Shaman PVP Video: Soloing in Tier 2

My Shaman is in mid-T2 now, and it’s been a blast soloing on him.

Some tips from the video:

  • when you detaunt a target, your pre-existing DoTs will continue to tick without breaking the detaunt. That’s huge! So if you can, get DoTs on an opponent prior to detaunting
  • detaunt + bubble (Don’ Feel Nuthin) is an amazing combination for buying time to heal up
  • Shamans have two detaunts in T2, the single-target detaunt (Look Over There) and the PBAOE detaunt (Stop Hittin’ Me!). They have separate cooldowns, so you can chain the abilities together. The PBAOE detaunt is very convenient for detaunting nearby opponents without having to target them

Comments / feedback / questions welcome.

I’m trying to decide if I level up to T3 as fast as possible or just hang out in T2 and have fun :)

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13 comments on “Shaman PVP Video: Soloing in Tier 2
  1. Artharian says:

    Great video! Popping your bubble during a Warrior Priest’s divine strike is a very good tip. I haven’t come across a WP 1v1 yet and I’ve been expecting it to be a tough fight when I do, but I hadn’t thought about how easy it is to nullify one of their big heals. Grace spec WPs should be no problem, but I expect Salvation spec WPs might still rough to deal with.

    • taugrim says:

      A fight against a Salv WP might take a long time. For that fight, I’d use the AP drain (Yer Not So Bad) whenever it’s off cooldown, and try to wear them down.

      Our bubble should last a long time against a Salv WP, they do pitiful damage.

      At later ranks, if we can get out of the WP’s Smite range, I imagine the fight is significantly tilted in the Shaman’s favor.

  2. Nado says:

    Hey, great vid. Your pvp skills are top notch! lol. I’m wondering wht the stats on ur comp are, because i get mad lag and fall back( when ur running and then u blink backwards a few inches.) but most other games i play dont’ have that issue. And do u soley lvl pvp or do pqs and stuff? I’m planning on playing again when i get a better comp. but haven’t decided on wht class or antying yet, maybe BO or Sorc. haha altho u make sham look like fun! keep up the great vids.

    Razzlul(deleted choppa)
    Meedlak(9 black orc)

  3. Skrazlok says:

    What is your spec so far?

    • taugrim says:

      Um, 4 points in Gork. That’s all the the mastery points I have :)

      I have the detaunt tactic slotted, it seems to work well in RVR.

  4. Skutrug says:

    Oi! Taugrim git,
    Yuz thought dat Agony ud furgotten yu?
    Gud ta see dat yuz playin’ fer dem Great Eye ugain!
    Now if yuz just moved back te Destruction on PT, dat wud be swell :-)

    • taugrim says:

      I wanted to play Destruction on PT, even created a 2nd trial account to test it out. But the T1 RVR was dead :(

      There is no way I am going to PVE level to T4.

      Iron Rock has been amazing so far, the RVR is very active in T1 and T2. I’ve leveled from R2 to R20 exclusively through PVP.

      • Skutrug says:

        Neither do I – for PvE LOTRO is way better!
        I am surprised at your lack of luck – For me PvP is well and live every night, and I try to maintain one character in each Tier.
        But then… you might want to head back on your SM, it looks like Destro is waking up on PT, now that the BW are not gods anymore.

  5. taugrim says:

    Bergs posted good advice on fighting WLs over on WHA:
    “My WL strat is to usually single target detaunt the pet and then dot up the WL and aoe detaunt…”

    I tried that today, and it does work better.

  6. Mike says:

    Hey there, awesome video. What Add-ons are you using? I’m still a noob to most mods in WAR and yours looked pretty helpful.

  7. Infinity says:

    You are so aesowme for helping me solve this mystery.

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