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Balance Druid’s 4.0 Mechanics Don’t Function Well in PVP

I’ve received requests for Balance Druid PVP videos, so I wanted to give a brief take on the new mechanics for PVP. In short, there are two significant limitations that are negatively reinforcing: it takes too long to reach an

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No Videos Recently, Here’s Why

I made the decision just over a month ago to level my stale level 40 Paladin alt to 80. This is my first alt ever to reach max level, as I dislike the leveling process. On top of that, in

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My Biggest Challenge as Balance Druid for 2v2 Arena

It’s not what you might think. E.g. the lack of survivability, the lack of counters that other caster classes have, etc. The biggest challenge I’ve faced is simply the unwillingness from the playerbase to try 2v2’ing with a Balance Druid,

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Balance Druid (Moonkin) PVP Video: Kiting Mechanics

This video is narrated footage of my 80 Balance Druid in an Eye of the Storm battleground (queued solo) for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion patch 3.3.3. I made this video to showcase the kiting mechanics for the

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