Paladin Class in Patch 4.0 Still in Flux

If you’ve been following the Beta news, you’ve probably heard that a lot of changes are coming to the Paladin class in Patch 4.0.3 – probably more than any other WoW class – relative to what is on Live currently (4.0.1).

Here are links to posts about the recent Beta Builds (chronological order):

Even with the changes in the above builds, the main Achilles heel for Ret PVP has not been addressed – namely that Ret’s burst damage relies on buffs (Avenging Wrath, Zealotry) that are dispellable. There is an excellent thread that describes the issue on the WoW Pally forum.

As far as Prot PVP is concerned, I have added a new section, Upcoming Patch Changes, to my Prot Pally 4.0 PVP Guide in which I discuss the specific changes and how they impact the spec. What I plan to do is track changes in that section, and once the next Patch goes live, I’ll update the rest of the guide with the actual changes to mechanics / talents / abilities on Live. Then the cycle will start over again.

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3 comments on “Paladin Class in Patch 4.0 Still in Flux
  1. Yazid says:

    Taugrim, what you thinking of Horde queue times?

    Are they this ridiculous for everyone? ( 10-20 min )

    • taugrim says:

      During peak hours, queue usually pops in 3-8 min.

      During off hours (e.g. late at night, early in the morning), sometimes 15 min.

      Queue times were definitely shorter on Alliance side for the same Battlegroup, typically 2-5 min.

      • Yazid says:

        You know they already merged all battlegroups right? ( At least iv been told so )

        And damn… on Peak hours for me im getting 10-15 min queues, thats terribad, since im focusing mainly on pvp im seriously thinking of going to alliance… :/

        Thats too bad because i just leveled my prot warrior and at alliance i just have an DK

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