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Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: “Run and Gun” Warrior [Tournament Ep. 4]

GW2 tournament finals video #4, featuring my “Run and Gun” Warrior build. The competing teams are Maven and Lamentation. In this educational video, I discuss: Assessing the enemy team composition to determine initial target priority Applying buffs before entering a

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Guild Wars 2 PVP Video: 2v2 Warrior/Guardian vs Elementalist/Warrior

This video features intense 2v2 fighting between the following comps in Guild Wars 2: 1. Warrior/Guardian vs Elementalist/Warrior 2. Warrior/Guardian vs Warrior/Guardian The footage showcases the criticality of strafing, rotating CCs, and support to extend a player’s time-to-live under sustained

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First Look at Elementalist PVP in Guild Wars 2

My first look at the Elementalist class in Structured PVP from the April 27-29 Beta Weekend Event. I discuss the core mechanics of the Elementalist class and play a build with a mix of DoT (Condition) damage, direct damage, and

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