HOWTO Fix a Corrupted Version of Allods Online

This HOWTO guide explains how to easily fix the “corrupted version” error when installing / upgrading Allods Online without having to download files manually or from sources you’re not sure are safe.


I tried installing Allods Online (AO) this weekend and ran into a corrupted version problem. Here is what the install process with the corrupted version looks like:

  1. you run the game downloader and install the game
  2. you run AO game launcher and you get a notification that you need to upgrade to the latest patch:
  3. the launcher downloads the patches (~450 MB in my case)
  4. the launcher installs the patches
  5. the launcher reports that the “Version is corrupted. Do you want to repair it now?”
  6. the launcher’s attempt to repair the corrupted version fails, and you see this message:

Unfortunately, the repair page mentioned in the error panel doesn’t help this problem. So what’s wrong with the installation process? You can see from the picture above that the launcher itself (bin/Launcher.exe) is broken, so you need to get the launcher to download a working version of itself.


Disclaimer: the instructions below worked for me and for other people – but use them at your own risk! I’m not gpotato tech support LOL :)

In a nutshell, the fix for this problem is to rename the launcher program and then run the renamed launcher, so it downloads a working version of itself.

Here’s the process:

  1. follow steps 1-6 above, but do not try the repair page as suggested. It won’t fix the problem
  2. go to the game installation’s bin directory (by default, it’s C:\\Allods Online\bin) and rename Launcher.exe to Launcher-broken.exe:Please note that Windows on your computer may be configured to hide the file extension (.exe), so if you simply see “Launcher” rename it to “Launcher-broken”
  3. double-click Launcher-broken.exe to run it, and when you see the following script error panel, click Yes:
  4. the launcher will run and automatically attempt to fix the corrupted version:
  5. wait while the launcher runs. What the launcher program (Launcher-broken.exe) will do is download a new version of itself (Launcher.exe) that actually works:
  6. once the fixed version of Launcher.exe has been downloaded, you will see the following message box, and you want to click the circled “x” to close it:
  7. now click the Allods Online icon on your desktop, and you should see the following panel, which means your game installation is all good :)

I wasted enough of my time researching this problem and seeing other players stuck on it on the AO forums, so I hope this guide helps you. Thanks to the players who posted the rename fix – all I tried to do was make the process clearer for folks who are struggling with this.

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227 comments on “HOWTO Fix a Corrupted Version of Allods Online
  1. Jake231 says:


  2. Josh5y3852 says:

    i need help its not working

  3. ILOVEYOU says:


  4. Andrew says:

    After the main installation, when I try to launch the game and download the patch all I get is an error that says, ‘Warning. Fatal error in java module’ and it prompts me to check the russian gamesite ! I even tried the client repair tool but the problem isn’t resolved at all!
    And judging by all the comments I have read so far there are all sorts of issues that so many people run into. Why do some companies release problematic games and don’t fix things in a decent way early on and save all the trouble that arises?!?! Jeez!!
    So many long hours of downloading and reading forums, for nothing. (A few days ago it was the same shit with one other game.) I am deleting it and not bothering ever again.

  5. Samil says:

    SUPER..Very GOOD


  6. Pixelmania says:

    Thanks a bunch. It helpt me and AO works for me now. :)

  7. Jadiction says:

    Allods needs a new updating system, I have also caught some bugs in the game. All they need is a little bit of help from professionals, for example; blizzard. (even though WoW sucks). After that, they did great and i would give them props.

  8. uhm yeah its just sitting at the end of the ptch its not frozen but its not going anywhere help me?

  9. LittleBauWau says:

    can some 1 tell what should when i open allods and i have to type my acc name and pasword i type it and then it tell s me Account server : account inactive

  10. dsgg says:

    doesnt fucking work..fuck..penis

  11. Lopes says:

    It worked, thx alot

  12. willyboi says:


  13. VexxistheWise says:

    Another thing to try is uninstalling it and relaunching the setup.exe not the downloader. Make sure you still have the,, & after that it updates and then you can play. But I’m hoping this method works. might be faster.

  14. nuibie says:

    gan bahasa indo dong :)

  15. allods are fuking game says:

    not work i need wen i off game download 4bg lol like 5h

  16. allods are fuking game says:

    not work fuking post try all guids still not fuking work dis gameeeeeeeeee

  17. hugo says:

    try download the zlib1.dll
    and put it at C:\\Allods Online\bin and start the game with SyncVersion.exe
    that work with me

  18. Douglas Floriano says:

    velho por favor, eu to tendo um erro aqui terrivel que sempre q vou tentar baixar pelo gerenciador de download, da um erro assim :
    erro ao tentar obter os jogos através do web service!
    alguem me ajuda ou add no msn

  19. Jemcrystal says:

    I have Windows Vista. This trick did not work for me. I change the launcher name and it just comes up the same as before.

  20. datsright says:

    i dont get the little internet script error thing to click “yes” so idk what to do….:(

  21. ItsJustMe says:

    its not the download that dowsnt work its the fcking antivirus which continously quarantines your in.launcher.exe ….lol

  22. ItsJustMe says:

    and yes i try your option and it says that my download was blocked or what the fuck……….how i overpass that?

  23. fix3333r says:

    it also works to change client version from US to EU, just 1,6gb to download :)

  24. Bryon Boyer says:

    when i install i get: “Error decompressing CAB archive 13. Archive is corrupted”

  25. THX you saved my day :D

  26. jaderiver says:

    ive tried the repair BS and ur right it doesnt …. work nor did the, what it did do was now instead of downloading 5 Corrupted at roughly 16mb its like 5kblah blah mb worth with over 20 ffs

  27. jaderiver says:

    and vtw NO script error came up

  28. jaderiver says:

    PISSIN ME OFF!!!!! :
    i dont c y they even launch a game if it doesnt work properly but they did and its PISSIN ME OFF!!!!! Not to mention the fact that they either dont even know how to fix their own game or just dont care enough to fix it!!!!!

    no they dont, but they do care about much ftarded money they drain from you

  29. jaderiver says:

    well taurgrim i applaud ur effort and im glad it work for some , but FINAL solution and as i run win 7 , i simply went to control panel, remove program and chose REMOVE PROGRAM AND PATCHES, its was over 5rs ago i played this i re downloaded it again to see for anything new, charectars still where they were, so no , so it’ll be another 5 or more year before i play this again, allods is still the one of the greediest cash shop game made by gpot.. k im done bye

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