South Maui FTW

My wife and I arrived in South Maui last week for an extended stay.

I was planning on gaming/blogging in the evening here but so far I’ve been pooped each night after dinner. We’ve been waking up early to enjoy the smoother water conditions for snorkeling and bodyboarding in the morning and getting out again in the mid-afternoon til evening to catch more waves. As an aside, if you are planning on bodyboarding (boogie boarding), I highly recommend getting a pair of short-bladed fins, they make it wayyyy easier to catch waves.

We bought an underwater case for our camera, and we recorded some sweet footage while snorkeling, including turtles at their cleaning stations (where they go to get their body cleaned by fish). When I get a chance I’ll share video.

As far as Rift goes, my Cleric is at level 32. I’ve found that in the 30-39 bracket that I get blown up much faster compared to the 20-29 bracket, so I’ve respec’d from Shaman/Justicar to Justicar/Shaman. Here’s my new spec:

The 15% damage mitigation in Justicar is a huge help for survivability, and the tradeoff of damage for survivability has been well worth it. 24 points seems like a solid stopping point in Justicar for now, so I will invest my next handful of points in the Shaman tree.

I have some edited footage from level 26 that I just need to narrate, hopefully that will be up soon.

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9 comments on “South Maui FTW
  1. Raphael says:

    Why 2 points in Vegenful Justice instead of in Devout Deflection?

    • taugrim says:

      That’s a fair tradeoff for talent points. VJ makes my melee arc AOE hit up to 4 targets, very useful for keeping people from capping flags and generating Reparation healing.

    • Andi says:

      I’ll try to put this to good use immdteiaely.

  2. conwolv says:

    Glad you’re having fun in Maui!

    25-29 I was 26 Justicar and 5 in templar for damage reduction. It really helped until I get 30. Now It’s touch and go.

  3. Ladies says:

    Maui sounds awesome, I am definitely jealous.

    I just recently transferred my fresh 50 rogue to Sunrest and was wondering if you guys had room for me in your guild. I’m looking for some guild pvp action, and I think you guys may be just what I am looking for. Also going to start up a cleric on your server as well.

  4. ronald says:

    Ha ha, i like it how you can’t write anything without giving advise about gear and abilities:

    “if you are planning on bodyboarding (boogie boarding), I highly recommend getting a pair of short-bladed fins, they make it wayyyy easier to catch waves.”

    Love your guides, love your videos. Learnt a lot from them. Thanks!

  5. Justin says:

    Makes me miss Hawaii. Hawaii no ka oi. I hope you are enjoying it and look forward to you getting back to posting again.

  6. Thanks for posting this build. My cleric just turned 30 and I took her into pvp and found I was very squishy with the Justicar/Shaman build I had been using. Hopefully this will help my survive!

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