HOWTO Fix a Corrupted Version of Allods Online

This HOWTO guide explains how to easily fix the “corrupted version” error when installing / upgrading Allods Online without having to download files manually or from sources you’re not sure are safe.


I tried installing Allods Online (AO) this weekend and ran into a corrupted version problem. Here is what the install process with the corrupted version looks like:

  1. you run the game downloader and install the game
  2. you run AO game launcher and you get a notification that you need to upgrade to the latest patch:
  3. the launcher downloads the patches (~450 MB in my case)
  4. the launcher installs the patches
  5. the launcher reports that the “Version is corrupted. Do you want to repair it now?”
  6. the launcher’s attempt to repair the corrupted version fails, and you see this message:

Unfortunately, the repair page mentioned in the error panel doesn’t help this problem. So what’s wrong with the installation process? You can see from the picture above that the launcher itself (bin/Launcher.exe) is broken, so you need to get the launcher to download a working version of itself.


Disclaimer: the instructions below worked for me and for other people – but use them at your own risk! I’m not gpotato tech support LOL :)

In a nutshell, the fix for this problem is to rename the launcher program and then run the renamed launcher, so it downloads a working version of itself.

Here’s the process:

  1. follow steps 1-6 above, but do not try the repair page as suggested. It won’t fix the problem
  2. go to the game installation’s bin directory (by default, it’s C:\\Allods Online\bin) and rename Launcher.exe to Launcher-broken.exe:Please note that Windows on your computer may be configured to hide the file extension (.exe), so if you simply see “Launcher” rename it to “Launcher-broken”
  3. double-click Launcher-broken.exe to run it, and when you see the following script error panel, click Yes:
  4. the launcher will run and automatically attempt to fix the corrupted version:
  5. wait while the launcher runs. What the launcher program (Launcher-broken.exe) will do is download a new version of itself (Launcher.exe) that actually works:
  6. once the fixed version of Launcher.exe has been downloaded, you will see the following message box, and you want to click the circled “x” to close it:
  7. now click the Allods Online icon on your desktop, and you should see the following panel, which means your game installation is all good :)

I wasted enough of my time researching this problem and seeing other players stuck on it on the AO forums, so I hope this guide helps you. Thanks to the players who posted the rename fix – all I tried to do was make the process clearer for folks who are struggling with this.

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227 comments on “HOWTO Fix a Corrupted Version of Allods Online
  1. DOOD, for real, thank you. Your the best. Very much appreciated.

    • taugrim says:

      Sounds like it worked for you. Tthat makes the time spent in de-installing the game to test and document the install and fix process worthwhile.


      • nel says:


      • aimee says:

        hi , i tried your tutorial but my problem is that even after the repair system doesn’t find any errors and i get the play screen like in your last image, when i press play the error message returns everytime… what should i do pls help

      • braydon says:

        hi aimee, i have the same problem but i don’t know what to do i need HELP.

      • aimee says:

        hey braydon ^^ i need help too i sent i report to the allods teams but it seems that they r still trying to fix the problem …i guess we’ll just have to wait till they repair it :( ( been playin S.U.N. in the meantime… it’s quite gd xD)
        Sry couldn’t help

    • stevo says:

      i followed the steps and got everything done and it still doesnt work

    • shaunieboy™ says:

      what i did to fix this was “renamed the Launcher.exe to Launcher-broken.exe” as directed. Ran the Launcher-broken.exe to no avail. Renamed the Launcher-broken.exe back to “Launcher.exe” and that seemed to fix my problem :) im currently now able to download the update :)

    • Rachal says:

      heyy.. but.. my error is “runtime error” is there anything to be done about this?

    • erlidd says:

      THANKS so much i was getting so pissed kudos kudos!!!!

    • Yoman says:

      It works, GREAT
      Thank you so much!!!!!

    • nat says:

      Plz help! i renamed it Launcher-broken.exe, but when i clicked on it to run it, i didnt get the error message, it just ran like it did before i renamed it…

  2. Skutrug says:

    I am glad to see that you are still up for another adventure in MMO-land Taugrim :-)
    Just a reminder: Keen and Graev were pretty enamored with AION, contrasting it very positively with WAR.
    And we all know how much you love buggy software that are exploiter’s heaven…
    Maybe that bugged launcher was trying to tell you something Taugrim ;-)
    Skutrug, the voice in the wilderness

    • taugrim says:

      Are you saying that Allod’s is hackable? I sure hope not. I detest cheating and cheaters.

      And yes, I remember how enamored Keen was with Aion :) At least in Allod’s Closed Beta he hit the level cap, so he’s seen the whole leveling process (albeit XP boosted) and content.

      • Nathan says:

        Erm, I just gathered that EU & NA can play together…that is ridiculously cool.

        Taugrim, you goin’ down boy!

        So can’t wait to get my arse kicked mate…

    • Keen says:

      Enamored with what I saw in Aion. That would be levels 1-20. I did the whole “save the rest of the game for launch” thing and that bit me in the ass. The rest of the game sucked and I said so as soon as I found out.

      With Allods I’ve played to the max level and seen most of the game already. I like it.

      WAR… well, that was unfortunate. Lesson learned about trusting a company to strike gold twice.

      • taugrim says:

        With Allods I’ve played to the max level and seen most of the game already. I like it.

        My new strategy is to let Keen play the game extensively in Beta before I decide to try it. Muhahahaha!

        The WAR story is perhaps the saddest of any game. It was the best game I’ve ever played with the most brittle and buggy implementation.

  3. dramok says:

    umm i dont have any launcher.exe i have launcher but not with the .exe in the end umm.. is this a problem and i have to reinstall or am i a noob and my launcher is the same thing

    • taugrim says:

      Your Windows is probably configured to hide file extension’s (e.g. .exe, etc).

      That’s fine.

      Just rename your “launcher” to “launcher-broken” as in Step 2 of the fix process and then run “launcher-broken” by double-clicking it in Step 3.

  4. dramok says:

    lol just delete my questions cause i dint follow exactly like the instructions ( figured out why it dint work) thx alot man helped me alot sry for posting these stupid thigns

    • Kenoob says:

      hey dramok i have taht problem, circle in the middle, how did u fix it?

      Besides after pressing Yes to teh first script error, their was a 2nd 1 is taht normal?

  5. fiberspecs says:

    ty ty ty ty ty ty ty and ty.
    Your fix for their fix actually worked for me too !


    Much obliged to you friend. I look forward to playing immediately.

  6. Mywatermelons says:

    I don’t know if anyone else ran into this problem, but when I did this it was no longer corrupted but now it just says “Starting…” and kind of just stays there.

  7. Mywatermelons says:

    Actually, ignore my last message. I didn’t notice the “Updates” button. I think that was the problem.

  8. Kragg says:

    Thx Taugrim, it was rly helpfully ;)

  9. Radrily says:

    Very clear and easy to follow. Thanks for re-explaining this for us. This helped me just fine. You’re the man.

  10. Xaeno says:

    Thanks a lot taugrim! Worked like a charm! :)

  11. jayarte says:

    Many thanks for this, Taugrim. I have this installation error every time the game patches and it drives me nuts.
    Your solution was set out very clearly, and worked like magic ^^

  12. Bheoman says:

    Ok, when i double click on the Launcher-broken i dont get the Internet Explorer Script Error but ´the game pops up and say ”checking consistency” i’ve been waiting for 20 min now and still nothing. Please help me!


    • guus says:

      i have the same problem@!!! PLEAS HELP US

      • guus says:

        hey i restarted my computer and i still had and ( extra) launcher on my desktop i renamed that one and it did it

    • Zeekule says:

      me as well, I’m about to try again, do we write over the extension itself? or do I need to download the script editor program?

      otherwise I just get an error that has no options but to say “okay”

  13. Bheoman says:

    OK, it worked!! Thanks alot, man! :) woho!

  14. Awesomesauce says:

    Hi mate,

    I tried to do it your way, but when i change the launcher file to launcher-broken, my internet explorer script error tells me it’s in Line 243 and not 242. It also says res://c:\\Allods Online\bin\launcher-Broken.exe/155 instead of your URL.

    What happens is that it starts with the running launcher like you’rs in step 5, but then just starts to download the repair files again instead of giving me the blank message box where your are supposed the clicke the red cross.

    Any ideas anyone plz? been trying to figure this out for hours….

    • taugrim says:

      What happens is that it starts with the running launcher like you’rs in step 5, but then just starts to download the repair files again

      It’s supposed to do that. The reason you are renaming the file is so that it can re-download the working up-to-date copy of itself. Step 5 takes some time to run.

      • Dunelander says:

        I simply can’t figure out how to rename the file Launcher.exe

        There is no option anywhere to rename it

  15. DarkSiller123 says:

    I dont know if it works but im downloading the game via uTorrent now so i will see it :)
    i had the same problem so i really hope that it works!

  16. DarkSiller123 says:


  17. xPandorax says:

    u r great thnk u very much :)

  18. Pirogen says:

    You made my day! alot of respect! Thanks.

  19. doublestyle says:

    MAN !! this worked so well

    thanks for this :D:D:D

  20. PC-Game: Allods…

    Ein Freund empfahl mir kürzlich das “free-to-play Fantasy-Weltraumspektakel MMORPG” Allods aus dem Hause Astrum Nival. Hier in Europa wird das Online-Game von vermarktet und befindet sich zur Zeit in der offenen Beta-Phase. Das G…

  21. Noob says:

    ur the best

  22. darci says:

    Avery big TY, Iwas getting really sick of having to re-install all the time u are the man

  23. Moris says:

    Thank you Taugrim! It works!!!

  24. leandro says:


  25. Shermoen says:

    Dude totally tahnks for the easy instructions for the fix ,
    i was starting to get really p-o’ed, whats the deal with g potato and not getting this fixed properly.

    Happy Gaming!

  26. Theodorus says:

    Sorry, but all is not freaking sunshine and roses. I followed the above instructions and I still have a corrupted AOgame.exe file that will not repair.

    I’m considering trashing it and going back to RoM…

    • taugrim says:

      I’ve never seen AOgame.exe listed as one of the files which is broken. Are you sure it’s that file and not bin\launcher.exe?

      You should be able to replace/update AOgame.exe without these instructions.

  27. John says:

    Thanks man a bunch the stupid repair on the site is dumb your a life saver thanks

  28. LUO Lu says:


  29. mithman says:

    For me when i click play to play the game a screen comes up then goes away i dont know how to get on

  30. Tnx says:

    Hey thanks =D glad to see you helping others out! dont forget to have fun yourself!

  31. Bekki :) says:

    I love You :)
    Thank you very much :)

  32. ad says:

    i follow your instructions but after i click “yes” on line: 242, script error

    another script error appears line 61

    what should i do, I’ve done many methods all seem to fail, This game disappoints me every passing second

    • Veritable says:

      I’d really like to play, but the circle issue mentioned above continues to haunt me. Any suggestions?

  33. Daryen says:

    the corrupt files list coming up on my page include not only the launcher, but also

    and it will not dl a working launcher.

  34. ad says:

    ignore my last comment as i’ve fixed that just by uninstalling/installing again now i’ve gotten up to step 5

    (wait while the launcher runs. What the launcher program (Launcher-broken.exe) will do is download a new version of itself (Launcher.exe) that actually works:)

    only problem is i see no new launcher appear in Bin
    the screen just sits there just like your screen shot (step 5)

    no message box has appeared

    any thorts on this problem ?

  35. Tasaer says:

    Thank you very much this worked like a charm =)

  36. Rep says:

    Mate, kudos for finding the workaround, and shame on you-know-who for not publishing it.

    Fair play.

  37. per says:

    thanks so much for this, helped me no end

  38. player007 says:

    Thx for the guide, worked fine for me!

  39. 1234 says:

    i did the exact steps and i end up with the same problem

  40. Nocteris says:

    Okay, I followed all of the steps and everything went well until the end of step 6 / beginning of step 7. I closed the green exclamation box at the circled ‘x’ per the instructions, then (since I don’t have an icon on the desktop) ran the newly downloaded launcher (not launcher-broken). AO popped up saying 172 files are missing now, and is downloading 2568MB of data. I genuinely don’t know what I did wrong, any suggestions?

    • ad says:

      i had the same problem, if you downloaded the repair.exe which is useless, it actually creates another allods folder which sometimes gets the game confused on which allods folder to use (example, i first downloaded the game into a allods folder onto my desktop, later on i downloaded the repair exe and installed in my c: drive, then i had 2.5g missing data when the exe ran for problems) so what i did was transferred the 2.5g of files or zipfiles, into the other allods folder which red the 2.5g available

      • Fyuryus says:

        Yo, I have the same problem as you but idk where those missing files are, I first had allods NA and I had this issue and fixed it with this method, now that I downloaded EU I first downloaded the repair.exe and then this method didn’t work, your explanation is perfect but I just don’t know where my missing files are :s, any ideas?

  41. tizorc says:

    look i have windows 7 starter on this laptop. i open my ts for allods online and there is no /bin/folder it says setup data 1 data 2 data 3 and data4 the launcher is in data 1 and it is apart of that so it wont let me rename and extract i can only extract. ive had problems with all gpotatao games, ih= had heard about rappelz i downloaded and updated i opened the launcher and it said it is corrupted. Why cant gpotato get anything right?

    • ad says:

      install the game then you are able to go into bin folder and rename the launcher

      • takegami says:

        this doesnt work for windows 7. i cant change the name or do anything at all with the files. ive installed it it 4 times now. and yes i exit out of the game before trying this.

  42. kambous says:

    Taugrim have you been offered the job as tech support yet???

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. DoomKitten says:

    Ohgosh. How long does it normally take step 5 to run? @_@

  44. letzing says:


  45. roz44 says:

    yeah ok my computer doesnt even recodnise the setup.exe.file and it wont install any ideas?

  46. Elienne says:

    I followed the instructions and it won’t allow me to rename Launcher. Just extract and copy. I’m not surprised my pc isn’t cooperating just disappointed again at not being able to start playing. To be fair its on a external drive to save space on my pc. It is overdue for a upgrade but seeing how many folks have had issues with just getting the launcher to function I don’t think its just me. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. =)

    • ad says:

      you shouldn’t have to extract any file, did you actually install the game? if so make sure you close the game it self before trying to rename the .exe

  47. me says:

    i did all what u said but it still not working… :( but thx u

  48. me says:

    oops, it working now thank u, u are so cool!!!!!!

  49. Unsatisfied says:

    Well, I did what it said and it still doesnt work it still says launcher broken i did what it said

  50. WTF says:

    well this didnt work at all…..

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