RIFT Cleric PVP Video: Volume 6: M*A*S*H @ 50 Rank 4, Valor Normalization

This HD video is narrated PVP footage of my “M*A*S*H” Justicar/Shaman/Warden Cleric melee healing spec in Patch 1.4.1, from a Codex warfront. I queued for the warfront with a guildee, Frizzlepot the R7 Mage.

This is my 2nd video for M*A*S*H at level 50. I discuss the recent changes to normalize Valor across Ranks 2-6 plus tips and tactics for the spec, the warfront, and PVP in general.

I have written a Guide about the M*A*S*H spec, so check that out if you want to see the spec link, strengths and weaknesses, GCD rotations, macros, and other information. I have also posted a thread about my spec on the RIFT forum, and players who’ve tried it have raved about it.

If you play a Mage, I recommend checking out Dissb’s Guide for the 44 Warlock / 7 Necromancer / 15 Archmage spec that Frizzlepot uses and loves:

Dissb is one of the smartest and most-skilled PVP players that I’ve met in any game, so his blog is worth checking out if you’re a Mage.

Other tips / comments:

  • If you find Dominator-spec’d Mages are giving you grief, remember that you can remove their mana-draining debuff Traitorous Influence with Cleansing Waters, and if they are channeling Mana Wrench to drain your mana you can interrupt that with either Interdict (PBAoE interrupt) or the knockback Crushing Wave
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6 comments on “RIFT Cleric PVP Video: Volume 6: M*A*S*H @ 50 Rank 4, Valor Normalization
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  2. I fought my first match against you over the weekend! I didn’t realize I was in your battlegroup. I got so excited that I battle charged into you and got burned down by the 7 others around you. :P

    And then we got rolled due to some serious trickling and giving up on the defiant side. :( I hope to face you again with a more exciting interaction.

    I play Ciao@Asphodel.

  3. Tsoni says:

    Heya, love the blog! Just started a character on this esrver and was looking for a PvP minded Guardian guild to join and was wondering if you guys were recruiting others. I’m still low level, but I can remedy that pretty quickly.

  4. […] Rich, elegant warfront map design: RIFT’s maps have similar mechanics to maps from other games. E.g. Codex = WoW’s Arathi Basin, Whitefall Steppes = WoW’s Warsong Gulch, etc. However, the maps in RIFT have terrain features that encourage and create opportunities for tactical play, as exhibited in my most recent RIFT Cleric PVP video […]

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