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I’m Done with Aion

I finally got back from a 3-week business trip overseas. I played Aion very sparsely in January, and the sad thing is I didn’t really miss it. So after only 4.5 months of playing Aion, I’ve de-subbed. The reasons are

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Aion PVE Video: Templar/Chanter Clearing Fire Temple

The 3-man clearing of FT, as shown in my previous video, was surprisingly easy, so I decided to try duoing the instance with a Templar named Chalen. We had no problems clearing the instance, and I was able to help

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Aion PVE Video: Comparing 33 Chanter vs 33 Sorcerer

Here is footage of my 33 Chanter and 33 Sorcerer in PVE, fighting against the same 34-35 Klaw mobs. This is as close to an apples-to-apples comparison that I could get between different classes, in terms of having the same

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Aion’s Customer Support Came Through For Me

Yesterday, I was thinking about canceling my subscription to Aion. That would have been unusual for me, as I’ve leveled to end-game in the past 3 MMORPGs that I’ve played (WoW, LOTRO, WAR). I leveled my Aion Sorcerer to 33.

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My First 7 Weeks Playing Aion

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been waiting til I had good PVP footage to post on YouTube before I wrote more articles here, and on top of that I’ve been very busy in real life, but

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