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Guide to Cataclysm Protection Paladin PVP (Videos)

This guide discusses Prot Pally PVP in the Cataclysm (Cata) expansion, Patch 4.0.6. This guide provides comprehensive written material and narrated PVP videos. Please post your feedback, tips, and questions! Revision History The first version of this Guide was posted

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Guide to Allods Online’s Melee Healer Class Mechanics

This is a guide for the Melee spec for the Healer class in Allods Online. Revision History 2010 March 28: because of the issue with Holy Avenger, dropped 3/3 Holy Avenger and 3/3 Bearer of Light to free up 6

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Favorite Swordmaster Specs

I noticed that people have found my blog by Googling “Swordmaster specs”, so I wrote this article. I’ve tried a lot of different specs for Warhammer Online’s Swordmaster (SM). Below are my favorite ones. Commonality Across Specs There are several

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