Been Getting Hit by Content Theft

If you are reading this article on a site that is not, you’re reading it from a spam scraping site, so please click here to read the article on my blog. Thanks, Taugrim.

Scraping sites have been stealing my content by posting it verbatim on their sites; it’s annoying that they are trying to benefit from my content. So I’m posting this article as a test to see which of those scraping sites are automatically copying whatever I post on my blog (, or if they have humans actually making a decision in terms of what to post.

To anyone who is posting my articles here on another site: you do not have my permission to do so, all of the content here is copyrighted by me all rights reserved.

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9 comments on “Been Getting Hit by Content Theft
  1. Nathan says:

    Are you using

    Check it reguarly, you are 100% correct, it is copyright infringement.

    Doing some searching myself, its look bot-like.

  2. kaldeem says:

    How do you copyright your blog? Just post the “copyright 2010 ‘name’ ” and that’s it or are you registered somewhere?

    How do i find out if my posts are being threaded to some trash site, with lowlife developers and no moral integrity for honest bloggers.

  3. taugrim says:

    One word: pathetic

    • taugrim says:

      Good news on this front. I sent a Notice of Infringement to the person who runs that web site and his hosting provider, and he responded today and he’s taking my site off their spider.

  4. Nathan says:

    Well done, red-handed I may say. Get on to it…I would be PISSED.

  5. Middea says:

    We had that issue as well :( And you don’t need to “do” anything, your blog is yours ;)

    We put up the Copyscape thing and also we ran with a wordpress setup so we added Bad Behavior plugin:

    Good luck!

  6. kaldeem says:

    Wow, LOL they fail.

  7. […] that is not, you’re reading it from a spam scraping site, so please click here to read the article on my blog. Thanks, […]

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