Aion PVE Video: Templar/Chanter Clearing Fire Temple

The 3-man clearing of FT, as shown in my previous video, was surprisingly easy, so I decided to try duoing the instance with a Templar named Chalen.

We had no problems clearing the instance, and I was able to help DPS Kromede in between heals. Granted, we were both level 38 against Kromede. But the tank was using a 2h (so more damage taken), and I’m pretty confident we could have done this successfully at level 34.

The footage of this Kromede fight is fun to watch from a Chanter’s perspective because I am moving and shifting roles the entire fight, which is what Chanters do best.

Templar tips from Chalen:

  • Use IJ to interrupt Kromede’s AOE. You have to back up a bit from Kromede for the interrupt to work
  • You can switch between 1h and 2h weapons during pulls to rotate cooldowns to maximize DPS

Chanter tips

  • the L37 skill Word of Quickness is incredible for burst healing. I should have used it when the tank’s health dropped to 25%
  • Word of Protection is one stigma you’ll use from mid-game to end-game (unless you go heavy MC/DPS spec). It is a tremendous bailout ability in tight situations, because the extra avoidance and mitigation can be the difference between people dying or just surviving

Thanks Chalen for not just being willing but being interested in doing stuff like this. It breaks up the monotony of leveling.

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