Rift Warrior PVP Video, Volume 4: Riftblade / Paladin @ 27

Here’s my 4th Rift video:

This HD video is narrated footage of my level 27 Warrior in a Codex warfront (queued solo) in the 20-29 bracket in the MMORPG Rift. In particular, I discuss how to kite melee opponents and counter kiting opponents.

Here is the 1H Riftblade/Paladin used in the video:

If you have questions/comments/feedback, post ’em!

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30 comments on “Rift Warrior PVP Video, Volume 4: Riftblade / Paladin @ 27
  1. shawshank22 says:

    Good video as per usual!

    Oh look its Taugrim holding up the entire reinforcing team, nothing strange there…

  2. Morgan says:

    You look like you have been playing for years! Making it look easy. My only experience of PVP is Black Garden which is uber cramped. Can wait till I do codex.. nicely spaced out for less manic and more controlled pvp

  3. Potent says:

    Thats some pretty powerful anti-kiting tools, I’d hate to play a ranged dps when you’re around! The fight with the other warrior reminded me of dueling with my KotBS, kiting for cooldowns to come off and shattering enchantments at range :P. Your spec seems very versatile.

  4. Dyu says:

    Great video! Well you be speccing into the Vindication at a higher level, specifically targeting the healing branch?

    • taugrim says:

      I will be going up the left side of Vindication to get the Improved Guard at the least. I heard you need PVP rank to get to Improved Trauma.

  5. Castorcato says:

    Correction Taugrim, the only thing that could beat a Riftblade, is another Riftblade.


    • Dyu says:

      It all depends on the player and not the build. A rubbish player with the perfect build can never beat a good player with a crap build. I was in Codex and I beat a level 28 assassin and a level 22 cleric with my level 23 Taugrims warrior build.

      • Potent says:

        Does that make you a good player with a crap build? Or a crap player with the perfect build? :P

      • Dyu says:

        I think it makes me a average player with a decent build against the two players who didn’t understand their builds and skills.

      • Castorcato says:

        I was just referencing a fight we had earlier, I won’t spoil it but let’s just say a Riftblade globalled us both.

      • Dyu says:

        I’m going to try out 2 handed Champion/Rift Knight build

  6. Argamil says:

    Heumm I have a question Defiant majority win in pvp or no really I play too in rift… just I can’t choose me faction ..

  7. Argamil says:

    Heummm I have a question … defiant win majority in pvp or no really ?? I can’t choose me faction and server help me :) plz

  8. Paravian says:

    Lookin good there Taugrim. Sorry I haven’t been on lately, work crazy and workin on my main (defiant, briarcliff).

    I’m running a riftblade/champ and going ok with it, works well with a 2 hander or dual weilding.

    Funnily stuff, I hate pve but have been tanking for my guild, we are doing it all for progressions sake whilst leveling and I am really enjoying it. Getting some nice blue gear for pvp and being raid/group leader for content we haven’t seen before is fun. We run 5 man warfronts after and have a very good win ratio with all of us on vent coordinating, 1 x full heal cleric and a chloromancer makes alot of difference. Me and my full champ/paragon friend are almost unstoppable with heals.

    Tank spec is paladin/warlord, nice synergy there. I will be making another paladin pvp spec though, feels good to play sword and shield.


    Paravian (Valkyriez on Briarcliff Defiant, look for me in WF”s).

  9. Yarhon says:

    Hey Taugrim, I was wondering what kind of build you would be looking at trying at level 50?
    Do you have any idea?

  10. Hvrafnur says:

    Great vid, and verry informative!
    I have one question though. Do you stay with this bild for pve too (questing and perhaps tanking)?
    I can see that the surviveability is good, but is the dps enough?

    • taugrim says:

      This build works great for PVE questing and rifting.

      For tanking instances, I recommend a more traditional spec, such as Paladin.

      • Hvrafnur says:

        Allrighty! gonna give it a shot tonight. Im currentley going Champ/paragon. Which has great dps, but not that much surviveability atm.

        Im just a bit curious on how your build scales at higher lvl.. Guess time will tell!

        Keep up the good work!

  11. Jimmy says:

    Hey Taugrim. I’m liking the new vids :)

    I just hit 36 today with this build, ( http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1ctLh.V.xhs0dsMGzd.xgohosbcbM ) on a lower progression (obviously), and it’s going really well. I’m finding the survivability of this sort of spec amazing in PvP and PvE, and the ability to kite allows me to solo major rifts with ease.
    The thing i love about these types of games is the PvP, so in warfronts you’ll pretty much always see me dishing out the damage at the front line. Recently i’ve had the most killing blows, around the top of the tables for kills, and damage done in all warfronts i’ve done – when there’s been a decent healer backing the group up, it seems i never really need to worry about getting beat on by maybe 3 or 4 people, especially with Touch of Life and pots to back me up :)
    As you can see by the spec, i’m still undecided as to where to place that last soul point. I’m thinking Reverent Protection, but i guess we’ll see whats needed at the top levels.

    Simply because i like the survivability of this spec, i decided to see if i could build a burst, high dps, crit type spec to switch to in times where the dps is needed, and where there is a good healer to back me up. So i’ve structured this ( http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1ckut.E0cdoobG0z.VetozA0cR.V ). Right now, it’s pretty redundant, because at lower levels, and without organised groups for PvP (my system is far to slow to really add as much as i’d like to group play, so im not looking to become guilded, and don’t really know anyone in-game haha) it’s not survivabile enough, a problem which Hvrafnur noted above. However i am deffinately looking forward to testing this build when i reach high 40s/50

    This Riftblade/Paladin spec, is quite simply the most versatile, involved and enjoyable character i’ve played in a while. What can i say? i just love Rifts character specialisation, it allows you to play how you enjoy, without being subtly penalised you for not being statistically perfect.

    Looking forward to more of your videos to come Tau :)

  12. Jimmy says:

    Oh, and just for reference, with the Paragon crit build, i currently i have around an 8.5-9% chance to crit, that’s without any physical crit bonuses from gear, or planar essences.
    It seems easily plausible to get to maybe 20 or 25% crit chance (at least) with decent gear and planar essences, and with that build, just one crit leads onto a whole lot of others. :)

  13. Kwyn says:


    Any chance we could get a blog update on your build, thoughts on talents and what you’ve changed since you started?

    For example, I noticed you dropped improved fork recently and I recall you mentioning in an earlier commentary that you were considering doing so.

    One other thing that would be helpful is an update on your macros. I noticed that your macros from your first blog have no doubt changed. Going along with that would be perhaps a screenshot of your ui with you commenting on which macro you have placed where. The abbreviations don’t always match the macro descriptions, so I find myself trying to watch which buttons you’re hitting and correlate that to the talents and their effects as displayed on the screen.

    Anyway, thanks as always and keep up the good work!

  14. Argamil says:

    plz Taugrim what is your all macros your Insane !!! I create warrior paladin .. for pvp and I just need more help … plz ok it your choise you can or can’t ?? tell your macros

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