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Swordmaster PVP Video: 2H Damage / Mitigation Tank

The following video has footage from 2 scenarios, Dragon’s Bane and Howling Gorge, with my Swordmaster running a damage / mitigation spec. I made the video to show tactics for surviving heavy focus-fire as a 2h tank. Played correctly, a

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WAR Group PVP Video: Skirmishing at The Maw

On Thursday night, Order on Phoenix Throne captured the Chaos Wastes. Unfortunately, most of the Order players left the zone instead of attempting to take the Destruction fortress The Maw. A few of us figured it would be a great

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Swordmaster PVP Video: Patch 1.3.1 R40 1v1s: 2H Hoeth / Khaine

In the past week, I’ve switched back from Khaine / Hoeth spec to Hoeth / Khaine. The 2h H/K spec featured in this video is very well-rounded. It’s an excellent performer overall for any scale of fighting (1v1,  group RVR,

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The State of WAR: Patch 1.3.1

I played WAR from September 2008 (Head Start) until the 3rd week of April 2009. I de-subbed at that time, because Patch 1.2 had gone live, and city sieges and mass RVR were wildly unstable. The game client was crashing

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Guide to WAR Swordmaster Class Mechanics, Part 3

This is Part 3 of the guide. Part 2 of the guide covered the DoT Tactic Mechanics, Bubble and Healing Mechanics, and CC Mechanics Please post comments / feedback / tips, contributors will be credited as the guide is updated

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