Asmodian Faction More Popular in Aion Preselection

Today, players who pre-ordered Aion were able to create 2 characters across all servers, starting around 12:45 pm PST.

Just after 5pm PST, on the Aion web site, the status of those servers was posted:


It doesn’t take a statistical genius to infer from that screenshot that Asmodian is the more popular faction. The funny thing is that players often generalize and say that the “goodie-goodie” races (in this case Elyos) tend to attract more players. Looks like that is not the case so far in Aion.

Who are my 2 characters? They are:

  • Taugrim the Chanter on Triniel / Elyos
  • Taugrim the Assassin on Lumiel / Asmodian

I had been thinking about re-customizing my character on Triniel, but based on that screenshot, I’m not going to risk deleting a character and not being able to re-create him.

Which class, server, and faction did you roll?

P.S. switching to Chanter was a last-minute surprise change for me.

For those of you not keeping track, here are the classes I’ve thought about rolling as my main:

Chanter -> Gladiator -> Assassin -> Chanter

While I was waiting for Preselection, I thought hard about what class suited my personality and preferred playstyle the best. The answer was Chanter, not Assasin. I like doing multiple things, including bailing out an ally with a timely heal or bubble.

I also realized that I was putting too much weight on previous experience with a similar melee buffing/healing hybrid, the LOTRO Captain. When I played Captain pre-MoM (Mines of Moria), the class couldn’t meaningfully self-heal on-demand (aside from blowing the Man heal, which has a 1hr cooldown). Chanter doesn’t have that problem. Both classes are limited in terms of CC, but you can’t have everything. If I find later that Chanter isn’t viable for solo PVP, that will suck. I’m going with my gut.

I have some time before Head Start to decide if I want to stick with Chanter. Choosing a class is always the hardest part of an MMORPG for me :D

EDIT (2009/09/24): my main is now Taugrim the Chanter on Lumiel / Asmodian.

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14 comments on “Asmodian Faction More Popular in Aion Preselection
  1. Wickidd says:

    Heya Taugrim.

    I have secured a priest (Vryn) and a warrior (Rivvin) on the Asmodian side of Lumiel. I am looking forward to gaming with you again. See ya then.

    • taugrim says:

      Is this the Vrin who was friends with Keen?

      Triniel will be my main server, at least until I find out if I got accepted into a guild I’ve been talking to.

      • Wickidd says:

        Yes it is. I played Vrin the Rune Priest.
        I may have to roll an Elyos toon on Triniel. I Had a great time gaming with you guys in Warhammer. Too bad the game couldn’t keep my attention.

  2. Sidius says:

    I was disappointed to find out when I got home from work that all the east coast servers I wanted to play on are currently full. It also comes as a shock because it had seemed like so many people wanted to play Asmodian but even the Elyos were taken up.

    Regardless I think I will be pursuing the server Lumiel still, as I really liked the community that were actively posting on the forums.

    I’ve also come down to either playing a Templar or Ranger, I’ll know for sure by Sunday though. Hopefully servers will have things worked out by then….

    • Sto says:

      I was left in the same position. I was however able to make 2 placeholders, 1 on Lumiel and 1 on Triniel. Both are on Elyos though which wasn’t my plan lol. I like the idea of having populated servers, but this might be a little too restrictive. We’ll see I guess.

      • taugrim says:

        I know you wanted Asmo back hair. Sorry you couldn’t roll Asmo :(

        I was glad to capture the screenshot above when I did. It pretty solidly debunks the notion that Elyos would be more popular.

    • taugrim says:

      The Lumiel community seemed friendly. If I had to nitpick, one thing I noticed was a bit of RP-elitism from some RP players. It was weird to see; generally RP players are very easy-going.

      If you haven’t already, check out the Triniel forums. I have a very positive 1st impression about the community there.

  3. ccrr says:

    Eh, you could tell people would rather roll asmo…I didn’t dig it when I tried them though. Sorry but the back hair is a bit <.< to me.

    Nice choice on chanter, here's a little inspiration vid…

    yeah the chanter raped ass pretty hard.

    • taugrim says:

      I’ve seen a lot of the tournament vids. One thing to keep in mind is a fixed arena size like that puts RDPS at a disadvantage.

      Overall, Chanter is not regarded as a good 1v1 class. I’m going to try to make it work though.

  4. Oath says:

    Hey Tau, for starters, you smell. Secondly since Jostle was nice enough to save Oath on Zikel for me I used my pre-select name reservation to save Taugrim for you on the Asmo side in Zikel. I know you plan to play on Triniel/Lumiel but if you ever wanted to come back to ANL, I’ve got you covered.

    • taugrim says:

      I didn’t save Oath for you anywhere, and I have no plans to!

      Thanks man :D

      What class(es) are you playing?

      • Oath says:

        Jostlepants and i are making Asmo Dwarfs, well as close as we can. He is making a Cleric, real shocker there, and I’m going to play a Gladiator. Was thinking about rolling a cleric too but, Jostle and i decided that Cleric/Gladiator would combo better.

        • taugrim says:

          Gladiator should be a perfect fit for you. Durable melee with good DPS.

          LOL @ the Dwarf thing, some people never change. Post a pic sometime :)

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