List of Recommended WAR addons

The addons are listed below in sections, with my favorite addons listed first in each section.

If you have questions about using an addon, please read the addon’s page on before posting here, as your question may have been answered there already. I’ll try to answer questions posted, but keep in mind I’m not the developer of any of these addons.

Game-play Addons

This section lists addons that improve the effectiveness of one’s game-play. Or at least they’ve made me a better player :)

1. Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text (WSCT)

WSCT provides much more visibility to combat events (e.g. damage done/taken, healing done/taken, buffs, debuffs, etc) than the default UI.

The addon allows you to turn on skill names, so you can see which abilities caused which damage / heal / effect. I find it incredibly informative.

I recommend changing the Absorb messages from the default Frame 3 to Frame 2, so you can see the flow of damage you’re taking and what is absorbed by bubbles.

2. Aura

Aura enables you to define “auras” that you’d like to track on your character, friendly targets, and enemy targets. Auras can be almost anything, e.g. timers on effects, cooldown timers, whether you have a buff or debuff on you, etc.

The auras you define can provide a lot of visibility into what’s happening in combat. On my Swordmaster, I use Aura to track all my debuffs on targets (e.g. Quick Incision snare, Wrath of Hoeth spirit debuff, cooldown of Ether Dance or Crashing Wave, whether my target has the Unstoppable or Immovable buff on them, etc). When playing a healer, I define auras to show HoT durations on me and on my friendly targets, so I see how long existing HoTs have before expiring.

Aura has significantly improved my game-play, because I don’t have to read the Combat Log or stare at small icons on the character portraits.

This addon takes a lot of time to configure, test, and tweak to your liking. If you like driving automatic instead of manual, Aura is probably not for you.

3. ActionBarColor

This addon makes your ability buttons turn red when they your target is out-of-range. Simple but very helpful.

4. Tortall’s DPS Meter

I don’t use a DPS Meter for e-peen measurement, but rather for numerically testing different spec and gear setups. E.g. TDM has helped me figure out which Swordmaster DoT tactics are most effective.

When you install the addon, you get a little button in the upper-left of your UI for toggling whether to show the meter.

5. AutoDismount

If you are mounted and use an ability, this addon automatically dismounts you then fires the ability.

Convenience Addons

This section lists addons that provide value in terms of convenience.

1. AnywhereTrainer

This addon allows you to view trainable abilities, mastery trees, and renown trees for your class, no matter where you are.

2. Think Out Loud

TOL automates chat when abilities are used. E.g. I have a message that indicates when I’ve put Guard on another player, when I pop Shield Wall, etc. Much simpler than having to type every time.

Fun Addons

1. Killing Blow

This simple addon puts a very visible text message on your screen when you got the deathblow on a player.

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16 comments on “List of Recommended WAR addons
  1. Artharian says:

    I noticed in you shaman video you were still using the default UI which seems to be rare for healers these days. Squared takes a little getting used to, but I don’t think I could go back to playing without it,especially when playing a healing class. I would recommend this article Pimpin’ and Stylin’ your Squared. It gives a great tutorial on how to really customize squared and even gives you his already customized code you can import yourself. Being able to color code different archetypes makes it really easy to identify priority targets for healing (tanks and healers).

    I have been trying out Aura and ActionBarColor and they are both great. I had heard of them before, but until watching you shaman video I didn’t realize how useful they were.

  2. taugrim says:

    Wanted to add that TargetRing is definitely worth using. It very visually marks your target, even if they are out of LoS.

    Thanks for the recommendation Artharian and raggok.

  3. taugrim says:

    I’ve been asked by folks to export my auras, so I’ve done that for the ones I use on my Swordmaster.

    I’ll do the same for my Shaman in another comment.

    Here is a picture of all the aura’s I use on my Swordmaster:

    Left row: my self-buffs, procs, and cooldowns
    Top right row: opponent buffs (Unstoppable, Immovable, Enchantments, etc)
    Middle right row: my debuffs and DoTs on a target
    Bottom right row: on-move DoTs on me (Touch of Palsy, etc)

    General Auras
    These auras are helpful for any player. E.g. the Unstoppable aura tells me when a target already has the Unstoppable buff, so I shouldn’t waste a knockdown / silence on them.

    Unstoppable Buff (on target):


    Immovable Buff (on target):


    Enchantment (on target):


    General Auras (for Order)
    Following are some debuffs on you as an Order player.

    Frostbite (Sorceror Disarm debuff):


    Enfeebling Strike (on-move DoT):

    {{'effect-name':"Enfeebling Strike",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':200,'general-enabled':t,'texture-id':10973,'texture-offsetx':200,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-10,'timer-enabled':t,'texture-scale':0.5,'general-name':"Enfeebling Strike",'texture-offsety':-50}}P1

    Gork Sez Stop (on-move DoT):

    {{'effect-name':"Gork Sez Stop",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':340,'general-name':"Gork Sez Stop",'texture-id':2505,'texture-offsetx':340,'effect-exactmatch':t,'texture-scale':0.5,'timer-offsety':-10,'timer-enabled':t,'texture-offsety':-50,'general-enabled':t}}P1

    Touch of Palsy (on-move DoT):

    {{'effect-name':"Touch of Palsy",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':270,'general-name':"Touch of Palsy",'texture-offsety':-50,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-10,'texture-offsetx':270,'general-enabled':t,'texture-scale':0.5,'texture-id':5217}}P1

    Swordmaster Debuffs and DoTs
    This row tracks what debuffs and DoTs I’ve placed on my target. The auras are incredibly helpful for showing how long my Wrath of Hoeth Spirit debuff and snare debuff have on them, so I can refresh them at the right time.

    Wrath of Hoeth (Spirit debuff on target):

    {{'effect-name':"Wrath of Hoeth",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':200,'texture-offsety':-170,'general-name':"Wrath of Hoeth",'texture-id':13388,'texture-offsetx':200,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-selfcast':t,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-130,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-enemy':t,'effect-self':f,'general-enabled':t}}P1

    Quick Incision (snare on target):

    {{'effect-name':"Quick Incision",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':270,'timer-enabled':t,'general-enabled':t,'texture-id':13370,'texture-offsety':-170,'effect-exactmatch':t,'effect-selfcast':t,'texture-scale':0.5,'timer-offsety':-130,'texture-offsetx':270,'effect-enemy':t,'effect-self':f,'general-name':"Quick Incision"}}P1

    Heaven’s Blade (resist debuff on target):

    {{'effect-name':"Heaven\'s Blade",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':340,'texture-offsety':-170,'general-name':"Heaven\'s Blade",'texture-id':13379,'texture-offsetx':340,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-selfcast':t,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-130,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-enemy':t,'effect-self':f,'general-enabled':t}}P1

    Potent Enchantment (DoT on target):

    {{'effect-name':"Potent Enchantment",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':410,'texture-offsety':-170,'general-name':"Potent Enchantment",'texture-id':22708,'texture-offsetx':410,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-selfcast':t,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-130,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-enemy':t,'effect-self':f,'general-enabled':t}}P1

    Ensorcelled Agony (DoT on target):

    {{'effect-name':"Ensorcelled Agony",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':480,'texture-offsety':-170,'general-name':"Ensorcelled Agony",'texture-id':22701,'texture-offsetx':480,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-selfcast':t,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-130,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-enemy':t,'effect-self':f,'general-enabled':t}}P1

    Centuries of Training (DoT on target):

    {{'effect-name':"Centuries of Training",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':550,'texture-offsety':-170,'general-enabled':t,'texture-id':22705,'texture-offsetx':550,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-selfcast':t,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-130,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-enemy':t,'effect-self':f,'general-name':"Centuries of Training"}}P1

    Swordmaster Buffs, Bubbles, and Cooldowns
    Please note that I’ve defined multiple auras to display in the same spot. E.g. Ether Dance, Crashing Wave, and Whispering Wind are 13-pt mastery abilities, so I only have have one of them for a given spec. So the aura icons overlap in the same spot.

    Aethyric Armor (when it’s not up):

    {{'effect-name':"Aethyric Armor",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':-200,'general-enabled':t,'texture-id':13390,'texture-offsetx':-200,'ability-abilityid':9033,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-10,'timer-enabled':t,'texture-offsety':-50,'effect-showwhennotactive':t,'general-name':"Aethyric Armor"}}P1

    Vaul’s Buffer proc:

    {{'effect-name':"Vaul\'s Buffer",'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':-270,'general-name':"Vaul\'s Buffer",'texture-id':22706,'texture-offsetx':-270,'texture-scale':0.5,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-offsety':-10,'timer-enabled':t,'general-enabled':t,'texture-offsety':-50,'activation-alerttext':"r"}}P1

    Whispering Wind cooldown:

    {{'general-triggertype':5,'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':-130,'ability-showwhennotactive':t,'general-name':"Whispering Wind",'texture-id':13380,'general-enabled':t,'texture-scale':0.5,'timer-offsety':-10,'timer-enabled':t,'ability-abilityid':9030,'texture-offsetx':-130,'texture-offsety':-50}}P1

    Crashing Wave cooldown:

    {{'general-version':20506,'ability-showwhennotactive':t,'general-enabled':t,'texture-id':13383,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-name':"Crashing Wave",'general-triggertype':5,'timer-offsetx':-130,'effect-self':f,'texture-offsety':-50,'texture-scale':0.5,'timer-offsety':-10,'texture-offsetx':-130,'ability-abilityid':9028,'general-name':"Crashing Wave",'effect-showwhennotactive':t}}P1

    Ether Dance cooldown:

    {{'general-triggertype':5,'general-version':20506,'timer-offsetx':-130,'ability-showwhennotactive':t,'general-name':"Ether Dance",'texture-id':13384,'general-enabled':t,'texture-scale':0.5,'timer-offsety':-10,'timer-enabled':t,'ability-abilityid':9026,'texture-offsetx':-130,'texture-offsety':-50}}P1

    EDIT (Aug 27): fixed a bug in Whispering Wind aura.

    • SM says:

      Can you copy-paste your exact LUE settings file? I am not seeing how the above fits into that format. Thanks!

      • taugrim says:

        It’s a huge file.

        Before we go there, have you tried importing the above auras using the Aura Import functionality?

      • SM says:

        Yes. Tried that. Aura was updated recently so not sure if you are using an older version/format. I simply cut-n-pasted your entries above and it said they were incorrect.

      • taugrim says:

        I re-produced the error you were seeing, and I fixed the Auras above.

        Please try again and let me know if they’re working for you.


      • SM says:

        AWESOME! Works great! Last one was a little tough to cut-n-paste but worked (I think I was catching the line break to the “replay”)


        I already have ideas on a few to add!

  4. Irad says:

    Awesome :)

  5. Irad says:

    Taugrim, have you ever consider to have some dangerous hex/curse/ailment so be shown when you’re hit so you can use the LiveEvent mantle or ask for a dispel? Actually Words of Pain if removed by time is a lot of trouble wiped out…

    • taugrim says:

      That is a good point. If I have a healer in vent with me, I’ll tell them when I have Word of Pain on me.

      Most of the debuffs on me I show are things I can do something about. But Word of Pain is probably the most dangerous curable spell in the game.

      • Irad says:

        Agreed. I’m working to have Aura show me

        H: generical Hex
        A: generical Ailment
        C: generical Curse

        so if i see 2 or all 3 icons, is probably time to use the LiveEvent Mantle. Then having under those generical letters, a PARTICULAR preset nasty skill I’m suffering of THAT category of troubles.

        Words of Pain, some Wounds Debuffs, and (IIRC) the skill that inflict me damage when I use melee skills.

        Remember that a dispel will wipe out a generical problem, but hey, we have 10 seconds to clean WoP away :)

        Aura is truly a MUST. You can visualize everything you would like to know.

      • taugrim says:

        The HAC auras is a great idea. I may set them up as well :)

  6. Irad says:

    Taugrim, did you planned the H A C method?
    I’m working on the stack(s) line, it would be nice to have the icon with a x2 x3 x4 on it, just to know hom many dispel calling :)

    But I’m not able to… did you?

    • taugrim says:

      I haven’t tried it, but as far as I know, Aura won’t show how many instances of a given type of aura apply, if you are matching against general types of buffs / debuffs.

      E.g. if you have an aura that shows when you have an ailment on you, you would see that aura whether you have 1 ailment on you or more than 1. Aura doesn’t provide a counter which indicates how many ailments there are on you.

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