WAR Group PVP Video: Skirmishing at The Maw

On Thursday night, Order on Phoenix Throne captured the Chaos Wastes. Unfortunately, most of the Order players left the zone instead of attempting to take the Destruction fortress The Maw.

A few of us figured it would be a great opportunity to fight against superior numbers, so we grouped up and rode to The Maw looking for trouble.

Thanks Foxxy, Jostle, and Shineobi for the fun group! That was hilarious :)

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9 comments on “WAR Group PVP Video: Skirmishing at The Maw
  1. Bran KolBarag says:

    Nice vid as always!

  2. Kaldeem says:

    NICE video Taugrim. You guys had some great focusing going on to be 3v4 and 3v5-6 towards the end there. Good show.

  3. Gorfindel says:

    Hail Taugrim

    Very good and helpful video. I have to ask about your UI setup. You don’t seem to be using PlanB. How do you manage your hotbars and keyboard? I’m curious.


    • taugrim says:

      Most of my abilities are on 1-7, Q, T, G, X, C, V, B.

      So I activate abilities with my left hand. I also activate the strafe keys with my left hand.

      My right hand is either on the arrow keys or on the mouse.

      • JC says:

        Just an example… If you are straffing to the left with “a” how would you use your ability on key “1”. I have always been a clicker and want to learn the other way.

        Straffing and using abilites seems hard to do for certain key presses.

      • taugrim says:

        Good question.

        My strafe keys are W/R instead of the default Q/E. (I’ve replaced WSAD with EDSF).

        So if I want to strafe left, I hit W with my left ring finger, and hit 1 with my left pinky.

        A possibly more efficient setup (but one I can’t do as I play on a laptop), would be to use the number pad for movement, with the 1 and 3 buttons for strafing, so that my right hand is for movement only, left hand for key pressing.

        I posted about keyboard setup on WHA recently, check out this thread:

        Also check out this video:

  4. Kaldeem says:

    Just curious to know how ur shaman is doing and if your still playing destro? Or have you been sucked back into the Phoenix throne to wreck havoc on destro?

    • taugrim says:

      My Shaman on Iron Rock has been stuck at R26 for over a week.

      Destruction numbers on Phoenix Throne in T4 have steadily increased over the past few weeks, so I’ve been enjoying the RVR action on PT.

  5. Foxxy says:

    Taugrim thanks for putting up the video. We gotta make more haha.

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