Swordmaster PVP Video: Patch 1.3 R40 1v1s: 2H Khaine / Hoeth

This is my 1st Swordmaster (SM) 1v1s video spec’d as Khaine / Hoeth. The matchups, with renown ranks (RR):

  • RR59 SM vs RR60 Discipline of Khaine
  • RR59 SM vs RR63 Discipline of Khaine
  • RR59 SM vs RR63 Chosen
  • RR60 SM vs RR62 Sorcerer
  • RR60 SM vs RR56 Sorcerer

I’m back to playing Warhammer Online after 10 weeks away from the game. I decided to check out Patch 1.3 on a 10-day trial to see whether the game had improved in terms of stability. It’s much more stable overall; it still crashes but not multiple times a night.

When I re-subscribed to WAR, I was quite rusty and wasn’t sure if anything had changed with the SM class. So I tried out a bunch of different specs and blade enchants against the same opponents. Here is the list of specs I experimented with:

  • 1h Hoeth / Khaine
  • 1h Vaul / Hoeth
  • 1h Vaul / Khaine
  • 2h Hoeth / Khaine
  • 2h Vaul / Hoeth
  • 2h Vaul / Khaine
  • 2h Khaine / Hoeth

Compared to the other specs, 2h Khaine / Hoeth spec performed surprisingly well. I had tried that spec in Patch 1.1 and in Patch 1.2, but I didn’t like it for two reasons:

  1. Ether Dance (ED) did not fire consistently. This was the main issue for me
  2. the spec lacks crowd control (no silence or knockdown)

That first point seems to have been addressed; ED is much more usable now. Overall the build is a lot of fun to play, and it’s suited well for both soloing and grouping.

Here are the pros to 2h Khaine / Hoeth spec:

  • ED provides the best single-target burst damage we have, and burst damage kills
  • ED synergizes superbly with other excellent tactics: Potent Enchantments (PE) and Balanced Accuracy (BA). As ED is a 5-hit ability, there are many opportunities for PE to proc. Every proc of PE gives an immediate damage over time (DoT) tick and re-starts the PE DoT timer. BA gives +20% crit chance to each of the 5 swings of ED
  • ED makes the spec efficient in terms of the damage-to-Action Points (AP) ratio. I notice with an ED spec that I can DPS for longer before running dry on AP, primarily because ED is a 5-hit ability

Here are the cons to 2h Khaine / Hoeth spec:

  • as noted above, lack of silence or knockdown
  • opponents can interrupt ED
  • the spec is squishier than other specs / doesn’t allow for use of a shield

If you have any questions or feedback on the video or this post, please submit a Comment.

  • RR57 SM vs RR53 Chosen
  • RR57 SM vs RR70 Sorc
  • RR57 SM vs RR78 BO

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14 comments on “Swordmaster PVP Video: Patch 1.3 R40 1v1s: 2H Khaine / Hoeth
  1. Ashraa says:

    hi taugrim, u have some great videos here!!!!
    im sorry for the noob question(war is the very first online game im on), how do i get that dps tracker????
    I m runing a 38/38 SM, thanks for the nice tips on your blog!!!!

  2. Dinareus says:

    Hi Taugrim,

    I commented on in your thread on WHA. I’m a 40/44 K/H SM specced till ED and running the same tactics as you did in this video. I ran many duels against a rr60+ chosen, DoK and a Zealot and lost each and every one of them. I cycle EB – > WoH -> Taunt -> ED , EB -> EF -> ED.

    You make it look so easy >_< and it has been really frustrating to keep losing. Any further tips other than keeping them in front of you and snare/root/WoH kiting classes ?

    • taugrim says:

      Chosen are very strong right now, and the mechanics of our classes favor them. They deal Spirit damage like we do, and they can debuff our Spirit resist while buffing theirs with an aura.

      One thing I recommend, which I did not show in the video, is trying to punt or root a Chosen if you have DoTs ticking and kite. Just make sure to use WoDS to parry their ranged knockdown.

      A Zealot or Shaman who is skilled at kiting is a tough matchup for SM, because SM lacks ranged snares (e.g. IB ES) and ranged knockdowns (e.g. KotBS) to get into and stay in melee range. Make sure to use WoDS when closing gaps to your opponent, and use your AOE root to get close enough to apply QI for the snare. Also use Shatter Enchantment on Shamans, as their HoTs are Enchantment based IIRC.

      Also, against healers, keep an eye on your morale bar. If you are getting close to being able to use your R1 morale, you should assume they are too, so cycle in Intimidating Blow to prevent them from being able to use Divine Favor. DF is a clutch 1800 burst-heal.

      Don’t forget too that they have a significant RR advantage on you and probably have better gear as well.

      Hope this helps!

      • Dinareus says:

        I’ll try the punting/rooting with chosens and wotds more often. As for zealots, what this zealot does is either of two things, when i get in range to apply QI and Taunt, he stuns/knocksback and i have to start the chase all over again OR he snares me which in both cases I have to use my juggernaught which leaves me vulnerable to the other.

      • taugrim says:

        I can’t remember which skills are which for a Zealot, but some of those CC abilities are morale based.

        It’s REALLY helpful if you have Protection of Hoeth against kiting classes, so that you can get into Improved Balance prior to getting into melee range, so that you can hit QI as soon as they are in range. E.g. this spec:

  3. Dinareus says:

    I forgot to ask, what Reknown skills do you have and which do you recommend at 50 and at 60?

    • taugrim says:

      It really depends on what you want. I always take Might 5 (+111 Str), because tanks don’t have that much Str on our set gear.

      Here are the RR builds I’m using at RR60…

      Strength +135
      Toughness +12
      Weapon Skill +33

      Strength +111
      Toughness +60
      Weapon Skill +9

      I used to spec for the 2% and 4% crit bonuses, but I have 10% crit from gear already and the BA tactic slotted.

      • Dinareus says:

        I see. I was thinking more along the lines of your second spec but dropping WS for +6% parry. Thanks. I’ll work it out and see how it goes.

  4. Dinareus says:

    I had a few more duels with the zealot I mentioned. With his detaunt, stun, healing, -25% incoming damage ability and kiting I have no way to kill him even if I do get close. Granted I’m still using Redwind but even if I use a better 2hander, I doubt I could kill him.

    • taugrim says:

      Getting better gear will help you apply pressure. But it’s really difficult for a tank to kill to kill an equally-skilled and geared kiting healer IMO. The healer can just stretch the fight out really long.

      • Dinareus says:

        Hey taugrim. Just an update. Due to gear issues I switched to a V/H build http://www.wardb.com/career.aspx?id=17#0:0:11:2560:11:2560:29::9047 . I duelled 2 doks, a WE and a chosen and come out tops aside from a few mishaps with the last 2 duels with the chosen.

        I never knew BoH was so useful. My opponents just got worn down by the shield bubbles from PB and VB while I kept healing myself.

      • taugrim says:

        As of yesterday, I switched to 1h V/H for 1v1s, it is a much stronger spec against Chosen and Sorc.

        Depending on the opponent, I swap out Rugged for EA. I run Heaven’s Blade against healers, Phantom’s Blade against Chosen.

        2h K/H SMs get eaten alive by 2h Chosen because of the Spirit damage mechanics of the classes. I’ve found that a 2h K/H SM will have a hard time against a Sorc that starts at 100 Dark Magic and at range. The lack of either a silence or knockdown makes it hard to catch them. It’s much easier to win with 1h V/H.

        Against healers I switch to 2h and go with VB PE EA, and Rugged or Focused Offense, depending on whether the opponent is a DoK or Shaman / Zealot.

        I still love 2h K/H spec for ORVR and in general, the burst is excellent.

  5. Isitari says:

    It’s great to have you back Taugrim especially as I’ve just come back to WAR as well :) (I play SM as well) we’ve missed you!

    I will definitely try some of your build now as I’ve finally hit Lv40 :D.

    Many thanks,


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