Play of the Day (SWTOR): En Fuego

In this Play of the Day video, I buy enough time under heavy focus fire to line up 3 opponents for a one-way trip into the fire pit.

Here is the spec used in the video:
– Gunslinger:
– Sniper:

I play as a Sharpshooter-spec’d Gunslinger, which IMO is one of the most underrated specs in the game. One key defensive talent is Spacer, which adds 2 meters to the distance for your knockback. Those 2 meters make a *big* difference :)

To see me PVP’ing live, check out my TwitchTV channel. My stream features real-time commentary and between matches I interact with the Chat Room.

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7 comments on “Play of the Day (SWTOR): En Fuego
  1. B says:

    Nice, I wish you could have had a shot of the convo those 3 had in the res room afterwards.

    • taugrim says:

      B :

      Nice, I wish you could have had a shot of the convo those 3 had in the res room afterwards.

      I should have asked them on /1, since it was a same-faction Huttball match.

  2. Brytag says:

    hi taugrim
    long time fan of ur stream. figured if check out ur blog. hahah that was awesome. wish i could of seen their faces as they stared at their monitors to what just happened lol.

  3. Wotah says:

    Probably like I would have. At first I would have been cussing at the screen. Then I would have not said anything to anyone else in hopes of no one noticing. Finally I would have been like, that was neat I wonder if I could do that.

  4. Enviouz says:

    Kill 3 people with 1 shot? Whats the big deal?! I do that everytime I hit smash! lol. J/k pretty sweet knock back….I have a hard enough time lining up my single pushback with lag and whatnot, but to get all 3 thats sweet

  5. Elroy Vrehen says:

    Lol, had the same thing happen to me on my Shadow yesterdayevening. Too bad I wasn’t running my recording software because it felt frickin’ awesome to do. xD

  6. not as good as u think u are says:

    you talk too much taugrim.

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