Arena 2v2 PVP Video: Protection Paladin / Enhancement Shaman: Volume 3

This HD video is narrated footage of my 85 Prot Pally in Cataclysm Patch v4.0.3a in Arena 2v2 with an Enhancement Shaman, Kashmír. This is my third Arena video for Cataclysm.

Our Team by the Numbers

We worked our way up from 1850 to 2000 rating in the 4th week of Season 9 and earned the 2k Achievement :)

We started the week by going 9-9, adjusted our tactics, and then finished with a 16-7 run over the next 23 games. We barely missed out on the Hotter Streak Achievement (10 consecutive wins at 1800+).

We were ranked #213 for Shadowburn as of Tuesday morning, and we have climbed up to #119 as of the time of this post.

We are the only Prot Pally / Enhancement Shaman comp in the top 200. We’ve never faced a mirror comp.

Here’s the link to our team page, if you want to check out our gear/spec/enchants/gems/etc:

Opposing Comps

This video features the following opposing comps:

  • Mage / Shadow Priest
  • Rogue / Shadow Priest
  • Mage / Shadow Priest (same team, different map)
  • Warrior / Mage
  • Rogue / Shadow Priest
  • Death Knight / Holy Paladin
  • Death Knight / Restoration Druid


  • As discussed in the video, “reverse kiting” has worked really well for us. Basically we kite a MDPS out of LoS from his team mate. If the team mate is a Healer this makes it difficult for the Healer to heal the MDPS without using instant casts or fast-cast, mana-inefficient heals. If the team mate is a Caster this prevents them from freecasting on us. I call this reverse kiting because teams usually expect us as a dual-melee comp to come after them. We’ve learned the hard way that that can put us in very vulnerable situations
  • Check out my Prot Pally PVP Guide for the full scoop on the Prot spec, including my take on the upcoming changes for Prot in 4.0.6 (Rebuke!!!)

If you have a questions for either me or Kashmír, please post ’em below.

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40 comments on “Arena 2v2 PVP Video: Protection Paladin / Enhancement Shaman: Volume 3
  1. Anymous says:

    Hey Taugrimm

    Do you think prot pally can be succesfull with Arms Warrior in 2v2?

    I have been looking for a good enhanc shammy on my server who also aims 2k+ but can’t find any who wants to go with prot pally.

    Or with a DK maybe?

    Kind regards,

    • taugrim says:

      I think classes that are durable or have good CC would pair up well with a Prot. E.g.:
      – Feral
      – DK
      – Shadow Priest
      – Frost Mage
      – Prot Warrior

      I’m not sure about Arms Warrior. The issue is you may get CC’d and your partner focused. You can certainly try it.

  2. Anymous says:

    Thanks for the information. Tonight I’m gonna play with a feral druid, hopefully we get 1.8 soon.
    Your guide is pretty nice, keep up the good work and try to maybe switch partners to see what’s the best combo for prot.

    • taugrim says:

      Tonight I’m gonna play with a feral druid, hopefully we get 1.8 soon

      It’s a strong comp, especially if your Feral is skilled.

      Playing Feral is non-trivial – sorting out the keybindings is challenging – but they have excellent CC, esp the insta-Cyclone from Cat form.

      try to maybe switch partners to see what’s the best combo for prot

      I don’t expect to do this, unless Kash stops playing. You and other people can let me know how your comps work :)

      I would still expect my role in a 2v2 team (or 3v3) to be similar to what I do now – pressure as much as possible, protect my partner.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m playing with arms war now. Pretty bad gear, 1.5k resi, at 1.6k rating now but we lose as much as we win. Holydin in the other comp is killing us.

      • taugrim says:

        1.5k resil means you only have roughly half of the Bloodthirsty pieces.

        Once you get geared up with full Bloodthirsty, you will notice a massive boost in survivability.

        It takes time to grind the Honor but for Arena it’s a must-have.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was talking about my arms warrior friend btw. Ye his survivability is pretty low that’s why I’m his support. He carries his shield at start so they think hes prot so they would attack me, trust me, at this rating some guys start on me which is pretty nice cause I’m close to 3.5k res and pretty unkillable monster.

        Anyways I keep you informed about this. Nice to know your opinion about my standings. Cause pretty sure I am one of the only pvp progadins on my server.

      • taugrim says:

        Y’all will do miles better once he gets geared up to 3k Resil :)

        I would recommend in the meantime ditching going with a PVP trinket with Crit on it – you won’t need the extra 301 Resil. And get the Insignia trinket.

        Let me know how it goes after your Warrior friend is geared up. I’ve been wondering how Arms/ProtPal would do and you are the first person to post about it.

  3. craig says:

    Nice videos and grats on 2k rating! keep us updated.

    • taugrim says:


      We’re psyched to make it to 2k in Cata. I’m not sure what our Rating “ceiling” is – we’re still winning more than losing.

      The 4.0.6 changes overall should net out positively for us, so that should also help us when they go live.

  4. royalsas-gurubashi-us says:

    this UI frame that only chande the raid/arena enemy “appearance”, what it name? i search a lot of ui frame almost of then change everything, and I just want to change some things.

  5. royalsas-gurubashi-us says:

    nvm mind, its the “gladius” addon who did this; thx anyway; by the way, i’m coping your build on my pally, its realy fun see 2~5 people hiting you and walking like nothing is happening =D

  6. ckane says:

    So, one of my toons I play an enhanced shaman and I find it hard to find info on the PVP aspect. When in arena or BG’s do you still use WF on MH and FT on OH? And what is the priority list? Thanks for any help on this.

    • Kømuri says:

      No sir! MH = WF (for obvious reasons), and FB for OH for the undispelable snare. FB also increases ur damage on lightnings and shocks spells due to the “Frozen Power” ability, and it has greatr synergy with its unleash elements ability. Remember we are melee, so the more time we are at melee range the more damage we do!


    • Kashmír says:

      Yes Kømuri is right. I have a little bit different play style and so I run WF on MH and FT on OH in battlegrounds because i never really find myself getting kited in BGs. If i do start to get kited i just hit FB and it will automatically put it on my MH. However, in arenas i run FB on MH and FT on offhand because since laval lash is “fire” damage it hits harder on plate then WF does. Also the SP from FT is great for bigger heals in arena, especially since me and Taug are dual DPS. It really depends on your play style thats just what i prefer.

      • Necro says:

        One thing you should note is that the spell buff from Flametongue Weapon is only for spell damage, not healing. The opposite goes for earthliving weapon.

      • Kashmír says:

        yeah i remembered that after i wrote that XD. But still i like the extra SP it helps against plate wearers.

  7. Emil says:

    Hey Big T :D
    What is that addon called you use for arena (The addon that shows trinket/tell who that have low health and stuff)


  8. Spurtz says:

    Hey i enjoyed your videos im currently 1.4k rating as holyadin but thinking of switching as my unholy dk partner thinks we’d go further if i went prot. im just interested, what addons do you use? cheers :)

    • taugrim says:

      if you look at the 2v2 ladder for your battlegroup, what you will see are a lot of Unholy DK / Holydin comps in the top 50. That is a strong comp.

      IMO Prot would pair well with DK but you two have to decide what playstyle you prefer. Kash and I love dual-DPS because our fights go fast.

      The addons I use are listed in Section 13 of my PVP Guide.

  9. Desty says:

    Thanks for video. Can you share such video but from Enhance point of view? :-)

    • taugrim says:

      My partner Kashmír doesn’t have FRAPS to record footage.

      That being said, Kømuri is working on making 2v2 and 3v3 Arena videos, and I will post them here.

      • Desty says:

        Waiting for it very much. There is just no suh video for enhances after Cata launched… Just want to look how skilled Enhances doing in arena, tactic and so on…

  10. beau says:

    hey cashmier wat wepon enhancts do u use? i have WF on my MH and FT on the offhand for the 40% inc dmg for lava lash i didnt have FB on my MH but i found the WF does alot more dmg and i i keep up the strenght f earth totem but continously keep applying FS then its all good and they remain snared the whoile fight. wat u reckon anyways?

  11. Geles says:

    Hey I am working myself with enchancement shammy I am prot pala myself and we are currently at 1860 rating and we got big problems with frost mage/ rogue. Could u say something about it?

    • taugrim says:

      The Prot Pally must get in combat as soon as possible, in order to prevent Sap and force Rogue to sap the Shaman.

      Both of you have to focus fire the Mage and tunnel him hard, to cut down on his DPS. The Prot Pally can use the Rogue as a HoPo battery if needed while trying to close the gap to the Mage.

      Prot Pally should blow cooldowns early to prevent a heal deficit for the Shaman.

  12. Desty says:

    I’m Enhance and my partner is Feral. How to kill War/HolyPaladin? :-)
    And queston to EnhShammies – How you kill Warrior or DK?

    • taugrim says:

      I’m Enhance and my partner is Feral. How to kill War/HolyPaladin?

      With your comp, you can try to kill the Warrior with a insta-Hex followed by insta-Cyclone, with the Feral’s bleeds stacked on the Warrior. The Pally can’t bubble out of Cyclone, so if the Pally blows trinket on Hex you’re golden.

      And queston to EnhShammies – How you kill Warrior or DK?

      Do you glyph Shamanistic Rage? I think that would make it cleanse the debuffs from DK.

      Not sure though.

  13. Geles says:

    I need to say that we actually have problem with the cc on me, and my shammy cant hide often from the mage, also I can get in combat because the mage is sitting in his arena place and waiting for the rogue to sap someone 1-st so it’s like impossible to get in combat. Please if you can post and video against frost mage/ rogue because it’s really difficult. Also if I get sapped and they both start to burst my shammy do I need to use trink to get out of sap or?

    • taugrim says:

      my shammy cant hide often from the mage

      Your Shaman should hide behind a pillar at the start until the Rogue shows himself, force the Mage to take the time to come over or Blink, in which case you can Stun.

      Mage/anything is a bad comp for us, and for a lot of classes. Mage is simply ridiculous right now.

      Also if I get sapped and they both start to burst my shammy do I need to use trink to get out of sap or?

      Yes, otherwise match is a guaranteed loss.

      Pop Hand of Sac after trinket.

  14. Geles says:

    it’s going like that mostly, when we start the rogue sap me and he with his frost mage are going for the shammy after the sap I am getting frozen for 3 sec then sheep, I use trink and put divine guardina for 20% reduced dmg for 6 sec and putting hand of sacrifice to break any sheep if the mage repeat it again when I do it the rogue blind me and again they are going really bursty for my shammy and he is then like on 40k hp, then I pop bubble and spam FoL on him then divine plea (removing it) and use the 3 HoP to heal him, in such cases I am losing my shammy because the mage sheep me again for 9 sec, maybe he need to use his wolf form to kite the mage until I am popping him hand of freedom to remove the slowing poisons from the rogue?

  15. Geles says:

    also if I get in combat the rogue don’t sap the shammy, they just start on him and the mage is sheeping me.

  16. Geles says:

    Taugrim thank you for the comments against frost mage/ rogue we are getting it now and we are winning mostly against them. But now we are pretty going down from unholy dk/ resto druid. Could you same some tips about it. I pop resistance aura and all the time I gather HoP I am healing my shammy with it also I pop the radiation heal and turning all my def cd’s each time but still the dk owns my shammy.

    • taugrim says:

      But now we are pretty going down from unholy dk/ resto druid

      Do not chase the Resto Druid, you will have no HoPo.

      Your partner needs to reverse-kite the DK out of LoS of the Healer. That way the Druid can’t Cyclone you either.

      Kill the DK pet whenever it is up, take it out of LoS of the Healer.

      You need to bridge your partner between his Feral Spirit wolves. That means Hand of Sac, Divine Protection, WoG healing, etc.

      Watch all the videos, I have several DK/Healer fights recorded.

  17. Ash says:

    Hi Taugrim,
    I haven’t started my protretri yet but generally trying to get an idea of how to control them. I love your videos found them all very useful. I was just wondering in your last video I dont see you use Divine Guardian at all and dont see it off CD. Is this because its only 6secs so you only use when you see a powerful CD used by the enemy? Or another reason?

    Many Thanks!

    • taugrim says:

      I should be using DG more often than I do – make sure to use it aggressively!

      • Ash says:

        Awesome cheers for reply, will be starting this wednesday with a DK. I was wondering do you swap interupt when on a healer or caster? eg. partner does first, you 2nd, partner 3rd, you 4th or you both just try catch everything?

        Again Many thanks :D

      • taugrim says:

        You and your partner should be communicating interrupts and CC’s, otherwise you’ll waste them or won’t connect them.

        Good luck!

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