Launch of Brand Identity System

I’m writing to share the launch of a new brand identity system (logo, tagline, etc) for this site.

For the logo design, I wanted a character-based logo that met two criteria:

  1. The character is iconic for MMORPGs
  2. The character is distinctive and fun

I decided that a Dwarf character with a 2H axe would be a perfect fit to meet the 1st requirement.

To bring that Dwarf character to life, I’ve been working with two talented graduates from Ex’pression College for Digital Arts: an artist named Fiona Quan and an animator named Calvin Huang.

To fulfill the 2nd requirement above, Fiona and I pursued a “Chibi” representation for the Dwarf, and here’s what we landed on:

Fiona did an amazing job of representing my requirements visually! She captured the personality and essence of a Chibi character and provided rich details such as the notches in the axehead and the chain mail links.

As you can see in the above picture, I came up with the following tagline:

pro guides, pro gameplay

Is that a lofty tagline? Absolutely! That said, based on the thousands of positive comments and props I’ve received over the years for my guides and gameplay videos, I think the tagline captures my brand essence and the distinctive value that I provide to the gaming community.

With the logo created, the next phase of the brand identity work was developing an animation clip that I can use as an intro/outro for videos and to kickoff my streamcasts. Here is what Calvin created:

We incorporated sound effects from the following authors:

You can check out Fiona’s artwork blog at

You can find Calvin’s portfolio online at

Thanks again Fiona and Calvin for the amazing work! :)

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2 comments on “Launch of Brand Identity System
  1. pandamanana says:

    Not to knit-pick, but the character moves a little bit as the text flies on the screen. His arm shrinks a little, his eyes move a little, etc. Great work though. Fantastic.

    • taugrim says:

      Thanks for the feedback!

      As part of our storyboard, after the Dwarf brings the axe back up to rest, the camera zooms out so that we can have the text move into the foreground to the right of him. Calvin provided nice touches throughout the sequence: the eye blinks, the flapping of the armor, etc.

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