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Boosting Frame Rate in Rift for ATI

Earlier this week I was getting 20 FPS on Rift’s Medium graphics setting. A few days ago that dropped to about 10-12 FPS, which is very sluggish in Rifts and PVP. After finding a fix, I’m up to 30 FPS

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Allods Online and gPotato Registration Name

Allods Online (AO) Open Beta (OB) starts Feb 16th, and it’s really “live” on that day because OB characters won’t be deleted. AO is a F2P game, so a lot of people will be playing without paying. If you think

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HOWTO Fix a Corrupted Version of Allods Online

This HOWTO guide explains how to easily fix the “corrupted version” error when installing / upgrading Allods Online without having to download files manually or from sources you’re not sure are safe. WHAT THE BROKEN INSTALLATION PROCESS LOOKS LIKE I

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