Compilation of Narrated PVP Videos for WAR Swordmaster

Here is the complete list of narrated PVP / RVR videos I created for the Warhammer Online (WAR) Swordmaster (SM) class.

The description on YouTube for each video provides a link to an associated discussion thread over on

I spent the majority of my time in WAR playing SM as my main. I originally played a Bright Wizard (BW) as my main, but we had a real shortage of tanks in my guild and on our server, Phoenix Throne. So I decided to re-roll as a tank in November 2008. I chose SM over Ironbreaker (IB) for several reasons:

  1. IB was much more popular than SM
  2. SM was regarded as under-powered relative to the other 3 tank classes. My impression by mid-Tier 2 (esp at R14-16) was that the SM class was capable, if one played to its strengths. I was told “it would change by Tier 4” for the worse, and I wanted to see for myself
  3. I figured the probability of the SM class getting nerfed was low, given the previous 2 points. Whereas I thought that the Grudge mechanic of IB faced the same issues as Combusion for BW: it scaled too well and therefore would be difficult to balance
  4. the classic samurai-ish look appealed to me

Tier 2 Videos

The two T2 videos cover the basics of SM play. If you’re new to the class, I recommend checking these out first.

The following video covers our damage mechanics (Spirit damage FTW), target selection, and melee positioning.


The following video covers our tanking mechanics in PVP.


Tier 3 Videos

The following video discusses punting (knockback) mechanics. I’m grouped in this video with Keen the blogger, who is playing Stocky the Ironbreaker.


The following video is my first SM video of 1v1 fights.

Keep Defense Tactics for Tanks

The following video shows what a tank should do in defending the ramp to the keep lord room.

Tier 4 Videos

For whatever reason, I never got around to making a scenario video in T4 with my SM. But I did create a lot of 1v1 videos against different classes. Some videos I packed a 1h + shield, in other videos I used a 2h.

The following video has 1v1s against casters and healers, with 1h + shield. I used a 1h while leveling to R40, because we don’t get the great ability Wall of Darting Steel until R40.


The following video is my 1st video at R40. When I dinged R40, I had very mediocre gear, so I was still using a 1h + shield to boost my survivability in 1v1s.


The following video is my 1st video video using a 2h in 1v1s. I was using Annihilator gear and the quest reward 2h sword Ninth Peak.


The following video is one of my favorite ones. It’s a 1v2: me against a Discipline of Kaine and a Chosen.


In the following video, I had just earned the 2h Bloodfist Greatsword influence reward, so I went looking for 1v1 fights.


The following video shows 1v1s in Patch 1.2, during which I went back to 1h + shield due to the very high caster DPS. This video showcases the addons Aura and WSCT (Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text). I love Aura and WSCT, with ability names turned on, as you can see exactly what’s happening in a fight.


The following video shows 1v1s against the same opponent, Skragg the Choppa, with a 1h + shield. I discuss tactics for beating Choppas, which are a very strong in 1v1s when they spec for Furious Choppin’ (the 6-hit ability that heals the Choppa for the damage done).


For the record, before my subscription ran out on April 20, 2009, I did spend a couple weeks running with a 2h again, with 3 Sentinel and 3 Darkpromise pieces and BA/EA/PE/Rugged slotted (~610 Strength + 21 Melee Power, ~620 Toughness, ~895 Wounds). The results were good. I could output good burst damage while retaining solid survivability.

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