Finally Got a Worthy 1H Sword, Courtesy of the Live Event

Yesterday Warhammer Online released a Live Event (LE), called The Wild Hunt. Part of that LE is an instance called The Hunter’s Vale (HV). While the HV mini-bosses drop nothing of significance, if you kill the final boss in the instance before the PQ timer runs out, you have access to very good drops.

Last night I joined a group with some folks from the Phoenix Throne guild Clash of the Karak to run HV. We downed the boss in time, I won a gold bag, and inside this was waiting for me:


Ironically, I’ve been trying to get a solid purple 1h sword for a long time. I chose both 2h greatswords for the RVR influence rewards. Up until recently, I’ve been using Blade of the Bloodmoon, which drops from the 1st PQ in the middle wing of Bastion Stair. I haven’t gotten a purple 1h sword to drop in my runs of the right wing of The Lost Vale or from the Tomb of the Sun in Land of the Dead.

But at least now I’ve got a pretty solid 1h weapon :)

The LE has been fun, there has been a lot of ORVR fighting in the Elf lands. The main issue for me is my game client keeps crashing. It’s a shame Patch 1.3.1 wasn’t a stable follow-up to 1.3b. A lot of the players on my server are quite frustrated with the lack of game stability.

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4 comments on “Finally Got a Worthy 1H Sword, Courtesy of the Live Event
  1. Grayce says:

    Grats, Taugram. Same issue for me…since the patch, TONS of crashes. Since the live event patch this week, EVEN more. It’s crazy. Today, I rebooted about 6 times from crashes in the span of about 3 hrs game play. I have seen this issue reported by many people in the official forums (seems to be a Nvidia issue) but nothing from Mythic about it. Ugggg.

    • taugrim says:

      I was getting blue screens of death in 1.3.1, but Nvidia released a new driver in the past week. The blue screens of death have gone away, but the CTDs have not.

  2. Asherony says:

    Holy Isha, I can’t believe you’ve been using THAT at RR60+
    Grats on your new sword)

    • taugrim says:

      LOL :)

      I was using the Blade of the Bloodmoon (BotB) for RVR, and it’s highly underrated as a 1h, even better than a lot of the R36-39 BoE purple 1h’s. The stats on it are very good (17 str, 14 tou, 13 wounds, 4% melee crit), esp the melee crit.

      I did some testing between my new weapon, The Blade of the Great Hunt (TBotGH), with a +18 str talisman and the Blade of the Bloodmoon (BotB) on a 39 Champion mob outside the CW WC. The TBotGH deals 420 total damage for EB, the BotB deals 411. It’s not a huge gap, about 2% more DPS, and BotB has 2% more melee crit. And granted, this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison as I have a 23 str talisman in BotB. Of course, I will use TBotGH for RVR now.

      I’ve been using Wyvern’s Talon for PVE tanking, simply because the high Wounds it gives.

      Yesterday I tried the H/K/V tri-spec (PD BA PE EA) with TBotGH as my weapon, and I found that I preferred the burst from Greatsword of the Sandstorm (GotS) better with my H/K guild. GotS is just awesome.

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