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Aion PVE Video: Templar/Chanter Clearing Fire Temple

The 3-man clearing of FT, as shown in my previous video, was surprisingly easy, so I decided to try duoing the instance with a Templar named Chalen. We had no problems clearing the instance, and I was able to help

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Aion PVE Video: Templar/Ranger/Chanter PUG vs Kromede

It can be fun and educational to run instances with non-standard class compositions. Players sometimes have rigid perceptions of what will and won’t work, and in my experience, those (narrow) perceptions are often inaccurate. I enjoy trying different specs and

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Deciding on an Aion Class

Only 1 month (or so) until North America (NA) Aion launches. I’m looking forward to it. I tried NA Closed Beta (CB) for about 10 hours total. I didn’t spend more time playing CB for the following reasons: Leveling via

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