Transitioning Back to the Corporate World

Publishing content about games has been a passion of mine for seven years. I started creating guides and narrated videos, because I enjoy teaching and wanted to contribute to the community.

It wasn’t until Q4 2011 that I gave any serious thought about trying to monetize my content. Prior to that time, I was busy with work / RL, my gaming content was a hobby, and I wasn’t clear how I might monetize my content without alienating the people consuming it.

Late last year I decided to give it a go as a full-time blogger. The past 6 months have been, in many ways, a “startup” experience. I’ve learned a lot about online broadcasting, growing an audience, monetizing content, and improving the production value of my videos. That said, I’ve also come to realize that this isn’t sufficient to make ends meet financially, for now. Therefore, I’m in the process of transitioning back to the corporate world.

What does that mean for this blog? Well obviously I’m going to continue playing games, because they’re fun! And I’m going to continue blogging, streaming, and hosting content about games – but mostly on nights and weekends.

I want to thank y’all for your feedback, insights, and support along this journey. It’s been awesome having a community that constructively and intelligently dialogues about games, and I look forward to continuing our conversation.


Ed Park aka Taugrim

P.S. if you work in the gaming industry, I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I have skills / experience that might transfer to that space, and I’d appreciate your perspective for someone coming from outside the industry. You can contact me, my username is the same there.

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37 comments on “Transitioning Back to the Corporate World
  1. Daximus says:

    Sad to hear, best of luck to you though, and I still look forward to catching your blog posts when you have time.

  2. Dalevan says:

    Seriously Bioware! Hire this man!

  3. Soujiro says:

    Thanks for letting us know Taug! You are not only a really good gamer but also good at teaching and explaining. Hope you devote as much passion to your work as you do with your gaming.

    Wondering if you still be on The Republic @

    Anyway, good luck and lot’s of success to you in your carreer!

  4. scottsummer says:

    All the best Ed.

  5. Stoesky says:

    What a bummer that it didn’t work out financially. :(
    Wishing you all the best and looking forward to blog posts from you when you have the time.

  6. dryiggles says:

    Best of luck to you on your future endevours. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out to do full time. I really enjoyed your streams. Although I couldn’t see all of your streams live, it was always the most enjoyable when I watched your streams.

    At least having connections with GBTV there is still the possibility to keep your name out there for the community and corporate gaming industry.

    Good luck to you in the future.

    ~ dryiggles

  7. Sascha Kiefer says:

    I follow you since your Swordmaster days and your Streams were always something i was looking forward to.

    Sad to hear your experiment didn´t work out financially but glad to hear you still see it
    as a positive experience.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

    Preserve your calm and honest temper.

    Sascha K. from Berlin

  8. Your blog is very informative. I like when you do the streaming. Very professional. Wish you the best for whatever you pursue :)

  9. Troy Alleman says:

    I really enjoyed your outlook on games and your passion for gaming and providing an awesome product for the gamers by a gamer. I would support you anytime. I wish you the best of luck out there in the real world. I will be joining the real world soon as I am about to retire from the military and decide on what I am going to do.

    I will look forward to seeing any and all of your future content and value your opinion greatly.
    If I could have hit that mega millions, you wouldn’t have had anything to worry about =(

    Very Respectfully,
    Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman

    • taugrim says:

      Troy Alleman :

      I will be joining the real world soon as I am about to retire from the military and decide on what I am going to do.

      Congratulations on your years of service – being able to retire is a blessing.

      Let me know what you decide to do with your time.

      Troy Alleman :

      If I could have hit that mega millions, you wouldn’t have had anything to worry about =(

      Very Respectfully,
      Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman

      You’ve been very generous already :)

      I’m reading on the awesome 1080p HD monitor I bought through your donation.

  10. Sorry it’s not worked out as well as you might have liked Ed your content is allways interesting and insightfull don’t go changin.

  11. Andrew says:

    Sorry to hear you leaving industry. I always loved your insight into pvp and their mechanics, even if I don’t pvp myself. Hope to see you on gamebreaker in the future.

  12. Irishbrewed says:

    So Taug, does this mean you will not be apart of the gamebreaker shows anymore? If so what a bummer. You brought a sense of level headed ness,maturity,and professionalism to the hobby. I also enjoyed your leet free attitude and you were the one stream I would allow my young son to watch because you never swore and I could trust you. That sounds odd but with the popularity of YouTube and twitch with kids and games as a parent I had to be real strict on what my son watched on the computer because most shows as u know had some lazy foul mouth behind them.

    Either way, thanks for the content and everything you did man, really wish you the best moving forward.

  13. EuchridEucrow says:

    Thank you for finally making a solid decision as to what you are about concerning the whole wanting to make a living from this or not. Given your stated goals about this a few months ago (i.e. wanting to have a go at making a living out of producing gaming content) your recent seeming reticence in producing said content (i.e. streaming, uploading video, blogs, etc.) was becoming frustrating and off-putting. I say “frustrating and off-putting” partly because you created expectation that, until recently, you WERE delivering on in a satisfactory manner as well as communicating if you weren’t able to do so. But MAINLY I was becoming frustrated and off-put because you presented me with an appealing and quality “product”, made me hungry for more, and then stopped satisfactorily delivering it and communicating as to why you weren’t.

    But, as I have said, you have FINALLY communicated to us about what is going on and, while I am sad that you couldn’t make the commitment it would have taken to make producing gaming content successful, I am also happy that you have finally made a firm descision one way or the other.

    It is too bad though. I really think that you have what it takes to make it in that particular industry if you were able to make the commitment. Your “product” has enough quality, appeal, and differentiation to be marketable and saleable. There is a segment out there that isn’t satified with the likes of Total Biscuit(overblown and blustery) and Yogscast(odd mix of child-like dorkiness and vulgarity) and can sustain the likes of yours.

    Good luck man! Maybe you can fall backwards into that segment and blow up(success-wise, not literally). I certainly wish that for you. In the mean time, I will look forward to whatever content you do get around to making with avarice.

  14. TheGacko says:

    Hey Taugrim

    That is sad to hear.. I started seeing you on Gamebreaker and you just sounded so super knowledgable on PvP.. it was great to hear.. and im not that much into Pvp but I still like listening and reading your guides.

    Seriously Bioware needs to pick you up for Star Wars to make it the game it should be…

    Wish all the best and will always be around checking your site

  15. B says:

    Best of luck to you Taug, if you approach everything with the same levelheaded, open approach you displayed in your streams and how to videos you’re going to do very well for yourself.

    Thanks for all your guides and videos as well, you were pretty much singlehandedly responsible for helping me better my pvp game by a huge margin.

    Cheers mate,

  16. pandamanana says:

    Sorry to hear that Taugrim… but I really hope you make it in the industry. I also hope I can be as successful as you someday. Big inspiration :D

  17. Adam says:


    Sorry to hear about this man. I am currently in school now for a game design degree. If i get to a point in my career where i can help you are the first person i am going to contact!


  18. Brytag says:

    aww this is terrible.

    i first learned of ur videos / guides in rift starting with ur riftwarrior guildes. u were the first person i watched who actually gave clear and precise tips as well as links to specs and why u took certain points etc. you spoke intelligently, and didnt rage and make stupid immature barrens chat comments in your videos.

    i was really impressed compared to alot of the other so called “guides” and “pros” writers out there. i then looked up alot of your other stuff like ur prot pally guide from wow and i learned u have a very similar playstyle to myself. u tend to play class archtypes i play and since then i have been an avid follower.

    wasnt until recently though with swtor that i decide to follow ur blog and watch ur streams. while i didnt get to make alot of the live streams due to RL, i always watched the replays.

    i wish you great luck and hope u continue to produce great work for the gaming community. im almost tempted to start the “lets keep taugrim” fond lol.

    be safe brother

  19. SpeKael says:

    I wish you the best in your future endevours.
    I hope we will still see you streaming now and then, since you have managed to create a knowledgebase rather quickly and been so kind to share this knowledge with the community. I have sadly no job for you atm, but perhaps in 3 years when im done with my PhD within game data mining and cultural learning :)

    See you on stream!

    Kael (Eu – bloodworthy)

    PS. If I get a conference paper in San Francisco then I’ll buy a coffee!

  20. Ormiga says:

    noooooooo i promise to click on every commercial you put up from now on so you get moneys! i like watching your stream mainly because its so nice to see and hear yourself and your fellow guildmates pvp without raging at pugs for every little thing that doesnt go their way like other streamers. You, and as far as i can tell, your fellow guildmates always take an analytical approach to pvp instead of constantly raging and blaming others. So hard to find pvpers, especially good ones, that do this.

    So whos starting the “save the taugrim” campaign?

  21. Adam says:

    Hey Ed,

    What a great experience you have had up till now. I hope that you continue to grow and learn in the industry. Some of my best experiences (professionally) are the ones where I learned the most; as long as you continue to learn you will position yourself for success. Smarter people and more successful people then myself have said that it isn’t about the instance success that makes people wealthy, it is about the attitude to continue to try and move forward.

    I hope you feel encouraged reading this to never give up, to never stop learning, and to continue forward.

    Some great things you did:

    1.) Professional attitude.
    2.) Insightful, respectful attitude towards teaching others
    3.) Well thoughtout opinions
    4.) Pro game-play without Elitist Jerks attitude.

    I hope you find a quick return to the Corporate World and have time to continue with your hobbies and enjoyment of games/guides/teaching/blogging.

    All the best from Canada.

  22. B'rant says:

    Ed, SWTOR was the first mmo that I have played. As such I was having a hard time with pvp. I originally rolled a guardian, and just wasn’t sure what I was doing. Then I found your vanguard stuff, and your keybinding guide. I rolled a vanguard, bound my abilities and havent looked back. It was your resources that made me a competent pvper, and for that you have my sincerest thanks. I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you, but I wish you the best of luck in whatever direction life takes you. I look forward to any content you put out in the future.

  23. cecilandkain says:

    Best of luck Ed, I’m amazed anyone can turn a hobby into primary source of income. I hope you are able to continue to do what is fun for you, and if that includes occasionally casting, I’ll load up your streams to run in the background while I do whatever it is that I do to earn my primary income. I appreciate your perspective on gaming and on PVP, I find them to be fairly well informed, and very even handed.

  24. Friartuckk says:

    Best of luck to your future endeavors. To say you have had an impact on people is an understatement. I know you have helped me raise the bar in my game play, not only with skills but with attitude. Your lack of PvP rage and good sportsmanship speaks volumes to your character and an example that I emulate myself. Again, good luck with your future plans and I look forward to what ever content you put out in the future.

  25. aceofspadez619 says:

    Echoing all the others….good luck, god’s speed, and keep fighting the good fight!

    Whether full time or a hobby, you obviously provide a quality resource and general ‘good karma’ to the gaming community. I hope you continue to find ways to make your hard work and efforts worthwhile, even as part time/supplemental income. I think you will find that your established base and content accessible to the newest of players (myself included, only about 6 months ago) will continue to support you in what ways we can.

    All that you do is greatly appreciated and generally well received.

  26. EvilLaufter says:

    Darn, it’s a shame that this did not pan out into a full time thing. I hope you find a job that is satisfying Taugrim. Best of luck in the future and I hope you can continue on doing this part time.

  27. Gwalker says:

    Good luck.. in this new global market. The only 2 industries that grew last year was the prison and medical industry. May the force be with you (literally)

  28. Your blog quickly became my favorite when I discovered it looking for Powertech advice; I found that but also so much more.

    Best of luck with all your future endeavors, I hope you do manage to find some time to play and blog on the side, to the great benefit of us all.

  29. tchallawow says:

    ‘The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence and educational advantages; the question is what he will do with the things he has. The moment a young man ceases to dream or to bemoan his lack of opportunities and resolutely looks his conditions in the face, and resolves to change them, he lays the corner-stone of a solid and honorable success.’ H.W. Mabie

    Continue as you have, you are already successful.

    Your vids/blogs/commentary have been most appreciated.


    — TchallaWOW (Matthew)

  30. Good luck,

    as a software developer myself, i am looking forward to read about your incoming (and hopefully successful) experiences to join the gaming industry.

    Best wishes!
    -Tobi aka zechs

  31. dcparker says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I know I am a better gamer because of it.

    I always enjoy watching and listening to your streams. Like others have said, you come across as professional, knowledgeable and level-headed. That is hard to find anywhere, let alone on the Internet, but it is much appreciated.

    Wishing you great success in whatever challenge you take on next!

  32. thomas says:

    ED man, sad to hear, but i always wondered why you dident take streaming /making videos more serious, you never had a good schedule for it just too many gaps and not nearly long enough each session, you should be streaming 5-6 days a week, 4-6 hours a day to get that daylie viewer base, ppl that view streams want to be able to tune in everyday man, and if you not on, you need someone to take over, rule number one!!, i think you did good on the viewer engagement but thats futile when scdule was wack sry.

    And you should prob divide yourself over more than one game, as starwars was a bit on decline player vise, you needed to mix in other stuff too.. more then that, MORE videos tons more,
    i cant really see how you went full-time sry, not to bash you, but from my end its not even near full-time, you had to make daliy vlog or at least weekly videos, on w/e you wanted, series, guides, random talking, just engage in it whit the viewer so they can come back and back and dont forget about you, you know gamers have a short-time memory and very un-patience so days away its like been forgotten and they went other places only hardcore left viewing.

    more stuff you could do is colab whit other top streamers/video makers, post their videos on your channel and get your on theirs, make interviews whit top games, review gamers playing and give advice, review new games, do live vlogs, weekly mail bag there’s just so many thing to tap into man, weekly guests ect ect.

    to round it of you where quite proff about it, just not nearly enough man to be ably to live of it,
    i bet if you seached for it theres 100s of ppl out there wanted to help out to get a bit of fame, friendship and other goodys, whit the likes of editing, musik , intros, modding your channel, filling in when needed, create footage, ect ect have to push more next time dude its not over, maby it is money wise, i hope you push trough it and come out on the other side. i wish you the best , i just feel i had to come in here kick you over your knee so your ready for next push..laters dude have fun.

    Link to a guy that pushed it hard for 8 months his now partners whit curse, just to inspire you if the flame not burned out.:

  33. thomas says:

    i forgot to add you made 20 videos in 6 months, not a single boss guide, no dungeon boss guide or dungeon run guide, not any pvp guides tips n tricks other then the grapel hook thingy, only 2 class guides, so you basically stayed the same as before you went fulltime you dident spread your wings man to your full potential, maby you used to many hours to think on how to crack this nutt as its not a easy task, i know, im again just fueling your fire, even if its burned out maby you will return again, i think if you do alot more and spread yourself more youll be able to forfill the dream.

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