Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: Maven 5v5 Gameplay [Tournament Ep. 1]

My 1st video in a series showing 5v5 tournament play with my guild Maven.

This was the 2nd round in one of the two tourneys that I ran on the last night of BWE3. We started the match with 4 players, so we had to play conservative while our 5th player was rebooting his computer.

This video includes the game audio and Vent dialogue, instead of my usual narration, so that you can hear the real-time interaction between my team mates. A narrated version of this video will follow this one, so subscribe to receive the next update.


  • 0:59 – after dying to a Mesmer who used his IWIN button (aka the Elite skill Moa Bird), I take revenge and cap the node
  • 1:51 – I manage to flip Clock Tower while it was being defended by a Guardian. I used Rifle 5 and Fear Me to twice knock him off the platform and force him to take a long route to get back up, and I Crippled him 3 times to buy time for the cap

One thing you’ll notice about our opponents is that the Mesmer (“Mesmer”) and Warrior (“Samwise”) were spec’d as glass cannons and took a lot of damage when hit.

In the video I am spec’d with my “Run and Gun” Warrior build, which has been fully updated to account for changes in BWE3.

P.S. yes, I did play Mesmer over the weekend and will be posting a video. Stay tuned.

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21 comments on “Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: Maven 5v5 Gameplay [Tournament Ep. 1]
  1. Valkyriez says:

    Nice vid Tau :). I dont know if I’m completely sold on GW2 yet, but it looks to be the goods on most things. At least it will be fresh, and give the MMO world a bit of a shake up. If it’s successful, then other companies need to look to Arenanet’s no sub horizontal scaling model and pull thier heads in. Power inflation ala gear inflation has got to go in the MMO scene, its bad for business.

    Really, GW2 doesn’t have to even be that good, it just has to not suck.

    As much as I like conquest, I hope there is some more alternate game modes in the future including TDM (arena 5’s style), CTF, King of the Hill etc.

  2. Hey Taugrim
    Nice video, Im going to probably get alot of hate on this but dont u tink Warriors do to much dmg with out even investing in %cit or power traits? Looking at your build its 35% crit dmg with 1965 power and still crit that Mesmer for near 6k volley and 9k kill shot only having 3 stacks of might..
    I mean as a pvper i respect you and even more respect the fact that you are playing something fun for you and not flavor builds. But dont u agree that other classes need to give up on so much to even come close to those dmg numbers.

    Personally I love the game and will give the game time to grow but as it stands there is a long way ahead till they can try to make it e-sport. There is still to much things to balance and a lot of broken skills and traits on this bwe3.

    Still that was a good video and enjoyed watching the match.

    • taugrim says:

      Emmanuel Gonzalez :

      Hey Taugrim
      Nice video, Im going to probably get alot of hate on this but dont u tink Warriors do to much dmg with out even investing in %cit or power traits? Looking at your build its 35% crit dmg with 1965 power and still crit that Mesmer for near 6k volley and 9k kill shot only having 3 stacks of might.

      I’m 3 steps ahead of you LOL :)

      I anticipated people might comment on the damage, which is why in the article I wrote that the Mesmer and Warrior were both running glass cannon specs.

      They’re squishy because they chose to be squishy.

      • Hahah i seeee.
        Personally i do not think that your spec is squishy with the traits, question though I have not played Warr alot personally so that may be why i think they are strong , But when Endure pain auto activates , do u still take condition dmg? Tink this is my biggest problem with warrior not your spec but the x2 endure pain + Shield Stance that can stack 15+ might on them.
        tnks for the replay btw =)

      • TOP says:

        None of the invulnerability effects stop condition damage that’s on you from continuing to apply damage while they’re up. A couple might actually clear conditions when they start (e.g. Elementalist’s Mist form utility) but most of them don’t do that, including Endure Pain so it won’t save you from a big stack of bleeds. You probably can’t have more conditions applied once it starts though, but I don’t remember for sure.

      • Figured it did not stop them but cant be applied. But Signet of stone + Signet of Beastmaster ,Endure Pian and Renewed Focus they can still attack back. Unlike Mist Form and Elixer S, btw builders dont say anything about mist removing condition. They may be wrong…….or even the games description may be wrong, wont be shocked if it was they had a few skills misdirecting the description. lol

      • TOP says:

        Yeah sorry I wasn’t clear about that. Mist form can remove conditions depending on traits. There’s a couple that make it give regeneration and a regeneration clears conditions trait.

  3. duras t says:

    good video mate. i look forward to hearing the commentary so we can explain what ur doing in each situation. i think warriors are a bit on the strong side compared to other classes but its nice to see a rifle spec instead of 100 blades over and over.

  4. Freddo says:

    Looking good Ed!

    Was that a thief with the shield and pistol?

    I was going to ask if warriors have viable melee ranged specs and then I saw you change to axe and do good damage. I’m having a hard time choosing between warrior and guardian. I do like the idea of being a support class/prof. with the guardian but the warrior can do that too to some degree, right?

    • TOP says:

      The Pistol/Shield player was actually an Engineer. Usually that combo is part of a condition damage build but that player didn’t have much, if any which is why his bleeds/burns were doing so little damage (bleeds ticking for ~52 when they can easily get up to ~100),

      • Freddo says:

        Ah ok, thanks. I haven’t been in any of the BWEs and sometimes it’s hard to tell what people are fighting/fighting with by just watching the vids. I Checked out your blog Top, nice work!

      • Freddo says:

        Ouch, i just now saw the symbols telling which class you fight… silly me.

  5. Dinkle says:

    Very good match. I look forward to hearing the commentary.

    Haha! I even make a small cameo in the chat box around the one minute mark.

    I had a lot of fun rolling with you gents Friday night/Saturday morning. It’s a shame I didn’t get a chance to play for an extended period of time Saturday or Sunday. I only got to test out my fun/non-serious engineer build.

    In reply Freddo; that was an engineer weilding the pistol and shield. He looked like he had a bomb kit/mine build. He also dropped a turret just before dying.

    • Dinkle says:

      Scratch that. It wasn’t a turret. It was just a whole load of mines. (I should have put my glasses on…)

  6. EucridEucrow says:

    No rabbit finisher?

  7. Carib says:

    Hey taug I use to play the same class as you in rift and swtor by chance. But i think im going to play ranger in gw2. Wondered if you knew what spec/build setup your friend Ryndar was using. Keep up the good work m8 and cheers.

  8. B'rant says:

    Good Stuff, Mr. Park. Like many, I can’t wait for the commentary. I only got one day to play the beta, so I am still a little fuzzy on the pvp tactics and would very much like to hear your take on the hows and whys. Keep up the great work.

    • Fel says:

      I agree with this. For your next TaugVlog it would be cool if you could share some of tactics and strategy for specific sPvP matches. What points are critical to hold, trebuchet, etc. Nice video, keep’em coming!

  9. Diego says:

    Hey taugrim, i thought you were going to use a mesmer this BWE3? did you happen to get some gameplay pvp footage of it and tryed the build you wre talking about?

    If not, i still enjoyed your warrior footage for this last beta, next time ill try it myself :)

    Thanks Mr Park.

    • taugrim says:

      Diego :

      Hey taugrim, i thought you were going to use a mesmer this BWE3? did you happen to get some gameplay pvp footage of it and tryed the build you wre talking about?

      Yep, I played Mesmer.

      I’ll be making a video for that class, after I post a narrated version of this 5v5 video. Stay tuned.

  10. Scion6 says:

    Not trying to be argumentative or abrasive here..But 1)As someone who played the Mesmer extensively, he jumped on you hard and was ahead of you in that fight (1st fight)- it looked like you were going down without MOA. And 2) I wouldn’t be too critical of them using MOA on a Warrior. Right now the Warriors combined symmetry with Traits, Runes, Utilities like Shouts, as well as their high HP/Damage base combination (which is OP, BTW) makes them one of- if not THE- strongest class in the game right now.

    Mesmers are clearly an inferior class atm, and are not in a finished release state yet per the devs. You should beat a Mesmer every single time you face one, actually, as warriors are one of the best hard counters to one. I definitely wouldn’t look negatively at one using MOA on you, as Warriors have a couple of OP options themselves that can turn a fight dramatically. Hell it can be argued well that a couple of your shouts beat most of their regular utility skills on their own. Your build almost completely negates conditions, has high HP, great damage, good toughness, and great utility, knockback, +15 Vuln stack, pewpew, Fear, pewpew, etc.

    A Mezmer would struggle to match your damage, HP, and toughness totals with smart slotting period. Thats without considering great trait symmetry, passive protection with endure pain, and passive stun protection. Just saying….. ; )

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