Auto Attack Weaving in Aion

In some games (e.g. World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online), your character automatically auto-attacks (AAs) in between uses of abilities. So even if you are spamming abilities, you still get AAs.

In Aion, your character AAs when you are not using an ability. It can be beneficial to “weave” AAs in between abilities, because doing so

  • is efficient from an MP perspective. AAs don’t cost any MP
  • can increase sustained DPS, esp when using a 2h weapon. See notes below

I’ve noticed that a lot of players across different classes have asked how to AA weave on the AionSource forums, so I created this video:

Some notes:

  • if you allow an AA to complete its animation, you are more likely to have the 2nd and 3rd mini-strikes for the AA
  • if you reduce or cut out the animation for an AA, you are less likely to have the AA mini-strikes. But you still get the main AA strike, which delivers the most damage
  • there is a lot of debate as to whether AA weaving increases DPS; my impression is that AA weaving provides a DPS boost for melee classes using a quality 2h weapon, at least at lower levels when we have a limited number of abilities to work with.

For Chanters:

  • the video was of my Chanter at level 18. I used the following sequence of abilities: Meteor Strike -> AA -> Hallowed Strike -> AA -> Heaven’s Judgment -> AA -> Meteor Strike -> AA -> Hallowed Strike -> AA -> Booming Strike -> AA
  • I did have the damage-proc buff Promise of Wind turned on, but I checked the combat log when making the video, and it didn’t proc. So the white damage was only from either an AA or ability


  • I forgot to use something as a Chanter. Can you guess what it was?

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12 comments on “Auto Attack Weaving in Aion
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  2. ccrr says:

    The youtube isn’t up. Cutting animations really seems like a a big deal in the game. I am playing ranger and for kiting it is a godsend. I played gladiator a bit and I found it made a difference but I would have to actually time it to really see.

  3. rzr22 says:

    I think the greater question is how AA weaving pairs up to skill spam at later levels when you can skill spam. This is the main question I’m wondering and have yet to see much data on.

  4. Luka (Lisianthus) says:

    Hey Taugrim, nice video. So far I’ve made it to level 27 on my chanter over on Zikel. I’ve been using this exact method to level. One thing that I’d like to point out is that at level 22 you will have access to a full 3 string combo and at 25 you gain access to both your mana regen mantra and a parry reactionary skill. I find that “overwriting” an AA with one of these skills adds more dps, as well as their secondary effects, and the mana regen mantra allows you this flexibility while still maintaining little to no downtime.

    As far as what you forgot to do, it looks like you aren’t using 3 mantras at a time which I’m sure you know we can :P

  5. Shiroi98 says:

    Here’s my skill chain at level 11. Since I don’t have a lot of skills yet..

    Meteor Strike -> AA -> Hallowed Strike -> AA -> Heaven’s Judgment -> AA -> Smite -> AA

    And repeat. Since heaven’s judgement stuns, sometimes if timed correctly you can cancel a little animation from that and cast smite while stunned. At level 11, the monsters die with one full cycle of this skill chain :D

  6. Corum says:

    Hail Taugrim, good to see you providing useful Aion tips just like you used to do in the WAR boards for the SM.
    Wish I’d gone chanter too but my glad now 32 and I aint going thro that grind again :P

    • taugrim says:

      You made a good class choice. I hear Glads are just scary endgame. Chanters have pretty mixed reviews. Hopefully both classes will be balanced at endgame.

  7. Shiroi98 says:

    Hey Taugrim,
    Not sure if this is the right place to put this but perhaps you could make a video of how to glide in non-flight zones. I’ve done it before but I could definitely use some tips/trick. Just a suggestion ^_^. Thanks!

  8. Arclighte says:

    Hey Taugrim, another SM checking in. :]

    Any chance of a ‘my thoughts so far’ kind of update? I’ve held off on Aion so far because of some mixed reviews so I’m interested in what you think of the game after having played it for a while.

    Also, do you plan on checking out WAR again? I know performance was a big concern for you post-1.3 but the last patch has made significant strides in that area. For the first time since release I’m able to run the game on the highest settings in large scale RvR without the constant hitching and sporadic, unexplained framerate drops.

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