinket above the other one. OR just go Alliance Human & get both trinkets. :)

    • taugrim says:

      What about the other trinket slot where we have 2 options: one trinket with “in use” str buff and one with “chance on melee” to procc str buff. which seems more viable?

      Let’s look at the mechanics of the trinkets:
      – Insignia: chance-on-proc 912 Str for 20s, 1 min internal cooldown, 15% proc chance on attack (pretty high IMO)
      – Badge: on-use 1520 Str for 20s, 2 min cooldown

      The Insignia tends to proc quickly, e.g. within 5 or so seconds of engaging in melee on a target.

      The Insignia is better if you expect to be in combat for extended periods of time (e.g. Arena matches take > 1m for your comp) and want the higher uptime.

      The Badge is better if are running a very controlled-burst team.

      Personally, I took the Insignia for the higher “average” benefit. But your comp may dictate taking the Badge for the burst.

      E.g. my Enh Shaman partner Kashmir took the Badge, because he pops the Badge before summoning his Wolves, to buff them.

      • th3m says:

        I understand, well i am still low lvl the question was more because i would like to know where to spend my honor points cause i gather them at the moment at very low rates :D

        I ll check my comp at 85, and i ll decide then. I don’t fancy the on-use trinket though (one more button to press) :s

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