Shaman PVP Video: Tier 1

As I said in the previous post, I recently rolled a Shaman named Taugrim on the Iron Rock server.

Here’s footage of him:

  • at R6 in a Khaine’s Embrace scenario
  • at R11 in ORVR in Nordland

I wasn’t planning on playing a Shaman, but I tried the class and loved it. Shaman excels at both soloing and group play, which is important to me. I was also inspired by watching some of Nazgum’s videos of his Shaman in Tier 4.

I’ve tried Archmage, Rune Priest, and Shaman, and I find Shaman to be the most entertaining of those 3. The class has strong mechanics for kiting, which is a playstyle I find fun and challenging.

On a funny note, a few people on Iron Rock have asked me if I was the “real” Taugrim. One player took some convincing :)


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12 comments on “Shaman PVP Video: Tier 1
  1. I’ve been messing around with a shammy on Iron Rock also, a ton of fun. Once you get your cleanse, it removes WL snares, so they cannot do the lion permasnare trick, and it also removes snapshot.

    I never realized how rediculous Run Away was until I got it, first time out in the lakes with it, I got jumped by a level 30 WH and it procced right away and I was able to just kite him around. Incredibly fun class.

    We should to some shammy tag team roaming.

    (Gormr/Berhard/Albreacht from PT)

    • taugrim says:

      I didn’t know that re: the cleanse ability removing snares. That’s huge!

      I’m planning on slotting Run Away too, it seems like a very powerful tactic.

      It’s going to be a while before I catch up to you in T4.

  2. Skrazlok says:

    The cleanse will remove most snares. The ones it won’t are the White Lion’s pet snare “Leg Tear” and the Shadow Warrior Snare “Takedown”. Far as I know both of those skills are bugged and can’t be broken by any ability, even though they are suppose to be breakable.

  3. Bran KolBarag says:

    I was able to cleanse the WL snare on my shammy while fighting one solo. Have done that within the last couple days.

  4. Artharian says:

    Very nice video. I hadn’t planned on trying out a shaman, but after seeing this video I couldn’t resist. I got him to rank 12 last night and it has been a blast. I have played an archmage to rank 16 before, but something about the shaman seems more fun to play.

    • taugrim says:

      Shaman has been nutty fun to play.

      I’ve been roaming the RVR lakes looking for skirmishes since I hit T2. I haven’t done a single PVE quest LOL.

      Yesterday I grouped with an R20 SH named Govlin, and the two of us racked up a lot of kills together.

      Later, I ran around in Shadowlands, picking off Order players who were heading to Spite’s Reach. There was a higher-ranked Shaman, Oogo, also doing the same thing, and several times we bailed each other out of some tight spots.

      I have a bad habit of hitting /waaagh quite a bit. The sound and animation crack me up :)

  5. Artharian says:

    You weren’t kidding about hitting /waaagh a lot. I was in troll country last night and I saw waaaghs popping up left and right in chat from you, but it was a little later before I actually spotted you roaming around the empire t2 rvr lake. I was the little 14 shaman Zoggi who /cheer after you fought a witch hunter.

    • taugrim says:

      That’s hilarious :)

      I /waaagh at everything. Order players, Destruction players, inanimate objects, bunnies, etc.

    • taugrim says:

      Just saw you outside the Order WC in Troll Country. Only problem was you and I were being chased by about 5 Order players. I tried to save you with Divine Favor + healing, but it wasn’t enough :|

      • Artharian says:

        I didn’t see you back there. Thanks for trying to save me:) They caught me a little by surprise. I have been hanging around their warcamp the past couple days so I guess it was just a matter of time before they finally got me. Usually I can survive long enough to make it back to the destro warcamp.

        By the way, have you tried out the mod TargetRing? During the keep take of Stonetroll earlier I was reminded of how useful it is trying to rez people in keeps. It puts a ring around your target (offensive and defensive) which you can see even if the target is behind a wall, rock, etc… Useful for any class, but especially useful for healers.

      • taugrim says:

        I’ll have to check out TargetRing. The default target reticles are pretty subtle. Thanks for the tip!

      • raggok says:

        TargetRing is a must since it works through walls and solid objects. ;)

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