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Sharpshooter Gunslinger (Marksmanship Sniper) Mechanics in PVP

In this video, I discuss the mechanics for the Sharpshooter tree for the Gunslinger class in SWTOR, using footage of my 37 Gunslinger in a Huttball match (queued solo). Sharpshooter Gunslinger is the mirror to Marksmanship Sniper. While the Sharpshooter

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Avoiding False Accelerator Procs for Vanguard (Powertech) in SWTOR 1.2

In this video, I explain for Patch 1.2 how to avoid “false” procs for the Accelerator talent in the Assault Specialist (Pyrotech) tree for the Vanguard (Powertech) class. Prior to 1.2, to apply a burn effect on a target within

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SWTOR PVP in 1.2: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The much-anticipated behemoth Patch 1.2 is finally here! The Good The UI customization is excellent Game performance seems significantly improved The addition of Recruit PVP gear provides a viable option for fresh 50s to get decently geared quickly Since SWTOR

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Play of the Day (SWTOR): En Fuego

In this Play of the Day video, I buy enough time under heavy focus fire to line up 3 opponents for a one-way trip into the fire pit. Here is the spec used in the video: – Gunslinger:

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SWTOR Ranked Warzones: Rating Calculation, Matchmaking, and Gear

On Friday, BioWare posted in-depth information on how the Ranked Warzones will work. Here’s how the rating system will work… In Game Update 1.2, any level 50 player will be able to queue up for Ranked Warzones by themselves or

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