Planar Attunement for Cleric PVP

RIFT Patch 1.5 is live!

One key piece of new functionality is the Planar Attunement system, which allows players to earn currency to spend on buffs. Here are the basics of the system:

  • There is a separate tree for each Rift type: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, and Death
  • Each tree has multiple tiers that must be unlocked in order
  • The first tier in each tree buffs Spell Power for 2 weapon types: Mace and Dagger Mastery, Staff Mastery, Totem Mastery, Wand Mastery
  • The first tier in each tree buffs one particular stat: Endurance, Intelligence, or Wisdom

Here’s the breakdown of the first tier bonuses for each Planar Attunement tree:

  • Earth: Staff Mastery, Wand Mastery, and Endurance
  • Air: Totem Mastery, Wand Mastery, and Wisdom
  • Fire: Mace and Dagger Mastery, Staff Mastery, and Intelligence
  • Water: Totem Mastery, Staff Mastery, and Wisdom
  • Life: Mace and Dagger Mastery, Totem Mastery, and Endurance
  • Death: Mace and Dagger Mastery, Wand Mastery, and Intelligence

The question is, which tree(s) should a Cleric fill in first for PVP?

As I wrote in my M*A*S*H Cleric PVP Guide, in my opinion here is the priority of stats for M*A*S*H and any Cleric PVP spec pre-1.5:

Valor > Focus (under the Hit Cap of 5%) > Endurance > Intelligence = Spell Crit > Wisdom = Spell Power

In 1.5, four key Cleric talents (Inquisitor’s Corporeal Punishment, Sentinel’s Serendity, Shaman’s Lust for Blood, Warden’s Overflow) that used to proc based on Spell Crit now proc at a fixed %. Therefore, for non-M*A*S*H specs, Intelligence and Spell Crit aren’t as valuable as they were pre-1.5.

All that said, I do believe for any Cleric in PVP that Valor and Endurance are more important than Intelligence, Spell Crit, Wisdom, and Spell Power. As the old adage goes: you can’t heal/DPS when you’re dead. And this is especially true with the accessibility of heal debuffs for Rogue specs and their increased damage in this patch.

As a M*A*S*H Cleric, I use a 2H PVP Mace, because the R6/R8 2H Mace have more Spell Crit and Endurance than the equivalent-rank Staff.

Therefore, at this time I am leaning towards initially investing in the Life tree, as it boosts my effectiveness with 2H Mace and my Endurance. I need to research to find out what the 2nd and 3rd tiers of each Attunement tree provides.

For healing or caster specs that use a Staff, the Earth tree may make the most sense as a starting point for PVP. If you run with a 1H + totem for PVP, Life tree.

If you have information on the other tiers of the attunement trees, please post it.

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6 comments on “Planar Attunement for Cleric PVP
  1. Jace says:

    Not live in the EU yet, /cry :)

  2. So what attunement looks best for riftblade pvp? Water? Maybe Air?

  3. Shaidarharan says:

    I agree with you Tau, I to use 2 hander for PVP and actually running dagger + totem for pve as it is now. I did end up going in Earth tree, well mainly because it gives endurance and wand, and wand we always have equipped, figured no mather what tree i´m picking i risk getting something unuseful anyway as i will swap weapons based on it´s stats not my planar build.

  4. Cleric says:

    Guys, may sound stupid, but what if i use HAMMER? Then what, none of the elements are helpful?

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