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With reluctance and naivety, I’m recommending Archeage Unchained

(this article is not sponsored or endorsed by any official person or company) Ever an interesting time for the MMO-verse, I’ll be jumping out of the shadows for a quick heads up in regards to another new old release due

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Paladin Class in Patch 4.0 Still in Flux

If you’ve been following the Beta news, you’ve probably heard that a lot of changes are coming to the Paladin class in Patch 4.0.3 – probably more than any other WoW class – relative to what is on Live currently

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Open Beta Has Removed the Polish From Aion

I played in a few rounds of the North America Closed Betas (CBs) and had the same impression as many other players: Aion is very polished. Unfortunately, Open Beta  (OB) has been changed that perception for me. Granted, Betas for

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