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Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: D/D Elementalist in WvW [Vol 2]

The Feb 26th update brought several nerfs and a fix to D/D Elementalist: Ride the Lightning: This ability’s recharge has been increased to 20 seconds (previously: 15 seconds) Soothing Disruption: Vigor and regeneration boons granted by activating cantrips have been

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Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 Engineer

I’ve been playing around with Engineer in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) for the past few days, my first hands-on time with the class since launch. Part of the reason I was curious about Engineer is the broad perception that it’s

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Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: D/D Elementalist in WvW [Vol 1]

This is footage of my D/D Elementalist soloing in Tier 1 WvW (Blackgate vs Jade Quarry vs Sea of Sorrows). My spec is based off daphoenix’s most excellent guide on “Tanky DPS” Dagger/Dagger Ele:

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My Elementalist Decked out in “Metal” Armor

I tend to favor the look of heavy armor in most games, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. Thanks to the extensive skinning and dye system, I was able to find light armor pieces that look like metal armor

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Character Movement Differentials in Guild Wars 2 WvW

In Guild Wars 2 World PVP, aka WvW, I’ve experienced a dynamic that I haven’t seen since 2005 when I played KnightOnline – significant differentials in character run speed and “burst” distance traversal. What reinforces these movement differentials? Three factors:

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