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My Progress in Guild Wars 2 and RL

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, here’s a brief RL update: No, I haven’t been trapped under something large and heavy I’ve been leading two large online product initiatives for my client over the past 3.5 months as a

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Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: “Legion” Mesmer Build – Now With Greatsword!

I’ve made 3 significant changes from the previous video of my GW2 Mesmer “Legion” build. #1: Replaced Staff with Greatsword Greatsword synergizes much more effectively with this build. Here are the reasons why it’s a fantastic weapon: The damage from

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Guide to Guild Wars 2 Mesmer “Legion” Build

Build Overview This guide discusses my “Legion” build for GW2 Mesmer. The build revolves around direct damage, boons, and buffs provided by phantasms and clones. For the Mesmer class, there are two ends of the spectrum in terms of how

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Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: “Legion” Mesmer Build

I introduce my GW2 “Legion” build for the Mesmer class, based on testing in sPvP and tournaments post-launch. As I discuss in the video, this spec synergizes heavily on phantasms and illusions: Phantasms deal solid sustained direct damage, have a

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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PVP Video: 1st Look

I discuss the mechanics for the Mesmer class in Guild Wars 2, based on trying the class in sPvP for the first time in BWE3. Mesmer is an unusual archetype and from what players have told me, there is a

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