Arena 3v3 PVP Video: Protection Paladin / Enhancement Shaman / Resto Druid: Volume 1

We’re finally running 3v3 baby!

Excerpt from the YouTube video description:

This HD video is narrated footage of my 85 Prot Pally in Cataclysm Patch v4.0.3a in Arena 3v3 with an Enhancement Shaman, Kashmír, and Restoration Druid (Skipz). This is my fifth Arena video for Cataclysm for Season 9 and first for 3v3.

Kashmír and I have been looking for a geared non-Pally/non-Shammy Healer for 3v3 for the past couple weeks; most of the geared Healers we know were already part of a 3v3 team and other Healers who didn’t know us said “no thanks” because of our specs. Thankfully a new guildee, Skipz, was willing to give us a shot after watching some of our 2v2 videos.

Skipz had just formed a 3v3 team this week. We were able to quickly raise the Team Rating from under 1k to over 1700 by going 14-3 over our first 17 games. The comp has been a blast for us to play. Because Kash and I can offheal and are reasonably durable, Skipz has time to CC and his role is our comp is very dynamic. As you can see in the footage he throws out a lot of Cyclones, insta-Roots, and Bear-form Bash.

Opposing Comps

  • Rogue / Warlock / Resto Druid
  • DK / Warrior / Holy Paladin
  • Mage / Warrior / Resto Druid

If you have questions for Kashmír, post them as a Comment below, as he tracks the comments on my blog.

I’ll ask Skipz if he’s willing to field Resto Druid questions as well, as he’s the expert.

P.S. we’re now over 1900 with 44 games played together. I’ll be recording more footage for videos as we make our way to 2000+ Rating.

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6 comments on “Arena 3v3 PVP Video: Protection Paladin / Enhancement Shaman / Resto Druid: Volume 1
  1. darthmullett says:

    nice footage.good narration.learned something again.By the way I hope we don’t face you guys after watching the
    Also,can you look at my talent tree and give me some feed back please?Thankyou.

    • taugrim says:

      Also,can you look at my talent tree and give me some feed back please?Thankyou

      I am only going to do this because you are a guildee and a good guy…normally I’d tell people to re-read my Guide :)

      1. ditch the 3 points in Toughness, as I mentioned in my Guide armor is useless against spells and bleeds and many specs have armor-bypassing skills anyway (e.g. Sub Rogues)

      2. max Divinity. Healing is critical in PVP.

      3. max PoJ. 15% movement bonus is must-have in PVP and is better than anything most classes have (except Druids)

      4. replace your boots enchant with Hit. The movement buff from your enchant is only 8% and you will get more from 2/2 PoJ

      5. ditch Eye for an Eye for IJ. EfaE sucks horribly compared to what you are giving up to take it. Read the comments in the following chain to understand why:

  2. darthmullett says:

    i know man.sorry,and thankyou so much at the same time

  3. MIke says:

    Ahh, I miss my WoW days… I just started playing Allods Online a few weeks ago and it’s pretty similar when it comes to the gameplay.

    I had a 70 Feral Druid about a year or two ago. Are Feral Druids any good in Cataclysm?

    • taugrim says:

      Are Feral Druids any good in Cataclysm?

      Ferals are a top 4 DPS spec right now, they’re incredible. High damage, high survivability, high mobility, good CC.

      The mobility is getting nerfed a bit though in 4.0.6. Should still be strong IMO.

  4. Chebli says:

    Hi! Im an enhancement shammy, at the moment having some problems binding keys, since im used to a wrong binding as i can see…since we have some new habilities.
    I wanna know if u can gieve me some help so i can customize to a proper binding…and then just Play and get used to a new practical binding.
    thanks a lot

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