Aion Priest Video: Basic Tips

Here is my 1st Priest video for Aion:

Below is the macro that I referred to in the video. This macro applies both of our 60 min buffs on a target (and says so in chat):

/Skill Blessing of Health I
/delay 1
/Skill Blessing of Rock I
/say applied buffs for: [%Target]

I’ll  be publishing videos and useful macros as I level my Chanter up.

Feel free to post feedback, comments, and questions.

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8 comments on “Aion Priest Video: Basic Tips
  1. […] Video: Basic Tips (narrated) Here is the first of many videos I'll be publishing for Aion. Aion Priest Video: Basic Tips Taugrim's MMORPG Blog This is footage of a Priest at lowbie levels (before level 10). All of my videos will be […]

  2. Jostle says:

    I don’t know about you, Taug, but I sure do miss duel-targeting as a healer! Looking forward to more videos!

    • taugrim says:

      I agree.

      You can macro target-of-target healing or attacking in Aion, but it’s not as simple as having an offensive and defensive target. And macro’ing requires writing scripts, which not everyone can do.

      A lot of players (not from WAR) who have no experience with dual-targeting systems see them as superfluous, but after having played WAR, it is definitely a better system.

      • Skutrug says:

        It’s painful watching you grind low-level mobs on a stating warrior-priest :-)
        I hope you know what you’re doing git!

  3. Sidius says:

    Interesting to see you as a chanter :P

    Rolled a Templar on Lumiel (Elyos) and I’m loving the class. Even got my first pvp kill against an assassin today. I was suprised at how much he stunned me, yet failed to kill me.

    If you ever alt, I suggest checking out a templar. The tanking in this game is a lot easier than it was in warhammer, which was pretty easy to begin with.

    Anyways hope the game is going good for you, I know I’m liking it a lot right now :P

    • Megeta says:

      Sins are terrible against templars and glads. They are caster destroyers. Well, if they can get in melee range first.

  4. Draginfaerie says:

    Thanks for this macro! I know this is a late comment but I just found your blog. I currently have a Cleric and this will save me a bit of clicking.

    • taugrim says:

      Your welcome. That’s the beauty of having a blog – people can find these articles via Google and other links.

      Have fun with your Cleric, it’s one of the most well-rounded classes in Aion.

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