Allods Online and gPotato Registration Name

Allods Online (AO) Open Beta (OB) starts Feb 16th, and it’s really “live” on that day because OB characters won’t be deleted.

AO is a F2P game, so a lot of people will be playing without paying. If you think you might buy items from the cash shop, be aware that

  • the Full Name (see circled red field below) you provide when creating your gPotato account must match the name on your payment accounts  (e.g. credit card, PayPal, etc) otherwise your payments will be rejected, and
  • gPotato does not support Full Name changes. Here is the text from their site
Can I change the name on my gPotato account?

We no longer allow name changes to gPotato accounts.  If you registered with a false name and would like to make a payment via PayPal, credit card, or Google Checkout you can send in a Payment Consent Form to authorize payments.  The form can be found here (  It must be filled out by the owner of the funding source and mailed or faxed to us along with proof of identification.  This can either be a copy of photo ID or the signature on the form can be notarized at the bottom.  We cannot accept the form via email or efax.  Our address and fax number are listed at the bottom of the form.

Since OB hasn’t started yet and I ran into this issue, so I just went ahead and created a new gPotato account. I don’t know whether I’ll buy items down the road, but I want to leave the option open.

P.S. a clueless poster on a guild forum said in response to my article that you can change the Full Name and Birthday. That’s incorrect. If you click EDIT ACCOUNT INFO on gPotato, you are prompted to enter your Full Name and birth year as a security check before you get to the account info page but you can’t change them. If you don’t believe me, go read gPotato’s link above or try for yourself. I’m just pointing the registration name issue to save people potential headache down the road.

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6 comments on “Allods Online and gPotato Registration Name
  1. Oath says:

    sooo what cool server and faction will you likely be playing on?

    • taugrim says:

      OATH!!! Long time man.

      AFAIK servers haven’t been announced yet. I’m rolling League faction (the goody-goody side) with Keen’s Happy Fun Guyz crew.

      Planning on playing a Kanian Melee Priest, which has very similar mechanics to a WAR Grace-spec’d Warrior Priest but with better CC and higher burst damage.

      • Oath says:

        Cool cool, just let me know what server you roll on, I was thinking about making a mage, and since elves are out of the question that leaves me with Kanian. Awesome, I’ll see you in game on the 16th

      • Nathan says:

        Ow man, I don’t know if they’ve done the same on US server/s, but on the EU one they’ve made the Cash Shop free for the last few days, bloody good move. And an annoying one at that!

        Oh, I found my class after much searching, Psi.

  2. rafaellos says:

    pos kano acc|?

  3. There is certainly a great deal to know about this issue.

    I love all of the points you made.

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